Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five: What I'm looking forward to this Fall

Friday Five: Fall Preview
What is laying ahead for Fall

1. Lot of celebrations!

October is a huge month for celebration in my world.  I have a grandson, twin nieces, a step daughter, & a mother - ALL celebrating birthdays that month.  It's a feast of birthday cake.  Ricky & I also celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary in October.  Yet another reason to celebrate with cake!  My brother's birthday drags at the end of Fall & falls on Thanksgiving every few years.  A perfect excuse for not cake, but pumpkin pie.

2. Vacation

Ricky & I always have taken our vacation in the fall.  We have no children so we never had to do the 'summer break' vacation & it works because that's normally when others do their vacations, so we get a vacation all to ourselves in most places.  Even Disney during the Fall isn't as crowded.  Oh, its still crowded, but its not summer-crowded.  I don't care if we just stay at home all week.  In the fall, I'll sit on my porch reading all week & be in pure bliss.

3.  Busy Camera Clicking

Well, that's just irritating

Of course fall is when everyone wants pictures done.  The weather is cool & crisp - no frizzy hair happening.  The colors are beautiful with changing leaves.  It's a good time to dress in boots & scarves making a great Christmas card.  My October for the NEXT year usually fills up by the end of this year.  & I will still have someone get in touch with me September 30th wanting an October session.

4.  Pumpkins everywhere!

I love orange. I love pumpkins. I love decorating. I usually have a fight with my husband when I can decorate for Halloween & Thanksgiving. I think I decorate more for that then I do for Christmas. I just love the warmth of it all.  Pumpkins everywhere!  I can never get enough.

5. Halloween!!!!

I love everything about Halloween. Well, maybe not everything. I love the holiday. I love the dressing up. I love the fun of it... but I hate that since we moved, we have no Halloween.  No kid wants to walk a few miles to get to 1 or 2 houses ... country roads are no place for Halloween trick or treaters.  When we lived in Louisville, I did Halloween UP!  I dressed up as a witch, had my house sounding spooky, looking spooky - it was great... now, I sit in my witches costume all by myself in my living room.  #sad  ... not really, but kinda... but I still love the holiday. Love seeing pictures of people dressed up. Love Halloween parties.  Love all the clearance candy the next day.
What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Ohhhhh I love all of it!! I can barely contain myself!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  2. I second Krissy's comment!! I cannot contain my excitement for Fall! Which reminds me, I really want to do a Fall photography session with the hubs this year...we did not do that last year!

  3. I love the smell of fall with the leaves falling and watching my kids run and jump in big piles of leaves. We also love apple picking so we can make our apple butter for the year! Can't wait!

  4. I love Halloween, too! I sew and love to make my kids' costumes.

  5. I'm not ready for fall at ALL! Congrats on your upcoming 19th anniversary!

  6. Heh. I love that you have Vicki from the OC Housewives. Congrats on your anniversary!

  7. ahh i am not a huge fall fan, but i am trying to get into it! lol. i wish summer would stick around a bit longer though!


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