Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm alive... just preparing...

... tap mic...

Hello... anyone there...

Just wanted to drop in real quick to say I'm still alive...

We've been doing some things around the house, taking care of errands, trying to get some things more organized.... so nothing really exciting happening really.

For me, my biggest thing I've been working on this week... preparing... prepping.

Meal Planning!

Something I never thought I would say I would do...

But I'm starting my 21 Day Fix next week... & this is going to take some doing. 

I'm going to talk more about it on Monday, when I kick it off....

But for now, I'm a Pinterest addict trying to find ideas & make all my lists & grocery shopping pick up stuff list...  It's been consuming.

I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about container colors & food... like seriously couldn't turn my brain off from thinking it.

To say its all I've been looking into the past week would be an understatement.

Don't say I'm not going into this prepared.

Have a great weekend everyone.. & I'll be back Monday with my kick off for my next adventure!


  1. Awesome :) It's good to go into it not scrambling! I am guilty of that quite often. Have a nice weekend :)

  2. I'll be anxious to see how your meal prep goes! I read about lots of people doing it but I never have. I admit I'm organized in all sorts of ways until it comes to planning meals. I think it's because our schedules rarely align up and half the time I am here for dinner on my own and the days that I do have something planned, it rarely happens because something comes up and we end up getting take out because it's quicker. I am ready to learn how you do it ( and stick to it)!

  3. Props to you for meal planning and prep. I do ZERO of that. I'm very interested in hearing what you think of the 21 Day Fix! Good luck!

  4. Neat-o! Definitely keep the blog updated on how the meal-planning and prepping goes. I know I need to do more of it (some of it ... any of it) but am just not motivated when I see all the work involved.

  5. good luck with meal prep! i suck at it, so i'll be happy when you share how you're doing it ;)

  6. Oh I've done that too, where I get something in my head and I can't sleep until I plan the whole thing through, LOL.
    Good luck with your 21 day fix, I know you can do this!
    This past week I was finally able to get back on my feet again, and I started changing my diet, nothing special like the 21 day fix. But I am calorie counting, still eating what I want, but drastically limiting how much I want. So far so good, I dropped 4 pounds this week, (I have plenty to lose) I am hoping to get better and better at it each week, and hopefully this time the habits will stick and I won't revert (like in the past:)
    So good luck to us both, may we both shed all the weight we want to this month!


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