Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Ordinary" posts begin....

Note to start off on:  I started this blog to sort of just document for me my journey in health & fitness... or striving towards it anyways.  I have found myself really trying to struggle for post 'ideas' or keeping up with the latest topics... & while I still enjoy linking up & joining in on fun ideas, I'm probably going to incorporate a few more of just "daily diary" sort of entries.  Just how my day went... what it looked like... how I felt.. what I'm worried about... what I achieved in a day. 

I'm no expert at anything really, but I know my life... so while that may be boring to some of you & some of you may want to bail out of my blog, I'm giving you a pass.  I get it... but if you are just interested in hearing my journey, my thoughts & letting me know if you relate in any way, then stick around for more 'oridinary' days...

& don't forget, my other blog (link at the top) is always full of randomness :)

Moving on...

5.19.14 - Tuesday

I have just felt horrible this past week.  I think it started over the weekend.  Nausea has taken me over.  Not sure why.  & no, I'm not pregnant. 

Everyone always assumes pregnant. 

I always tell everyone my female factory is ready to shut down... not produce anything.

But the nausea has been RIDICULOUS... 

I had a little talk with God about it & begging Him for some relief.


It was such a beautiful day so I got out at lunch & went to the local park.

Stopped at Subway on the way & got my usual Veggie sandwich... so happy they have guacamole back.  I get that instead of honey mustard or any other dressing - its creamy enough to serve in place of any dressing.

I chowed it down & then walking a little loop around the park.  School was out so the park was full cray-cray with kids running & screaming.  Entertainment at its finest.  It made me want to run through the fountains with them.  My office would have loved me coming back soaked to the bone.

I was so tired though & wanted to stay awake till 11 to see the end of Dancing with the Stars so I thought this would be the time to get an iced coffee.  There is a little local coffee shop across the park that I've always wanted to try... this would be the day... except no...

it was closed for plumbing problems. DANG IT.

So I found a McDonalds - because there's one on every corner - & went through the line to get an iced coffee.... only it took me 20 minutes to get it.  Had me pull forward because they were out of coffee... really?  & then they forgot about me.

The manager ended up giving me a large for my troubles.  Geez.  Thanks. I don't even WANT a large. I want to stay up to 11pm -not 11am the next day.


I got in my Les Mills 30 minute video.  & I felt like straight up weak, worn out, awful, disgusting poop.  Descriptive enough?

My legs just felt weak as anything. I felt like I couldn't get a strong kick for the life of me.

Confession:  I panic when something seems off.... so I'm all nervous wondering what is wrong with my legs & muscles.  I want to Google it so badly but know that's only going to cause a panic attack... ask me how I know. Yep, have done it too many times....

So I'm just chalking it up to working out 10 days straight, hitting my goal of over 10,000 steps every day this month... I'm pushing my quads.  That's gotta be it.  Nothing serious like WebMD would totally tell me it is.

I didn't even make dinner & ended up just eating those Natural Salted Ruffles with cheese dip.  Real healthy, huh?

But I had to take Harvey to the vet & no time to eat anything that was worth warming up. 

I ended up getting home & just watched my Dancing with the Stars finale... with my legs still feeling shaky & weak... & hungry....

& then I couldn't fall asleep.  Thanks iced coffee.


  1. Haha never check WebMD. I'm about to challenge myself to 10,000 steps EVERY day! I usually get like 8k or 9k and just forget about the last one thousand...

  2. I am so glad you didn't give any DWTS spoilers! I have it DVRed and haven't watched it yet.
    I hope you can figure out why you are feeling like that.
    Subway has become a quick favorite of mine. It is right around the corner from where I have PT so I have been going more often. I have discovered the sweet onion sauce and I love it!
    I always get a little annoyed when school is out and all the kiddos invade my favorite park ( with the running path) I guess I wont have to worry about it this summer though because I wont be doing any running for quite a while.
    I hope Harvey dog is doing well. I saw his pic last night on Instagram.

  3. hahaha i want to stay up till 11pm not 11am the next day. mcdonalds around here really suck sometimes, don't they?
    i'm sure it's because of working out hard - stay off wedmd!! lol

  4. I have been nauseous too the last few days! I couldn't even run yesterday. My girlfriends joked I was pregnant too! Weird. This baby factory has set sail and is closed for business!! I have found that I struggle with blog posts too!! Keep it up!

    1. It's the first thing women think :) haha
      Maybe its something in the air... I really need the nausea to just go away. Hope you feel better too!

  5. It's good to resist the urge to Web MD it, working out that many days straight will make you tired. Eat some protein and put your feet up :) I always feel like protein is my magic cure for everything lol Hope the nausea goes away soon.

  6. I'm the same way, whenever something feels off I *immediately* think OH MY GOD SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG THEY'LL PROBABLY HAVE TO AMPUTATE but yeah, it's probably just overworked! Don't confirm it on Web MD... this is your official diagnosis haha ;) feel better!

  7. OMG...don't get me started on the female factory shutting down. I went to my doctor to tell her about some craziness in that area. She was not in the least bit alarmed. According to the internet, it's either normal, or I may be dying. Googling symptoms on the internet is probably a psychological disorder of it's own. Talk about falling down a rabbit hole...

  8. Ok, love your "ordinary" posts just as much as the others b/c it's real and you're my bloggy bestie and I'm obsessed with reading about your life....#creeperstatus and I just don't care lol. I'm sorry your legs were all out of whack but I think you're right, you've been puttin in quite a bit o hard work lately. Also, we'll consider dinner a "cheat" meal ;) haha


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