Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ironman Weekend - Louisville

Some people get excited for Christmas...

I get excited for Ironman weekend!

It's here this weekend & I'm so excited because this year, I'm volunteering to help out.

I never knew anything about running until 2009 & then after I caught the 'running bug' I started learning about all the other incredible athletic events.  Ironman caught my attention... & then we're lucky in Louisville to have it come right into our back yard.

In 2011, I went down to see what it was all about.  Especially because there was a young man from our church that was doing it.  I wanted to see him & cheer him on.  & being someone who loves capturing moments, I took my camera with me. 

I loved being there...

I actually sat on the side of the road for HOURS... I mean like 6-7 hours. I honestly didn't want to pull myself away.  I wanted to cheer for every runner going by.  On this part of the road, they had to run up & down, twice... so I would see people up to 4 times.  I loved it because I ended up putting my camera down & stood & clapped & cheered on people for as long as I could.  I had a few athletes even tell me that I was the best cheerleader they've seen all day....

I was next to this family as they watched their husband, father & son come through... they were great

Ever since then, I've been hooked on going down & supporting Ironman athletes.

There's something about watching these people go through this incredible feat.  To watch the strength, the endurance... even to see them fighting to make it through.  The real emotions of a race of 140.6 miles...

& can we stop for a second & think how far 140.6 miles is?  ****MIND BLOWN****

This year, I get to be hands on with the athletes.

I'm working in the women's tent where they are coming off their bikes & transitioning into the running 26.2 miles.

See those tents?  That's where I'll be

I can't wait!

The description says that we will be helping them individually, getting what they need, helping their transition run smoothly & the biggest part, give them encouragement. 

We'll be the people that they talk to as they go into the last leg of the 3 part race. 

I want to just send them all off on their miles with glitter & butterflies & on a Pegasus... or at least in their mind, give them that same feeling.

I'm actually worried about the athletes this year.  Its going to be the hottest day of the ENTIRE.FREAKING.YEAR Sunday.  Right now, the temp is going to be 98 degrees.  & let's not even start thinking about humidity - which Louisville is well known for.

This could be scary...

Heck, I'm afraid I'll pass out just working in a hot tent that is closed up all day.

But I'm going to get out there & slap on a smile to help these amazing women!

I laughed the other day thinking how excited I was go to out & work for hours in extreme heat, when in real life, if its above 85 degrees, I make all plans indoors in AC...

But I'm so excited to go sweat it out Sunday.... to root on everyone...

I'm hoping when my 'shift' is over, to head down & check out some of the finish line emotion.  I can't ever watch an Ironman video where they show the finish line & I don't cry. #everytime

So lift a prayer up for our weather here Sunday... for those athletes... for safe races for everyone...

(& for me not to pass out)


  1. thats so awesome that you are volunteering. i am so sad that the hottest day of the year is a measly 98 degrees lol. hopefully its not too bad for the athletes! have fun :)

  2. First, 140.6 MILES?? I can't even ride that in a car without being tired. Good for you for helping! That is amazing!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  3. I just got really excited FOR you! I caught the running bug completely by accident when my gf and I went to cheer for her step-mom during a half marathon. It never occurred to me that running was fun until that day - I don't think I've stopped talking about running since!

  4. That is great you are volunteering! I really need to give that a try sometime, I bet it is a rewarding job for a day! Saturday I am helping run a local 5k, but since I am on the planning committee it really isn't the same thing as volunteering:) Have a great time doing it!

  5. I hope everyone stays safe on sunday! Those are some great photos! You should look in to being the "official" race photographer!

  6. Can't wait to see you there! I hope we don't melt!

  7. That is a hot day to swim/bike/run 140.6 miles...wowza! I am like you, I get really teary-eyed when I see Ironman athletes videos of them finishing the race! It's truly inspiring.

    And I just need say, HOLY BICYCLES BATMAN! That transition area is huge... I would get lost trying to find my bike lol!

    Sending prayers everyone's way that the weather doesn't take too much of a toll on anyone!


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