Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Mistakes I've made

I'm a classic screw up... usually every day in life...

& today is a Free Day on the Friday Five - we get to pick our own topic.

I screwed up ... AGAIN... yesterday so I figured my topic this week would be good at 5 things I've screwed up on working out, training, all that jazz...

1. Didn't Check Calendar

So yeah - I registered so happily yesterday for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon ... excited because it would be my 6th time running this race.  I had a goal ahead & went through my day giddy that I had something to train for in plenty of time... & then I am working out & it hits me.  I have a wedding scheduled for the same day. I ran upstairs & looked through my post it notes - because I don't have a 2015 calendar yet. (Note to self - GET A 2015 CALEDNAR ASAP!!!) ... yep - same day.  I just lost $65. Down the drain. & I'm missing my favorite race.  I'm stupid. & poorer.

2.  Didn't take water with me

I hate when I go out on a run & think, Na... I don't need any water. It's not that hot.  Only to know when I take the first 20 steps, I'm dying.  Even more so because I KNOW I don't have water with me, instantly making me even more thirsty. 

3. Forgot to charge my iPod

I always say I can't move without music.  So why didn't I check my iPod the night before a half marathon?  The Hubs ran it with me, but I still keep music on low when he's with me. I NEED MY MUSIC!  ... I get to the start line & turn it on, to see a drained battery. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I swear, I almost said, "forget it, I'm leaving" but the Hubs said he would entertain me the whole time.  I don't like being entertained when I get to the 'misery' point of a run. I need my beats to get me going.  I am insane about checking iPod levels now.

4. Trying new things DAY of race

What's the dumbest thing to do?  Try new foods on your stomach before running a race.  or wearing new clothes like shorts you find out ride too much, or a skirt that you find out is too big & slides down the whole time you're running.  My favorite mess up - I wore a brand new pair of shoes.  How many of you just groaned & shook your head at me.  I know - I know...

5. Doing a race without training

I talk about it all the time, but its my biggest mistake ever.  My first race was a half marathon. I had no idea what 13.1 miles looked like. So when I 'trained'... said VERY loosely... & got in about 3 miles & never ran before that, I thought, "How much worse can it get?"  DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS!  I always say I almost died. I'm not even joking. At mile 9, everything got woozy & tunnel vision. I've never felt so close to death in my life.  Taught me the importance of training. A hard way to learn that lesson, but I learned it.  .... oh, by the way, I couldn't walk straight for 2 weeks after either. I was messed up.  Lesson heard loud & clear.

What's your biggest mistake you've made in running & training?


  1. Oh no that sucks about the race. I did that once and was choked when I lost out on $80. And I've been seriously tempted to wear new shoes, yes it's the number one no no but tempting

  2. Omg I've done the new shoe thing before too knowing full well that it could be either great or more likely go horribly wrong. Luckily it worked out okay, but I knew I was playing with fire on that one.

    I make scheduling errors ALL THE TIME. I could have a calendar attached to my arm and still screw up somehow! Ugh I'm sorry you lost the money and are going to miss the race though. :(

  3. We've all made mistakes! That stinks that you accidentally signed up for a race on the same day as a wedding bueno!

    I remember for my very first race it was cold out and I didn't have any long running pants so I went and got a pair from Academy and wore them for the first time ever that race. About every two min I had to pull them up because they didn't fit right and slid down when I ran so that was a fun 10K LOL!!

    Seriously, where the hell is the wedding that it wont be affected by the mini? can you transfer names, I havent registered yet lol
    are you doing the urban bourbon????

  5. I love this post! Very honest and typical of things I do as well. I feel like no matter how many lessons I learn about racing and running, I find a way to screw myself over the day of!!!

  6. Bummer! Sorry for the date conflict! I've lost several registration fees, mostly due to being sick. One year I was ready to go for a full marathon. I woke up the Saturday before the event dizzy and barely able to stand to make it to the bathroom. Someone picked up my packet for me, since I was sure by the next day I'd be able to at least do the half, but it was a no go. I was so upset about losing all of that preparation, not to mention the money. It's so hard to plan in advance. You never know what will come up. I do wish more of these things had a deferral option or some kind of bib trade. At least if you could donate it to someone running for a charity, it might feel like less of a waste.

  7. Nooo wasted money is the worst! It makes me sick!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  8. trying to run a half without training?! Well just think how you could rock it if you trained!
    Confessions of a Mother Runner

  9. Haha I cant believe you made it 9 miles without training!? Did you finish? I know it was not funny then, hopefully you can laugh now? I signed up for a 90 mile bike ride once without training...yep, pretty dumb! Made it 40 miles and couldn't feel my bum anymore! Oh and I just went for a run yesterday, contemplating bringing water, said "Nah", and then was hot and thirsty the whole time! #fail

  10. That sucks that you have a wedding the same day as the mini!! But surely you can transfer your bib to someone else or something?
    I've worn brand new shoes to a race. A marathon! I knew it was dumb, but it turned out fine and I had no problems!

  11. Ahh that stinks about not being able to do that race. It sounds like it is a great one. What time does the wedding start? Any way of having your assistant handle it until you get there?

  12. Sorry about not being able to do that race:( But I am glad to hear your injury must be better if your planning races, maybe you'll be able to find another one the week before or after or something?
    The new shoe thing.. Yeah, once it was forced. I normally have 3 pairs of rotating running shoes, and I am like the only person in the world who pops yet 2 gels in 2 different pairs of shoes in one year. I had just added a 3rd shoe to the rotation and hadn't yet ran in them. But having no choice I had to run in a brand new pair of shoes in a marathon. I had a few moments in it that I was in a little pain, but evenutally the shoes and my feet blended and they were okay. Which was good because I had to run another marathon 6 days later in the same new shoes, LOL they were totally broken in from the first race, by the time I ran the next 26.2. But lesson learned, now I will always break in a new pair of shoes right when I buy them instead of waiting until I need them:)

  13. oh man, sorry to hear about your date conflict. i've made the "i don't need water" mistake too many times to count. boo boo boo!


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