Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ups & Downs

Yes - yesterday was all about Ironman... & I still have some Ups & Downs on that, but a lot on some other weekend events...

So let's pick up where I normally am, shall we?

UP // Got my Peach Green Tea Lemonade on Friday....

DOWN //.... but was told that Pumpkin is coming in earlier & that will be the end of PGTL.  I need to suck 'em down fast.  It wont be long till its over.

DOWN // PGTL season went really really fast

UP // Tried my first time at cold brewing coffee for homemade iced coffee....

DOWN //.... didn't taste that much of a difference to go through all the hassle.  Back to my K-cups & putting it in the fridge for me.  #timesaver

UP // Since I wont be using my mason jars for cold brewing coffee, I now have 4 beautiful jars to use for some other fancy reason.  Pinterest, here I come.

UP // Kentucky State Fair! ... Love all the free testing that they have there....

DOWN //  .... Found out I'm going deaf.  Not even joking.  I could tell I'm not hearing that great lately.  Things sound really muffled & I have to say, 'Huh?' or "What?" or just fake like I heard a few too many times.  Yep - I really can't hear.  They said I heard NONE of the high pitched sounds - only low pitch.  They said that's usually opposite of what happens with age.  So does that mean when I get older, my low pitch goes & I'm totally deaf?  .... great....

DOWN // Strollers at the State Fair.  I get people need them & don't want to carry their babies all day long... but when people just use them as offense strategies to get down aisles & ram them into your legs... I want to kick their strollers over... saving the child first, of course!  I'm not THAT mean.

if one more stroller hit me in the back of my legs

UP // Didn't eat one bit of fair food.  It actually all sounded disgusting to me.

DOWN // It started down pouring when we left.  We waited for the rain to slow down & then decided we were so hungry that we didn't care any more.  We walked about 1.5 miles in the rain.... My hair afterwards. #outofcontrolfrizz

UP // We went to a new restaurant... I got some yummy pasta with veggies all over it - it was delish.

DOWN // my salad had bacon on it.  Nope nope nope. #vegetarianproblems .....

UP // .... luckily the waiter seen me just staring sadly at my salad & brought me a new one, bacon-free

UP // Working in extreme heat in the Ironman sucked up all the hydration I had going - so no needing to use the porta pots!  #perspective

my reaction about porta pots

UP // the comments on the Ironman Louisville page makes me so happy .... so many comments about how good the volunteers were.  Even a few from women talking about the tent area I was at.  Makes me feel like we rocked it.

DOWN // my clothes I wore at the Ironman - I took to wash last night.... they were still damp from sweat. EWWW

UP // Did I mention I now have a Ironman Volunteer shirt?  My new favorite t-shirt.

UP // My 2nd favorite shirt - my shirt I got at the fair.  I've seen runners wear these in races & I never knew where they got them... they were selling them in a booth at the fair & I was on top of that.  Bring on my next race so I can wear it.

DOWN //  cancer does suck

UP // The best name for a web site ever - cancerisstupid.org ...

What's your favorite race shirt?
Do you have stroller injuries?


  1. You always give me lots of smiles when I read your Up's and Downs:) I wouldn't of ate the fair food either. Years ago I did a cancer run, where I raised money for cancer research in return running Disney World Marathon. Great experience, however one of the things I did to raise money was work in concession stands. It took me all of 1 hour to realize I could never eat out of one again, yucky! Not the food taste, but just the unsanitary part of it all. Drinks are about the only thing I will get, and even then I have to be super thirsty!
    Oh and I can agree stroller people can be annoying. Like the ones that just bring one to carry all their crap in, the kids never get in it, but the thing is loaded down with everything else....

  2. State fair food is overrated anyways :0) I always regret it after I eat fried food...not because it's friend, but because I get a horrible tummy ache!

    Super excited for pumpkin spice lattes to be back! It's not even remotely chilly in Texas yet, but I still am excited lol!

    People with strollers...UGH. They think they own wherever they go. Even at Disney you'd think they are full of Disney happiness and cheer but NOPE they think they can ram their hardware into ankles all day long!

    1. Disney is the kingdom of strollers!!!!

  3. You definitely rocked at volunteering! In fact, I think it sounded like you were the best volunteer of all time. Any kudos are well-deserved! I don't blame you on the stroller thing and I have a kid. I can't stand strollers. They are a pain in the rear. I have one and it's just for jogging. Otherwise I wear her on my back in a carrier. SO much more convenient and doesn't take up any space.

    I can't believe those PSLs are back already. I hate pumpkin anything and don't get the hype.

  4. We hardly ever go to our fairs around here. You have to pay an arm n a leg just to park, plus admission, and then overpriced food that I have no interest in eating anyway!

    True story, my college roommate failed her hearing test when we were in school. She was upset for aa long time, but it didn't change her life any, she hears fine!

    I hope that race shirt is a tech shirt..lol

  5. It also stinks to push a stroller in a crowded area. A lot of people don't pay attention and run right into them. Helloooo precious cargo! People are definitely rude on both ends. And Ewww porta potties are the worst! Gag!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. Can't we all just get along! :) haha

  6. I didn't eat any fair food this year either and I am not sad about it. It never makes me feel good any way. people with their strollers get crazier every year! Yikes

    1. Some people get totally on MUST.GET.EVERYONE.OUT.OF.MY.WAY mode...

  7. I'm sure I'm being slightly irrational but it makes me sort of angry and amazed when there are no vegetarian options! I mean, in today's day and age there are TONS of people who prefer to not eat meat so what the heck?


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