Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five: Organizing Running Goodies

5 ways to organize Running Goodies

Joining with the ladies & the topic going around is how to organize your running stuff.

Well, I'm NOT the queen of anything organizing... Martha Stewart weeps for me... but this is what works for me.

1. Easy Medal Hanger

I know there are tons of ADORABLE medal hangers with designs & running quotes, logos, people on them... I'm cheap.  Those are expensive.  So what do I?  Go redneck & get something to stick on the wall.  The hubs has a life quest of trying to minimize nail holes in the wall so these things work out perfectly.  & they make really nice fancy ones too - silver plated or black ones.  I currently have 3 in a row & they are all full but the nice thing about this?  I can add more to the side - even design it where its sort of zig-zagged on the wall... & in the end, I can change it & not have any nail holes. My hubs is proud.

2.  Shoe Boxes

I know I'm not alone when I say I need at least 5 pairs of running shoes at one time... I'm not alone - right?  For me, I hate shoes laying around everywhere so I actually keep the shoe box.  & I heard of this trick on Oprah like in the 80's... not even joking... but to take pictures of the shoe & tape on the outside so you know what shoes are which... because if you're like me, you have like 5 shoe boxes of the same brand.  That is an easy way to stack them & see which shoes are which... & I typically put the ones I wear the most on top.  & if you want to get REALLY redneck (me, raising hand) & not want to take a picture, you can always take a sharpie & describe which shoe it is on the outside of the box, even writing "Running shoe #1" or "Kickboxing shoes"... Bam - easy enough. No picture needed.  You're welcome Oprah.

3.  Keep it separated

I feel like I have so many shirts... all kinds - tanks, cotton race shirts, tech shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve - tons of them.  & I like to keep them separated.  I have all my cotton shirts in a pile that is easy to grab & put on to sleep in or if I'm staying in the house in AC ... & a drawer with nothing but shirts with tech shirts for races or on the road runs... & in that drawer, different piles for short sleeve, one for long sleeves.  It makes it so much easier to know exactly where to go pull out a shirt for a run/workout when I know exactly where the pile is at.  It's also why I can wake up on race day & grab & go...

4. Plastic storage bins

These things are my best friend.
I have one full of head/ear wraps - one full of wires for all the gadgets that need to be charge - one full of gloves that you can buy for $1.00 at the end of the winter that you can toss when you tire of them - one full of KT Tape.  I would be lost without plastic storage bins.

 5. COLORS!!!

I've learned through the years to stop buying only black.  Black shorts, black leggings.  Trying to figure out which is which in a drawer is the worst.  When you add color to your wardrobe, its easier to see what you want to wear & the ones you know fits & feels better & grab it out of the stack of other shorts.  You can still stick with black shorts or leggings too as long as there is some sort of color running down the side.  Just something that makes them a little different.

5b - or all of the same

Or if you are committed to your favorite black shorts or leggings - stick to the same brand so you know how they will fit & you can just stick all the things together & know they will always feel just right no matter what.  I can attest to this. I'm a sucker for Old Navy leggings.  I have my own black capri pile that is always a go to place.

What is your favorite trick for staying organized with your running goodies?



  1. I'm jealous of your colored capris. I have been wanting some for Spring but I still only have all black ( and one pair of grey).

    Your husband would have a heart attack if he came to my house and saw all my nail holes ( and PS, I don't always measure correctly the first I like to hang things myself without the hubby's help so that often ends in multiple holes!

    If you don't like holes in walls, another great thing to use for your medals is on of those over the door hangers ( that you buy in the bathroom department). You could slap it on the back of your closet door and hang a ton of medals on it! I'm sure the command hooks work great but I would think even that would start getting expensive. Aren't they like $5.99 a piece? Have a great weekend!

  2. Rebecca Jo, you make a GREAT point about having colored gear; I know ALL about having too many black running pants/shorts and not being able to figure out which pair is which - ha! Also, how redneck is it that I throw away the shoe boxes and then just take the Sharpie and write ON the shoe? HA! I have them all numbered (the ones that are exactly the same) so that I'll know which pair it is as I'm keeping track of mileage. We are kindred spirits, my friend. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. That is so funny!! You have topped me!

  3. I love redneck ingenuity! When did the stick-on hooks become so pretty? I missed that! Great tip. I keep my shirts separated too!

  4. haha I hang all of my medals on curtain rods... no shame. i am too cheap to buy a medal hangy thingy yet because i don't have enough medals. i like your thinking about colour but i just can't wear coloured bottoms - i feel way more comfortable in black!

  5. The shoe boxes are a great idea. My problem is that I hang onto shoes way longer than I actually wear them. I need to take then to a shoe recycling bin. I have been hanging my medals on the corners of mirrors but just bought a kitchen rod from Ikea for just $3 for them.


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