Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Extreme Weight Loss left me sad...

I love me some Chris & Heidi Powell.

Something about a man who isn't afraid to cry & hug other people - I just think Chris is adorable.  & I've admitted my girl crush on Heidi a zillion times.

I love Tuesdays when Extreme Weight Loss is on.  & we didn't get one story - we got two.

The one that really hit me was Christy's story. 

This woman was talking about her childhood & how she was bullied growing up.  It was really harsh.  People gave her a letter in school talking about how she didn't fit in, how she didn't have the right clothes, how she was fat & she needed to leave the school.

Kids are cruel.

& like that's an option. OK - I'll just leave this school.  #stupid

All this piled on a child's shoulders - she attempted suicide.  I mean, really attempted - not any of this cry for help stuff. She jumped in front of a truck on a road.... I couldn't believe her story.  Broke my heart.  The irony of the whole thing - they told her her weight is what saved her life.  She said something about the one thing she was trying to get rid of was the one thing that wouldn't let her leave. 

& the even more messed up part?  Her mom totally didn't even see things the same way Christy did.  She talked about the car being on black ice.  Denial was all over this family.

I was ready for a life change for her.  Chris calling her when she's out in a parking lot at 2 am eating fast food.  He made her walk up the steps to the Stratosphere & meet him.  It looked like she was going to push herself to do this...

.... & then it turned fast.

In the first 'Fight or Flight' work out, she even admitted that she is the first person to turn & run when things get hard.  With Chris by her side though, he wouldn't let her.  She would keep screaming "Don't bully me Chris" & I knew she had some deep seeded issues....

Because of a home situation with her mother having dementia, she couldn't stay long with the Powell's... & it didn't take long for her motivation to go downhill.  Chris surprised her & did a weigh in on the spot & you could tell she was ticked off.  The weigh in showed she had already gained weight & was back in the 300's....

Chris made her pack her bags & come to where he & Heidi could keep an eye on her...

The attitude she brought was awful.  The lack of motivation was ridiculous.  She had yelled at Chris & he told her to walk back to the gym - only like a mile.  Girlfriend got a TAXI!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?

I've never seen it done before, but Chris & Heidi ended up talking with her & pretty much told her that they could see she wasn't ready for this, had no desire to change her life & sent her home...

... after wards, she even admitted to production that she set herself to fail so she could get out of doing this.

How sad is that?!?!!?

She had this amazing opportunity in front of her & she didn't want it. Threw it away.  Totally sabotaged it on purpose.

All I kept thinking was here was this lady who obviously is sad in life, who tried to commit suicide once in her life, she was walking away from something good... staying in the place that left her miserable.

The other story, Kenny - was fantastic.  He was a former Marine & he had the heart & fire to get the weight off. & he did it.  His wife was so supportive & she was beautiful!  But she reminded me so much of Heidi ... I had tweeted that & Heidi responded back to me....

Yep.. .me & Heidi are best friends now, I can just tell....

This show always encourages me, but last night, it left me just feeling so sad... for Christy.  Wondering how she's doing.  Wondering if she's ready to try again.  Wondering if she's EVER going to be ready.

Things like that make me look at myself & say I don't want to be like that when it comes to becoming healthy....

I don't want to not try.
I don't want to sabotage myself for failure.
I don't want to ever give up on myself.
I don't want to walk away from opportunities.
I don't want to ever stop pushing myself.

I guess the story of Christy, though she failed, still inspired me....

Did you watch Extreme Makeover?
Do you have a girl crush on Heidi?
Or a crush on the adorable man that is Chris Powell?


  1. Kenny and his family were awesome...loved his story! That is SO awesome Heidi Powell tweeted you back!

    As for Christy, I felt bad for her at first, but she also made me angry. There are probably hundreds or thousands of people out there who would do anything to have Chris and Heidi help them, and she QUIT and wasted this amazing opportunity. It's just sad.

  2. I haven't seen that episode yet. I'll have to watch it on Hulu later. That is very disappointing news. I hope that Christy seeks counseling so that she can see she is worth more. Maybe then she will allow herself to change? :(

    Tres cool that Heidi replied to you!!!!

  3. I completely forgot this was on last night, I am totally bummed I missed it. But I loved reading your recap on it!
    You know it reminds me of something, you can't help those who don't want to be helped. Although it's a different situation, I have an extended family member who refuses to do anything for herself, she's had all the help in the world, all the possible ways to get out of her situation, dozens of people fighting for her pushing her, and yet when it comes down to it she just doesn't care, she doesn't want anything she has to do any bit of effort for, she only wants the easy way and people to do it for her, or just give it to her.
    So when I read this post, it made me sad for the lady in the show. She doesn't care, and probably never will. But its good the show aired that episode (darn I wish I saw it.)
    So many of us look at a situation and wonder why people wont change, and one excuse is, well maybe they need better help. But that show apparently showed that you can't help everyone, not everyone wants to change, some people are okay with being miserable and I'm one of those people that doesn't really feel bad for those types, since it is their choice. Like I say to my family member, I'm done helping you and I wish you the best, but if the worst happens then it is your choice, and you know that.... I guess this show showed the same thing for this lady.. Okay, sorry for the novel:)

  4. I totally forgot to watch until the last 10 minutes. So I just saw some of Kenny's story, but I missed hers. There's been people like her on Biggest Loser too. It always makes me mad. I mean why do they even try out for the show, if they have no real intention of doing it or if they know their not ready?? I don't get it.
    She does have a sad story and hopefully one day she'll be ready. So awesome that Heidi tweeted back! She seems really sweet.

  5. I watched it too and it made me so sad. I felt for her and I hope that she comes out the other end as a happy and healthy person. I do appreciate that they recognize sometimes people aren't ready for those changes and that there are deep rooted issues that need to be addressed first. On a positive note, the guy who did the Marine challenge made me cry. What an inspiration

  6. I've never seen this show, but I do know who Chris is and I think he's adorable.
    I feel inspired to watch it now though. Usually the stories are so upbeat and it's intriguing that they would share Christy's with the world and I'm glad they did. It just shows that everyone is in a different place and sometimes people aren't ready for all that. And hopefully other people feel inspired by her story as well just like you did.

  7. I've never seen or even heard of this show! I must be living under a rock. Christy's story is so sad and I really wish she was able to get it together and turn her life around.

  8. How sad! I've watched a few episodes of it! What an opportunity and she wasted it!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  9. Thank you for posting this! I usually watch it but last night I forgot about it and only caught the end where Kenny was ready for his reveal. I was wondering what the story was on that girl ( I saw the commercials). So when I missed it I planned to see if I could watch it online.

  10. I cant believe she did that, what an awesome opportunity and she just shoved it back in their faces and gave up? so rude. i have serious issues as well especially from my childhood and i would never be that rude and ungrateful. gah!


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