Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Things to love about IRONMAN being in town!!!!

Today's Topic:  5 Things to Love About _______________

Since Ironman is this weekend, I'm going to find 5 things about Ironman that I love.
& please make note - I am no Ironman... nope... not even close... only in my dreams.

So this is a 5 things about Ironman being here in town - volunteering - seeing it...

Something anyone can love about it

1.  It's all over the news

I love seeing on the news pictures & updates from fitness people.  Clips of people running, swimming, biking.  So much better then news of people tearing down their own town.

2.  You get a free t-shirt

How I'll walk in my Ironman T-shirt

Yeah, let's face it.  When you do a lot of races, you get a lot of t-shirts.  A lot of them that get donated to charity, or turned into dust rags... of if you know someone cool that sews, one of those beautiful blankets.  (I want to learn to sew!!!!.... I want one of those t-shirt quilts!!!)  But an Ironman t-shirt?  It's the most epic t-shirt. & I'm just a volunteer.  But even wearing a shirt that says I was part of that day?  I'm going to wear it every day next week.

3. Athletes fly in from everywhere

... to our little city.  World class athletes... here in Louisville.  & we can see them on the streets.  They may zoom by REALLY REALLY fast, but you can say, I saw the winner run by.  It's also cool to be on Facebook groups & see everyone talking about where they are flying in from.  I complained about driving 40 minutes to a 5k a few months ago.... these people pack up all their Ironman gear & fly here.  I want my town to always have top athletes just walking around the streets.

4.  The Inspiration

You can't go watch an Ironman or help in an Ironman - be anywhere near the event & not be inspired.  Seeing these people in action, in motion, doing their thang... I leave every year saying, I'm going to try harder - be stronger - I want to be an Ironman!!!  I may not ever be, but in my mind, the inspiration lives on.  Keeps me going back to feed my inspiration heart every year!

5.  Oh, the feels!!!!

The emotion of Ironman is something amazing.  To see someone moving in pain, but still moving.  To see someone puking on the side of the road, but pick themselves back up & press on, to see people have family members cheering them on - taking their own day driving & making it to spots to give what is needed for these athletes, to see people cross a finish line & know they made it.... Yep, all the feels are there.  I'm a sucker for it.  I get wrapped up in it.  The feels get to me every time.

Again - its going to be the WORST possible temperature here.
Pray for these athletes Sunday!


  1. Good luck to the athletes! An Ironman is something that I'd love to train for eventually one day, bucket list item:) Have fun volunteering, they are lucky to have you!

  2. man I should have turned all of my race shirts into a quilt, a lot of them are now at goodwill lol

  3. So many feels indeed! I want to volunteer at an Ironman so bad! My husband got to earlier this year but I was out of town working a race so I missed it! But as much as I look forward to volunteering, I can't wait to do a (half) Ironman - I will totally be strutting in that shirt (as long as my legs aren't totally dead) LOL!

  4. I'm pretty much in awe of these athletes. I couldn't even begin to imagine competing in such an event!

  5. You have THE best Hey I would walk like Beyonce if I had an IM t-shirt too!

  6. Have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about it!

  7. I love all the pics and videos you chose!!! What an awesome opportunity! Enjoy it :)

  8. This sounds so exciting! Hope you're having a fun time!


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