Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TOTR: Favorite Running Movies

1. Spirit of the Marathon

I know every runner is going to post this today.  But I love it.  I will still watch it before any half marathon I run... its so inspiring to me to see real life struggle & the real look at what it takes to train.  When they cross the finish line, I cry every time... & am ready to tackle another race.

2. Run Fat Boy Run

Run Fat Boy Run. Simon Pegg is awesome. All my marathon and half-marathon friends must see this!

This is a cute funny movie.   A guy trying to win back the love of his life - but she's now dating someone else... & he is running a marathon.  So what does he need to do?  Run the marathon himself.  It's really cute... & the scene where he "hits the wall" towards the end of the race?  If you've ever been there, you get it.

3. Run for your Life

Run for Your Life (2008)

I love a good documentary & this one held my attention.  The story of the man who created the New York City Marathon.  It's really interesting - sort of like a soap opera - full of drama, & the end is just heart breaking.  But the legacy that is still with this race is to be applauded to Fred Lebow. 

4. Running on the Sun:  The Badwater 135

Again, I'll take a documentary any day on running... & running this is.  Ridiculous running.  135 ultra-marathon in the desert, over a mountain.  I loved all the different stories of all the different people.  You see so many walks of life... all up for this challenge.  I sit there & shake my head & say these people are crazy... & then am in awe of their strength to tackle this.  It's so inspiring.  Another one I tear up in.

5. Ultramarathon Man

Who doesn't love Dean Karnazes?  He took the challenge of doing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days... talk about sore?!?!? ... the people that he ran with helps the story so much.  I can't even wrap my head around doing something like this.  What a cool story to watch for motivation.

6. Marathon Challenge

I loved this so much.  People that have never ran in their life... going to take on a marathon.  Not all of them make it through the training.  Another one that I love because its real life. You see injuries. You see struggle. You see people that overcome.  I totally cheered for this group of people!

7.  CANT FIND IT!!!! DANG IT!!!! ... HELP!!!!

There was a documentary that I can't find the name of it now... it was the story of a man running from up north to the south... he was an older man who wasn't what you would consider a 'runner'.  Totally out of shape... was hurting & injured just in the first 5 miles of the run.  I think he took off with the help of his son in car behind him.  I can't think of the name of it... DANG IT!!! I think he may have even had heart issues along the way....

SOMEONE HELP ME!  I gotta figure it out... I want to watch it again!  I just remember crying through the whole thing!!! 

What's your favorite running movie?


  1. Those look like some pretty good movies. I was looking for something running related on Netflix not too long ago and the only one listed was Run for Your Life. If it has a sad ending, I think I'm glad I passed it up. I've seen Spirit of the Marathon, but none of the others you listed. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I saw Spirit of the marathon 2 in theaters when it came out a few years ago and just recently saw the first spirit of the marathon before running my first marathon in January. And when I say right before, I mean I watched literally before we left for the airport to fly to Disney.
    I've seen a few people mention that Fat boy Run movie and now I NEED to find that! I'm always up for a good comedy although those documentaries look good too.
    I do not know the name of the movie you are referring to but the story kind of reminds me of the Boston Marathon race director who ran from Boston to California. There should really be a story based on his life.
    Oh, and I never understood those folks who run 50 marathons ( or 10 or 20) in a the same amount of days. I thought marathons were only run on weekends. Where are all the people running marathons in the middle of the week?

    Ok, sorry such a long comment!

  3. i have legit never seen or heard of any of these! will have to check them out.

  4. Thank you for this awesome list! I must confess that I've never really taken the time to watch these movies and now I have to! :)

  5. I've never heard of Marathon Challenge, but that sounds like a great movie! Definitely going to be checking it out :)

    1. I love watching 'real' people & their journey in running

  6. Hands down, Spirit of the Marathon! I could watch it over and over! Maybe because I've run Chicago twice now? #3 coming up this fall.

    1. Good luck!!! Ever since seeing Spirit - I've always wanted to do that race... a bucket list thing!

  7. Wish I could help you, I have not heard of #7 though!
    Oddly, although I have heard of some of these, I actually haven't seen any of them.
    The McFarland USA that was released earlier this year, is a must see for runners or anyone needing inspiration, one of the greatest sports/running movies I have ever seen:)

  8. I haven't seen most of these. I think I need to make a wish list LOL

    1. Most of them are on YouTube or Netflix :)

  9. I received the Spirit of the Marathon for Christmas and still haven't watched it! I'm definitely going to watch it before my next race.

  10. I've never seen any of those! I can't wait to check out the Badwater one and Run Fat Boy Run looks hilarious. Thanks for the movie ideas :)

  11. I haven't seen any of the running movies! But I will. I'm sure I'll need extra motivation as I train for my first marathon during the hot summer. I just saw Unbroken this weekend and was disappointed they didn't show more about his running. I thought it was a really good movie, though!


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