Monday, May 11, 2015

Les Mills Combat ... week 7

Only 2 more weeks to go....

Week 7 had me sort of blah... & that's weird because I really like Les Mills but I was just so busy with so much going on.

Wedding pictures, errands to run, getting emotionally run down ...

But I started off Monday - Wednesday doing the usual routines.  I've now gone through all the videos so its just on repeat... that's OK ... I love these videos.

But Thursday, I was on for a 60 minute work out but I wanted to cut the grass for my husband who walked 18 miles at work ... 18 MILES... the day before, he did 15 miles... the day before that, he did 16 miles...

he'd laugh at a marathon....

But his legs were shot, so I just did a 30 minute video instead & then cut grass for 35 minutes... balances... right?

& then this was the first weekend in all 7 weeks I missed my weekend workout.

Dang it.

It's not like I did it out of sheer lazy.

I had an early morning photo session & then I had an eye appointment at 2:30 & then I had to run out & get Mother's Day gifts for my momma. 

Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

But it was evening by the time I got home & I was just ready to relax & work on pictures ...

So this is probably my most failed week so far...

Maybe not... this next weekend, I already have all day plans so I may finish the program like a fizzled out firework... this is actually the last weekend of the plan. It finishes on a Thursday (technically Friday, but I change my rest days so it will be my Thursday)...

Oh well... its not like I'm eating bon bons & not moving...

But another week marked off on my calendar.

I'm ready to do some punches & kicks tonight - that's for sure!

How was your weekend?
How did you get your sweat on?

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  1. So your husband job gives him some kick but walking workouts, 18 miles, that is insane and awesome at the same time!
    You've been doing amazing with this program, 2 weeks to go, you've got this!
    I am finally really, and I mean really getting my butt in gear this week. With illness and life drama I have slacked this past month, but I woke up this morning ready to give it the best go I can. So even though I am not doing the same challenge as you, I am looking forward to the results like you're getting with this!


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