Monday, May 18, 2015

Les Mills Week 8

I can't believe we're nearing the end...

This week is my last week... & its not even a full week.  It's just till Thursday. 


Actually, I think I'm going to order 21-Day Fix for my next battle. 

I've been reading up on it & looking at videos, seeing if it will work for a vegetarian & interested in trying this idea of amazing workouts (so I hear) & a food plan. 

I'm scared of the food plan.  I don't like food plans.  BUT I need help in the food area.  I'm struggling & that's my weakest area.  I can work out all day long but the weight is still there & always creeping in the wrong direction .... so I can do this for 21 days - right?

It's worth a try.  Try everything in life.

Well, not everything... running off a cliff is not a good thing to try... you get the point.

But yeah - this was a full week of Les Mills.  There usually is a rest day in there but not this week.  It worked out well for me with this 10,000 step challenge I'm doing for May. 

& this is just a good way to keep punching & kicking till the end.

I felt good & strong with my kicks & punches this week.  The past 2 weeks hasn't been that good. Maybe the humidity gets to me?

I can kick butt... but only on a pretty day :)  #diva

So only one more post for the week... & then I'll be submitting for the first time my measurements & pictures to Beachbody... I want my shirt.  I've never done that before with any of the programs I've had before.  I WANT my Les Mills Combat shirt.  I have just loved every minute of this program.
Have you ever completed a whole Beachbody program?
Have you done the 21 Day Fix?
Any races or workouts this weekend?


  1. I have never finished a Beach Body program. I started P90X3 and did really good for the first 6 weeks and then just sorta.. quit,
    Congrats on sticking it out and finishing, you are awesome!
    I keep thinking I want to try the 21 day Fix, I do need help in the food area.

    1. I didn't even make it that far in p90x3 - I think I made it to week 3 - I need to try that one again.

  2. You are amazing for sticking through these programs! Talk about commitment!

  3. i hate food plans as well - just because i'm difficult and picky. they never work. i spent a lot (a lot!!) of money on a food plan once and will never do it again because of how difficult i am lol.
    you are a beast at all these programs girl! seriously. awesome.

  4. What fantastic dedication to finish the program. I'm curious, if you loved it why can't you do it again? Or maybe it doesn't work like that. ;) Post a picture of the shirt when you get it!

    1. Oh, you can bet I'll have a picture :)
      I probably will do it again - but I think I need to change up something for my body. But I'm sure I'll always go back to it - I just love the program.

  5. You're doing awesome!
    You just did 8 weeks, 21 days, you have that in the bag no problem!!!!
    I looked into the Beachbody program, it looks great. I almost even went into selling it, but didn't. The support system within is amazing, I can see why so many enjoy it and see results!


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