Thursday, August 14, 2014

Confession Time

I don't think I've confessed anything in awhile...
time for me to let it spill...
.... I posted my latest wedding preview & breathed a sigh of relief when the bride text me & said she loved them.  I always hold my breath. You never know how someone is going to react to their pictures.  Expectations can be tough to compete with.

.... I'm excited to see my photo clients this weekend.  It will be the 3rd time I've done their pictures.  I love meeting people in this line of work, to have them become friends & I get to enjoy catching up on their lives.

.... I'm still so sad about Robin Williams.  Sad he died... even sadder HOW he died.  The 20/20 special on Tuesday night just fueled the sad flames in my heart.

.... I really need a vacation.  Even if it meant just holing up in my home for a week.  That sounds wonderful actually.

.... I'm so tired - this pretty much sums me up today:

.... I love pulling the lint off of the cage of our fans.  I feel like its a game to see how long I can pull a piece without it breaking.

.... Our neighbors brought me a butt load of veggies over from their family garden.  Do you know how much all this would have cost me at a farmer's market?  I need to think of some cool thank you for them...

.... give me a salt shaker & sit back & watch me pop all those tomatoes in my mouth.

.... & then watch me get canker sores in my mouth from too much acid of tomatoes #stupid

.... I've been trying to keep track of how many fruits & veggies I eat every day instead of counting every calorie. I think I found the problem. One day this week, I literally had ZERO fruits or veggies.  I want to get 5 servings of each.  Some days I do good if I get one... of one or the other.  That's really sad.  Especially since I'm a vegetarian!

I need mega doses of veggie's happening in my life

.... I totally cried watching Extreme Makeover Tuesday when the lady ran a marathon.  Anytime anyone runs a marathon, I will cry when they cross the finish.  Guaranteed.

.... I'm trying PiYo again.  I'm not pushing myself where my bicep tendon is miserable again. I'll adjust.  But I did feel stronger doing it again.  Was holding full strong planks longer & even getting in tricep pushups more then ever. 

.... You'd think strong would mean I'm loosing weight.  Nope - same weight as ever.  How many months is this now?... geesh....

.... I hate cramps

..... I'm so sad that its dark when I leave for work now. I used to throw the Frisbee in the morning for Harvey before I left for work.  I still do but can't see if he catches it.

.... I almost want to just throw everything out of my house & start over again instead of just cleaning it & clearing out cabinets & drawers & basement rooms. #lazy

.... did I mention I hate cramps?

.... I tried walking in a local cemetery yesterday for a different view.  It is very small so it was like walking on a hamster wheel. Not a lot of space.  & then the groundskeepers came to start digging up a plot I assume for a funeral today.  I didn't want to stick around to see the ground being dug up.  So much for that.

.... While walking the cemetery, I saw a headstone of a member of our church that passed away years ago.  I saw the headstone had her husband's date on there as 2013. I didn't even know he passed away.  That was depressing.

.... I've decided its not good to walk in cemeteries.

.... I'm hoping 3 Aleve works on cramps... fast....

.... I can't believe we're half way through August.  I feel like I just switched over my closet.  Now I have to start thinking of changing it back?  let's go back to that comment about wanting to just throw everything out & starting fresh.

What do you need to confess today?


  1. i try and track my food in fruits & veggies as well, and i always try and make sure i have one or both for each meal. so smoothie for breakfast, or porridge with blueberries. lunch is a salad or some sort of rice concoction with veggies, its the hardest meal for me to incorporate fruit or veggies in, and dinner can be anything and i try and have spinach twice a day if i can. its really hard to try and make sure you eat enough!
    ps i watched the 'try' video this morning, cried big fat baby tears. it made me really sad about how i feel about myself.

  2. Mmm look at those fresh garden veggies! How nice!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  3. You have some nice neighbours! It must be so stressful showing the bride and groom their pictures, because the expectations are so high. I'm glad they liked them :)

    1. I hold my breath EVERY time revealing pictures

  4. This was my first time watching Extreme makeover and loved the show! I can't believe I've never seen it. And she was so inpiring although I wanted a few minutes with her bully of a sister. She was awful.

    Love the veggies! And you made me laugh because the only way I eat tomatoes is raw with a little salt. Mmm... maybe I need to get some today!

  5. I loved the episode of Extreme Weightloss this week! That girl was amazing at motivating herself...she just needed that first push from Chris! She is definitely an inspiration!

    1. It was great, wasn't it? I love she was the one talking him into doing the FULL marathon :)

  6. Those fresh veggies look great! Cramps do suck, Aleve always works wonders for me with those.
    Glad PiYo is going better. I haven't seen Extreme Makeover in a long time, those shows always get me a little emotional!

  7. I didn't know you were a vegetarian! So am I! What are some of your favorite things to eat? I'm always looking for new meal ideas!

    1. I'm all about different beans & rice combos :) I get the Happy Herbivore meal plans every week online. Some of her meals are so simple... that's the kind I like :) I have a Pinterest board that is FULL of stuff so look me up on there & follow my Vegetarian/Vegan board - Rebecca Jo Vincent is my name on Pinterest :)

  8. Cramps are the worst! When I get them now, I think about how much worse they were in high school and I'm just thankful that I'm past that stage! Feel better soon!

    1. Mine have stayed the same through the years... I'm the lucky one I guess :(

  9. Oh I hear ya on cramps, hopefully the Aleve worked for you, that stuff has never worked for me. I seriously have to take the highest amount of drugs when it comes that time each month, ughhh!
    So awesome about your neighbor and the veggies!
    I watched Extreme Makeover this week too, it was a great show! The only thing I would have liked a bit better is if she or the show had trained her better for the marathon, having her longest run of 13 beforehand wasn't really training, I think it would have been better if they showed the proper dedication that should be taken for it, but then that is just me the lover of the race:) But the gal was amazing and way awesome in her weightloss journey, totally inspiring!!!


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