Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye Genie

I know these sorts of posts are going to be popping up everywhere today...

I can't help but post one myself.  I'm just so sad about the loss of Robin Williams.

I was cleaning up my kitchen & had the TV on.  I hear the "Breaking News" come in & my mind instantly went to, "This is it. We're in World War III" - I don't know why I instantly thought that, but that was my gut reaction.

I ran to the TV & saw the statement below the reporter that said, "Robin Williams Dead at 63"

There was a split second there that I was like, "Who is Robin Williams?" only because I knew who Robin Williams is, but it couldn't be THAT Robin Williams.  Maybe it was some politician that I don't know about...

& then his face pops up... & I screamed downstairs to tell Ricky. 

I couldn't believe it....

& then to hear the cause of death.

Apparent suicide.

I always say that I believe most comedians have or deal with depression.  How do I know?  Because I have/still do deal with depression.  I was on medicine for years for it.  That always surprises people because they say, "You're always so happy - so bubbly - so outgoing".... making people laugh is a good way to cover how you really feel inside...

... & depression eats you up inside...

I could talk for an hour on that topic.  & things like this brings the pain of depression to light.

I kept seeing posts all over Twitter about "Tell someone" ... "Talk to someone"... people don't get when you are depressed, you don't feel like you CAN talk to someone.  You feel like no one understands.  There is just a void. 

& I imagine that's where Robin Williams was obviously was.

I immediately thought of all the things over the years I have loved watching him in.

I'm a child of the 70's & a teen of the 80's.... I have had Robin Williams in my life for a long time.  I even talked not too long ago how I still have my Mork from Ork transistor radio... Ricky actually uses it around the house.  Who needs an iPod when you have static sounding radio from a spaceship egg?

& I remember as a teen, a movie that I was so excited about.  I even recorded the music on my tape player all the songs from the movie Popeye.  He was the perfect person to bring the character to life.  I saw that one in the theater. 

Ricky & I had our first date going to see a Robin William's movie - Toys ...

& Ricky & I both loved Hook.  Peter Pan grown up?  Every time it's on, we have to watch it....

There were so many movies when you look at his list that I forgot about & was like, "Oh yeah - I love that movie"

One of my favorites was Bicentennial Man where he was a robot who over the years served a family & became more 'human' as the years passed by. 

& the movie, Awakenings ... we saw Robin was amazing at drama.  This movie just tears me up.  But another one I'll watch over & over again.

Some other amazing movies


Patch Adams

The Birdcage

Mrs. Doubtfire

& of course, being a huge Disney fan, the first thing I thought of was Aladdin.... our Genie...

I was hearing stories on the news about how he treated his friends in real life as well.  How when Christopher Reeve had his accident leaving him paralyzed, Robin snuck in dressed in scrubs to go make him laugh.

I think that saddest part for me is just to know that one of our country's funniest people seem to find no hope in his own life...

I saw a tweet last night that made me smile.  It said something like, "If God is gracious & has any sense of humor at all, he'll greet Robin with his face covered & say, HELLLOOOO"

I pray there's peace for him wherever he's at now...
What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?


  1. Robin Williams by far was my favorite actor ( and i'm not just saying that now). He held a special place in my heart because he looks a lot like my father in law and my husband at times! My favorite RW movies are Mrs Doubtfire and RV!

  2. I love that tweet about how God will greet Robin Williams. I hope that is the greeting he got and that he is eternally happy in Heaven now.

    My heart hurts that the world lost him and I pray for peace and strength for his family. I loved Robin Williams so much...I remember in college when I worked for the dorms and had the 3 AM shift, I would watch his stand-up comedy on You Tube and just laugh my butt off the whole time. He brought Genie to life and made me laugh when he tried to balance life in Mrs. Doubtfire. He left this world entirely too soon and will be missed forever.

  3. oh i am so sad about Robin Williams. He was one of the greats, absolutely. my thoughts are with his family and friends right now.

  4. Its a very sad situation, he was a great actor and overall a great person too! Depression is a hidden thing, and you never know by looking at someone what they might really be going through. Which is why it is always important stranger or friend to always give a smile and not let people think they don't matter, because you just never know what someone else might be going through and what a smile or a friend at that time might do for them!
    All of his movies were pretty awesome, but RV is pretty much my all time favorite:)

  5. Oh my goodness I'm crying right now. I totally forgot about Toys. I LOVED Toys. And weirdly enough I was out for lunch with my mom the other day and we were listening to Enya (don't ask) and I remembered there was a song by her from the Toys soundtrack and I had to find it immediately.

    Jumanji is my other favorite movie of his.

    I have heard before about how the funniest comedians deal with terrible depression. So so so sad. :(

  6. I really feel heartbroken over this story. I think it's so sad that someone who seemingly has everything can battle with such a private horror. If nothing else, I hope that this open our eyes to people who struggle with depression. I've been thinking a lot about this movies and I think my favourite is Good Morning Vietnam. In it, he is quintessential Robin Williams, most of it was improve and yet there is a very important message and story line. Such a classic.

  7. It's so very sad. When I saw a tweet about him as a Disney legend, I had to stop and think about what Disney movie he'd been in. Aladdin is like the last one I think of when I think of him, but when you have as wide-ranging a body of work as he had, you could probably put ten people in a room and they'd each come up with a different movie as the most memorable. I think The Birdcage was probably my favorite. The way he and Nathan Lane played off each other was just comic genius. He'll be missed.

  8. For some reason I'm just now seeing your post from today! :/ This is awful news and so hard to believe! He was amazing.
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  9. What a beautiful tribute collection!
    I've never cared much for celeb deaths, but Robin Williams was different. He was just different. I will miss Genie forever.

  10. Ha. I literally chuckled at your last GIF image and quote about God greeting Robin Williams with a cream covered face saying "Hello!" (I even said it in my head how he said it in Mrs. Doubtfire). <3

    Great tribute.


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