Wednesday, August 27, 2014

P90X ... 2 days in...

So... yeah... I'm getting closer to calling the doctor about my knee.

It's just ticking me off at this point.

Saturday, it just started aching out of no where to the point that I said, "Oh my knee" about 389 times... in a few hours...

So I've stopped the running... again...

Isn't that sentence on repeat?

But Monday, I thought, what can I do to work out?

... & I pulled out my box... my P90X box.

I mentioned before that my hubs said that with my shoulder injury (God, I sound like I'm falling apart... which I kinda am...) I wouldn't be able to do it.  Well, tell me I can't do something & I'll try it anyways.

I looked at the plan & saw there were different ones.  There is a "Lean" program that the focus isn't mainly on the muscle & bulk... but trimming down - focusing a lot more on calorie burn.  This is me.

I put in the first disc on Monday & guess what, I really liked it.

It was the core Synergy-somethingorother  & I was able to do it. I think maybe one or two moves I kinda alternated, but I did it... & really LOVED it.

Last night, it was the Cardio disc.  Guess what - LOVED IT AGAIN! I love it had yoga, then Kempo, & with me having my black belt, I love anything kick boxing or martial art & then some more moves that focused on core again.

I only had to substitute a few moves that involved some weird push ups...

But I think I'm going to like this...

Like I told a friend on Instagram last night - I'm on day 2... check with me in week 2 & see if I still feel the same.

Especially because tonight calls for shoulders & arms... my shoulder injury just moaned at me.

Here we go again onto a new plan...


  1. I am so glad you found a strength workout you enjoy!! I hope it continues to be just as awesome as now! :0)

  2. Look at you having a black belt! Go girl! I halfway did P90X when I was much more in shape and shew! Those wall squats killllll!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. Oh mercy - I haven't had to do wall squats yet... I'm afraid.

  3. i hope you keep enjoying it, be careful! and go to the doctor about your knee!

  4. I think its awesome your doing this, but ya alter it so everything your doing doesn't bother that knee!
    I'm also thinking yeah, make that call to the Dr. not just a regular Dr. get an appointment with a knee specialist scheduled, sometimes it takes a while if not months to get into them. If miraculously your knee starts feeling better before your appointment comes around you can always cancel, but if not and you need it at least you can get in and see the right person first and they can figure out what is wrong.
    Maybe it's just something that a simple cortizone shot could heal??? Hopefully its something like that and you could be pain free and back to doing things you love in a week after a shot??

  5. Im sorry your knee is bothering you but its good you are switching up your routine to give it a rest, but you have to see a Dr!! I am a big Beachbody fan but didn't love P90x, maybe I should go back to it and try it again. I LOVED Insanity, T25 and I'm really liking PiYo!

    1. I love T25 as well... still kinda out on PiYo...


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