Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ups & Downs... a day late...

This isn't Monday?

I'm so confused...

I actually took yesterday off work & I'm all messed up, but since it was a long weekend, we'll add it in the list of UPS & DOWNS...

& take note... there's a lot of (....) which means the follow up is usually following with a beginning (...) You've been warned.

UP // Merge Camp was a success!  Going to camp with 16 teenagers & all of them being returned to parents happy, healthy & exhausted.  Job done.

UP // Being able to teach these kids about Jesus... to be able to sit & have good deep conversations.  I love being an ear for these kids & a mouth with Godly advice....

 Photo: Merge Camp is happening right now! :)

UP //  Weather was fantastic.  It was warm, but it wasn't TOO humid & it never did rain on us when there was thunder & dark clouds all around.

UP // Water gun fights

Photo: Merge Camp is happening right now! :)
Especially when the Middle School side WINS over the Senior High

DOWN // I ended up having to leave the kids Saturday night to take care of Sydney & give her her meds & made sure she ate. I hated leaving... hated that Ricky stayed & I was home by myself....

UP // ... but so thankful for the reason I had to come home.  Sydney is still fighting!

DOWN // lots of car driving.  Going back & forth to camp seemed like forever.  It is about 50 minutes away from my house so it was a lot of time spent in the car.....

UP // .... but the speed limit in one part of the drive was 70mph ... #speedy

DOWN // breakfast with teenagers.  You know what they eat.  That disgusting food I can't even talk about.  So I just sat outside in the rec-room waiting for them to eat.....

UP // ..... but the kids were so sweet offering to bring me 'safe' foods so I would be able to eat something.  How sweet is that?

UP // Zip lining!  I thought this had potential for a DOWN as I'm afraid of heights, but it was great doing something I would normally never do.

Photo: This is how I felt about zip lining at first...scared of heights. But the awesome kids were so encouraging. So glad I did it.
I THOUGHT it would be a down

DOWN // Zip line harnasses while hanging waiting for people to come get you. OUCH.

Beware - Zip lines are LOUD

UP // We give 'awards' at the end of the weekend & one of the kids gave me an award for "Best Laugh"... they all said, "We can hear Rebecca laughing a mile away & know its her"... I'll take that.  Better then "Best Mean Leader"

UP // Going out to lunch after camp for real food....

DOWN //.... stinking like sweat & dirt going out to eat for that lunch

UP // Taking a day off work the day after camp....

DOWN //.... to still get up at 5:30am thanks to my hubs who left EVERY light on in the house before he left.  Not even joking. EVERY LIGHT.

UP // Worked on pictures for about 12 hours....

DOWN // Worked on pictures for about 12 hours...

UP // Bachelor in Paradise was all the stupid TV I thought it would be
So I'm a day behind, but how was your weekend... or your Monday?


  1. As you know, I look forward to this post every week!
    Was there really an award for best mean leader?
    That baby pic is absolutely adorable!
    Yes, we watched bachelor in paradise ( only to see who the head cases and crazies were of course).

  2. PS. Glad that Sydney is hanging in there!

  3. I love these posts! My husband is terrified of heights but he did ziplining a few times with me and it was tolerable for him, I dare even say he had fun! I am so glad Sydney is hanging in there! That bride was stunning and the little baby made me smile so big! Have a great rest of your week...and don't worry about forgetting a day...no one loves Monday's anyways ;)

    1. I say everyone gets Mondays off every week! ... & then we'll all hate Tuesdays :)

  4. OMG that wedding dress is STUNNING!! I love it!

    Ziplining looks like a blast. It for sure is on my bucket list of adrenaline rushes to experience! Glad you had a wonderful time at camp! :0)

    1. Oh my - you should see that bride when she put on her veil... it was one of those long ones. I swear, she looked like something out of a magazine.

  5. hahaha i am the light leave-r on-er at my house.

  6. lol. i watched bach in paradise too. so ridiculous. but i love it!

  7. I LOVE ziplining, so much fun!!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I have zero skills behind a camera so I'm always impressed by amazing photographers like yourself! I watched Bachelor in Paradise today and it was sooo bad but I couldn't stop watching!!

    1. I kept asking myself, why am I watching this? & then the tears happened & the crazy Michelle leaving... I so cant wait for next week :)

  8. oh wow that baby picture is amazing. He's so cute and little. Camp sounds like a huge success so I hope you're patting yourself on the back for a job well done. I love zip lining. We've done it a few times and I'm an addict


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