Monday, August 18, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at the ride of the weekend

UP //  Peach Green Tea Lemonade on Friday...

DOWN // Hearing that an early Pumpkin flavor season is going to take my Peach flavoring away early this year... NOOOO!!!!!  Dang you all your pumpkin flavored obsessed people

UP // The #LouisvillePurge didn't happen.  If you hadn't heard, Louisville was trending because some stupid kids spread the rumor that The Purge was going to happen around Louisville.  If you don't know what that is, apparently there is a movie called "The Purge" & its a night where anything goes.  Want something - steal it.  Hate someone - kill them.  Anything goes.  They seriously canceled football games around town, police were on alert - it was kinda crazy.  They said THOUSANDS of people bought the app for the Louisville police to listen.  Me?  I was asleep by 10:00... try to get in my house with all our dogs & our neighbors dogs.

This was a real thing going around....

DOWN // Stupid kids that start rumors ... I heard that kid is in TROUBLE. Got kicked off his football team.  He said, "I didn't think it would turn into this big deal"... be careful of your words people.

UP // Michael Jackson made me sweat again.  I get why he was so skinny.  Moon walking is some serious butt burning stuff.

DOWN // Didn't get in a 'real' work out all weekend long....

this was me this weekend

UP // .... but I did do a 2.5 hour photo session so I did stay up on my feet moving for awhile.

UP // The heat held off on Saturday for my family photo session. & it was an overcast day.  Overcast days are like a photographers dream!  I always want to high five Mother Nature on days like that.  I DO thank Jesus for those days though... believe that!

DOWN // We didn't have a real supper all weekend. It was a bunch of munching on whatever.  That's bad.  When I much, I munch... everything.

UP // Hercules on ABC Family ... the song "I won't say I'm in love" is one of my favorites.  I am very dramatic when singing it too.

DOWN // a cow tongue.. in our youth lesson on Sunday.  The smell was killing me.  Poor cow.

Just in case you wanted to see a close up of a cow's tongue
... you're welcome...

UP // That lesson will definitely stick with the kids. 

UP // Lunch with friends after church... & a real meal... a change from munching.

UP // I watched Austin Powers - the first one... I totally forgot how stupidly funny it is

UP // reload on my Vanilla Natural Creamer for my iced coffee.  I was on danger alert. 

UP // Read a whole book in one day.  That hasn't happened since.... since... I can't even remember. 

UP // Got to read on a rainy day on my porch... I say it over & over. This is my happy place.  It was Sydney's too because I couldn't get her to come in.  She is an old country dog that loves staying on the porch.

UP // My hubs said he gives up on trying to fight my love for Wolverine & he got me a shirt.  I do love me some Wolverine... especially a Hugh Jackman Wolverine....

DOWN // More night time munching... UGH!

How was your weekend?
Do you love Austin Powers?
What work out did you get in?


  1. I love all things pumpkin flavored! but I do love peach too. The weekend went way too fast! One week till my kids go back to school! I haven't seen Austin Powers in so long, we used to laugh and laugh over those movies. so stupid and so funny.

    1. Enjoy that last week with them :)
      Watch it again - its funnier when you haven't seen it in awhile :)

  2. I never saw Austin Powers and that is NOT what I thought a cow tongue would look like, wow!
    That is awful about that Lousiville Purge. I hadn't heard about that. Has this happened before or just in the movie ( Which I also have never heard of). Wow, ya really do learn all kinds of stuff reading blogs!

    I love pumpkin stuff but I am SO not ready for it yet. Lets have 12 more weeks of summer please!

  3. I'm with you--I don't like pumpkin flavored things!! :)

    We had a bomb threat called into our building last week! I wasn't here, but they evacuated our building and the bomb squad came to check everything out. Now I'm a little worried being at work, and mad. They should catch the person responsible for that call and punish them well!!

  4. I am one of those pumpkin flavor loving people! I am so ready for my pumpkin spice lattes! lol :0)

    I cannot believe someone spread a rumor about the purge in your area. I am glad he is facing consequences for it though! His parents must be so proud.

    I love that song from Hercules too! I think we would have a lot of fun singing Disney songs together... I am dramatic when I sing them too lol!

    1. Oh my gosh girl... we need to go to Disney at the same time & SING IT UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh Hugh Jackman is just one of the best kinds of eye candy:)
    Oh yuck on the cow tongue!
    I'm not ready for Pumpkin either, I'll keep my Huckleberry flavors that I am loving right now.

    I don't think I've seen so much fall/Halloween stuff this early before in my life. The candy aisle at the grocery store is very confusing.

    This weekend was great! Great weather and I had a race. I'm sad that it's Monday.

  7. Oh no now I have the image of a cow's tongue etched into my mind forever! haha it's so gross and meaty. Hercules is top five of Disney's best cartoons along with Lion King, Mulan, the LIttle Mermaid and Finding Nemo (wait is that Disney?). I think all the songs should be belted out in a dramatic fashion, what's the point otherwise??

  8. Your gifs make me laugh! That is crazy about the Louisville Purge. I never saw that movie... the trailer creeped me out! I am extremely excited about pumpkin season... I am a super pumpkin freak :)

  9. The purge- that is some crazy stuff! I had heard Columbus was happening after Louisville, crazies!! Anyway, a rainy day spent reading is one of my favorites! You look too cute in your new shirt!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  10. Well....really...who doesn't have a deep true love for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine?

  11. I'm so sad I missed Hercules! I HATE that Starbuck's is bringing back the PSL early. It's supposed to be a fall drink not an end of summer drink.

  12. Oh my goodness ... YES - PUMPKIN!! :) Love it ... seriously, I do. Pumpkin Spice coffee should be a year-round event. I have yet to try the Peach Green Tea Lemonade ... I saw it this weekend but was too nervous to try something new. I'm sure it's delish though. I enjoy Austin Powers but it's been awhile since I've seen it. I do have a question about the cow tongue -- what was the lesson behind it? And I didn't get a long run in (trying half-marathon training but my running buddy/husband isn't as enthusiastic as I am) -- but I did get 2.5 miles in when I was visiting my childhood home. Had never run through my old neighborhood before but it was fun -- looking at the houses and remembering who lived there 25+ years ago. But you know, reading a book on a rainy day trumps running/workouts every time! :)

  13. I'm not gonna lie I was worried about a few idiots with the louisville purge, thankfully nothing happened, I was in bed by 9pm haha

  14. Ughhhh....I live in Pittsburgh and there were rumors of a stupid fake Purge here too. People are so dumb!! You can now make a running tee that says "I Survived the 2014 Purge in Louisville" - so at least there's that.


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