Friday, May 22, 2015

I finished my first BeachBody program.... & I felt defeated....

Let me tell you, it was a roller coaster of emotion.

Not probably in the way you think.

First, I got really emotional going through the last work out. 

Now, I know I have the DVD's - its not like I'm loosing a friend that I'll never see again. I can put the same DVD back in the player tonight & continue doing it... I get that.  But something about finishing the program.  Seeing that last work out on the charted calendar... it really was emotional for me. 

I made it... 9 weeks!


ME!  Making it 9 weeks!  That's saying something!

Those last 55 seconds of punches, it was the same emotion as you see the finish line ahead & you cross it... exactly the same feeling.

I did it.

I finished my first Beachbody program.  Good on you! ... as Dan Cohen says at the end of it.

Talk about a high!

.... & then the low....

I thought, I'd never done this before.  I made it to the end.  Time to measure & see where I stand.

I pull out my card that I took weight & measurements when I began.

Let's just say life went downhill quickly, swiftly, rapidly.

Each measurement was awful.  The same, or increased.  My waist was the worst.  Gained 1 inch in my waist... gained a 1/2 inch each in my thighs. 

Are you freaking kidding me?


I took my before & after pictures... & that did me in.

I literally couldn't talk when the hubs asked me what was wrong.

I just felt so defeated.  No other word for it.

I invested 9 weeks of my time & its not like I truly expected results like I see on TV.  But to GAIN weight & GAIN inches? 

It's like, 'Why do I bother?'... but dear Lord, what would I look like if I didn't even bother at all?

... I ended up sitting on the couch watching the finale of The Flash with the hubs & then went to bed...with the sun still out.

I couldn't even deal with life.

... today is a new day... I'm still feeling frustrated.  Still feeling defeated.

But I wont give up.

Just throwing a pity party right now....

I'll be back at it though.. I know I will...

...But dang....


  1. As women our bodies all react to things differently. It's hard to know how each of our own results will come through on things. But you did it, you completed the program, clearly your healthier because of it.
    I feel your discouragement, I actually was thinking about this same exact topic of gaining weight when working out just the other day, so I wrote a running post on it for next week. Because I have been there, so I know what you mean about the discouragement!
    Keep your head up and stay proud of the accomplishement, possibly you might drop some weight in the coming weeks if you change things up a bit. That happens to me, when I get too used to something.
    Either way 9 weeks is awesome! Congrats!

  2. That pity party can only last a few minutes, OK? I'm waiting... OK... Now, I hope you realize you just kicked butt for nine whole weeks. Nine weeks! WOW. Something this old gal surely couldn't do. Numbers are just that...numbers. Focus on how you feel. Strong? Accomplished? Healthy? You GO girl!

  3. You did it though, you completed the whole program, and while the results aren't what you envisioned, you are stronger for it and deep down inside you know that.

  4. Oh no! I know you worked SO hard at this program and I can imagine your frustration because you don't think you are seeing results. Maybe your results are not physical but I bet you really increased your cardio and I bet you will see a difference in your runs!

  5. Internet hug for you.....I can't say I've ever actually finished a Beachbody program (props to you Superlady!) but I have gone through the whole, I'm awesome and on point, to only to that I say, screw it! Cling to those non-scale victories to pull you through it. I mean seriously, you finished 9 whole weeks of intense fitness hell!! Early morning, shunned desserts, and tired bones. You're amazing gained inches or not!

  6. Awww, you should feel fantastic you stuck with it for nine weeks! I feel your frustration, I have been a lot lately in the past four years or so. It's so hard to not see results you hoped for, and sometimes it just takes us a little longer to see the changes. I have been working on strength training for about nine months trying to continually get heavier weight in. I started pretty weak, I didn't see changes for about four months, then slowly I started to see very small toning and sculpting start to's a work in progress. As you now I recently gained some pounds, but I m not giving up! I just trying to keep changing small things in my diet and keep on keeping on :) Everyone's progress happens at different rates, your loss could be just around the corner :) Hugs from VA!!

  7. ugh, i am so sorry love. i know how frustrating that is. but you still kicked butt for 9 weeks and that is an accomplishment in itself!


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