Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some of my latest products I've tried

I'm always on the hunt for looking for health products & items.

& if I can help someone decide on whether to try it, all the better.

The first thing I've tried lately...

Vega Protein 7 Greens - Chocolate

First, let me say, I'm not a fan of chocolate protein powders.   Something about them tastes weird to me.  But I have a load of vanilla & found a recipe for a drink to mix chocolate protein powder with coffee... yes please... so I decided to try this one that had the added bonus of 'greens' in it. 

I will say, I'm STILL not a great fan of chocolate protein powders after this... BUT it's tolerable.  & when you see you get all the added goodness like 2 servings of greens & a plant based protein, I can really stomach it.

I actually just ordered it in Vanilla to give that a try as well.

It Works Greens - Orange Flavor

On the hunt for more greens, someone actually reached out to me about trying this product.  It's supposed to 'alkalize' which I guess is the new big word to use lately & 'detoxify' which is also a hot topic word.  I thought, what the hey....

I have one word for this ... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... just NO!!!!!!

UGH... I've never tasted anything so disgusting in my life... & I can tolerate A LOT.  I do know that this one - the orange flavor - has no sweetener in it.  I don't care. I can't imagine sweetener making this any better in the least.

I did buy the berry flavored - only because you have to do a 3 month commitment with It Works... which is stupid... & I haven't even opened it.  I'll probably turn around & sell it on Ebay for $10.00 ... I'd rather get something out of it then just throwing it away.

Not impressed with this stuff one bit.

The Kyoto Burrito

If I had one word for the product above, I definitely have one word for this product as well

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... & yes again... & again.

It's a burrito full of everything yummy.  Spinach, Edamame, shitake mushrooms. 
This is honestly the best burrito I think I have ever eaten.

& its something yon can pop in the microwave for 2 minutes & viola, healthy dinner.

The hubs actually found these at Target!!!!  They aren't cheap for a frozen burrito but so worth it. We're going to get more this weekend!

So what's the latest product you've tried lately?
Ever tried any of these?


  1. Good to know about the Vega protein powder! I recently bought the berry flavored one for thought was that I make berry smoothies so maybe I wouldn't notice the taste? Except it berry powder taste is really overpowering, not necessarily bad, but not good either. I haven't tried that particular chocolate powder but I have tried some others that I liked, so maybe I'll just stick with chocolate next time.
    That burrito looks so good! I'm hungry and I wish I had one I could pop in the microwave right now! ;)

  2. That burrito sounds delish! Love that it's packed full of so much goodness :)

  3. I really just do not have a good track record with protein powder so I've given up trying. I do wonder if it would make a difference for me, but I don't seem to be suffering without it so I guess I'm okay for now—at least I hope ;) and ummm thank you for the burrito tip! I have to keep my eyes peeled for that next time I go to Target!

  4. Thanks for your honesty! I'm going to look for the burrito the next time I'm at Target.

  5. Oh no!!!! How long did you try the greens for? I know when I first tried them my body was pretty acidic and I it had a strong taste to me but the more I drank it and my body got alkaline it literally tastes like nothing now to me.

  6. I need a protein powder ... I didn't think I did but it will probably help with my recovery after workouts. That and I'm cutting out more and more meat from my diet. I may give the Vega a try. And definitely want to look for those burritos - Thanks!

    1. I really love Plant Fusion - that's what I use the most actually.

      BTW - For some reason, my other blog doesn't have a reply button & your posts come as a "no reply" so I'm not ignoring you on the other blog :)

    2. Plant Fusion! That's the name ... I couldn't remember what the other brand was I was looking for. Thanks for the reminder! And no worries on the replies :) I think I forgot to click the 'notify me'. One of these days, I'll buckle down and be more consistent with my blog -- then I can do the link-ups! :)

  7. I absolutely love your honesty. :) (NO!!!! NOOOOO!!!) Because yeah that stuff sounds horrible.
    I tried Vega before as well and it made me ridiculously ill. I was supposed to write a review of it and I emailed the people back and told them that they did not want me to review their product hahaha.

    1. YIKES!!!!! I'm always afraid to try a new protein powder & afraid it'll make me sick. I've been lucky with Vega ... so far... (knocking on wood)


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