Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm wandering around like a lost child....

Life is about learning experiences.

& I've learned I need direction.

I need someone to hold my hand & lead me in all things exercise.

Now when it comes to most things in life, I'll take charge & I'll lead the way. 

In exercise?  I hate trying to figure it out.

What am I even talking about? 

I don't know... I'm lost!!!!!

Since my running has been wonky (yes, wonky is one of my favorite words) I have had to find other ways to work out. 

I did the T25 thing - loved it.  I still use it actually.
I bought the PiYo - hated it.  Well, not really HATED it.  It's just not something that I can do easily with a WONKY shoulder, plus, I just try & try ... & try... & try to really like Yoga & Pilates & I can't make myself do it.  So to do a 60 day plan of it.  Just kick me in the gut for 60 days & that would be more fun.

So without my running half marathon training calendar not being used (Stupid knee, stupid back, stupid schedule)... & no other 'plan' or calendar in front of me, well, I'm feeling lost.

Last night I sat in front of all my dvd's & thought about which one to do for about 20 minutes.  20 minutes that I could have been doing something.

I ended up doing Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism ... kicked my butt too...

& then it ended & I thought, what am I going to do tomorrow?

I think I just don't like to think about it.

This comes easy for some people. Not me.

Editing pictures comes easy for me.
Talking to youth about Jesus comes easy for me.
Getting on my husbands nerves comes easy for me.
Trying to figure out the best way to lay out a workout... does not come easy for me.

I then remembered, HEY - I have P90X that I bought off of a church friend. 
I'm going to start that, to which my husband says, aint no way.

He apparently did a couple of work outs with friends when P90X was really popular & he said if I can't do PiYo with a bad shoulder, aint no way I'm doing this one.

Well poop.

So today, I'm on the hunt for a plan. 

I may search for another workout plan on Beachbody - I like they have workouts with 60 day plans.

Maybe I'll even try & go back to my running workout schedule & use walking instead & then those cross training days, put in my T25.

The lesson in all this that you have learned about me.... I'm an overthinker...

Anyone else struggle with what work out to do?
Do you love Jillian Michaels?
Are you on a training plan right now?  Which one?


  1. Finding the right training plan can be difficult. I'm currently doing the Arnold Blueprint from bodybuilding.com. I like it but I'm probably going back to Jamie Eason's Live Fit trainer on bodybuilding.com when I'm done. My body responded better to her workouts. Check out the Tone It Up girls if you haven't already. I love them! toneitup.com

  2. If I'm not entertained by a workout I'm not going to do it. I'm just not. I'll talk myself right out of it if I'm bored with it. *sigh* As long as you are moving and burning calories do what makes you happiest! :)
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  3. I do not love Jillian Michaels but she is very good at what she does. :)
    I used to be really unfocused when it came to fitness and then as time went on it clicked a little bit more. Have you ever done any work with a trainer? Maybe that could help bring everything a little more into focus. I'm sorry about the shoulder issues...I know that doesn't help the situation.

    I hope you love the Muuyu classes though!!

  4. Sounds like you could use the structure yet flexibility of an online personal trainer ;)

  5. i hope you find something love! i tried p90x but got bored pretty quick. i am not a huge 'at home' workout kinda girl anyway. i hope your injuries and whatnot magically fix themselves so you can get back to running :)

  6. I don't have an exercise plan per say, but I am doing the run disney goofy training plan and really working on stretching. I SO wish we lived closer. We would motivate each other and have fun doing it!

  7. I have done Jillian workouts in the past, I like that they are circuits but yes they always kick the butt! I get bored doing things indoors with the TV so prefer outdoors stuff myself.
    You could always try a trainer, or maybe swimming that might keep the impact off your joints and injuries that are bothering you?
    I've never been one for scheduled plans, I enjoy just being spontanious and doing whatever I want each day, however usually I decide a few minutes before, how far, how long so I don't skip out early:) I hope you can find something you love! However, while your looking I say wing it and try new things each day, maybe join a few local fitness groups and get a different aspect on things if you need more than self motivation:)

  8. Yes I do love Jillian Michaels, I mean honestly who doesn't? That's too bad about the shoulder because P90X really is awesome and varied. Could you do it but avoid the exercises that involve your shoulder? You could run on the spot instead? I'm the same way though, I love having a plan and find it hard when I don't. What about a new gym class? They have all sorts of water exercises or dance classes that might be a fun new challenge

  9. I definitely enjoy Jillian's DVD's, but doing the same video sequences can get old fast. I find a lot of my strength inspiration either from what I learned in PT, or Pinterest!

  10. Try Debbie Sieber's Slim in 6! They are my absolute fave of all time!!
    I could not stop laughing at the goldfish in bags! Lol!!


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