Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well this just isn't starting off good at all....

So I had to go & open my mouth...

I had to go & say I wanted accountability...

& then my weight day came Tuesday.

I actually was supposed to post this yesterday but I was like, NO, I don't want to start this on a bad note.

But then I remembered the whole point IS for accountability... & I'm real.. a real person... with real struggles... & I know there are other people who have real issues & can relate, so I said today, screw it.. I'll post it.

My first weigh-in day... & I have a 2 lb gain.

101614 weight

Seriously?  This bites.

Now the accountability part.  I guess I have been eating a bit more after dinner then I should.

& I didn't get to eat well at all during the wedding Saturday.  Wedding days are usually just grab & go & eat if you can at all.  Which I would think would cause me to loose weight since I'm not eating & walking like 20,000 steps in a day.   But I can attest, my body ain't normal... its like opposite world... I think it throws my body off if I don't eat & do all that moving.

So the plan this week... watch the after dinner eating...

& I really want to incorporate walking with my P90X3 ... I want to get my body used to miles because I want to start running again in January 2015...

So bam... I gained weight this week... embarrassing... not shocking...

Here's to next week!


  1. A couple of things (not that I am an expert but what has worked for me): You are doing P90X without much running. Some people like me need the cardio to lose weight. Second, those 2 lbs. may be muscle... numbers are so trickie, so something to think about. And the not eating well at the wedding: that would slow down your metabolism even if you are walking because the body has to conserve energy, so it will have the opposite effect from losing weight. There is nothing embarrassing about this. Everyone's bodies respond differently. Give yourself some credit for the hard work you've been putting in.

  2. This is all about keeping it real and you are doing a great job and should be commended for that! I am not an expert either but instead of tracking it by pounds, maybe you should go by inches lost. You seem to be doing a lot of the strength training and exercising so maybe the extra pounds is your body becoming tone? Regardless, I think you are absolutely fabulous!

  3. Dont be embarrassed. If you are able to, pack a few quick easy nibbles for wedding days. Its amazing how quickly the body can go into starvation mode and hold onto everything we put in our mouths if we aren't properly fueling our systems. You're working too hard for that to happen.

  4. after dinner eating bites me in the bum so bad - or rather adds stuff to my bum. sigh. i gained this week as well, stupid stupid.

  5. I don't want to sound like a jerk fitness person with loads of money, but have you considered getting your resting metabolic rate tested? It's NOT cheap. One reason why I haven't done it yet but want to. It can give you a very accurate measure of how many calories your body burns at rest and during various activities and would likely help you understand why your numbers don't add up. You already know 3500 calories equals a pound so if you workout hard and burn 500 cals one day, you can't eat or drink that back. Some people have higher metabolic rates so they can burn 500 in a workout, eat 200 of them back and still lose weight because at rest they're still burning more calories than others. It's not something I do but I know someone who does the testing if you want his info. Don't get discouraged and don't ever be embarrassed of your progress, especially when it feels like there's no progress. At some point you probably weren't able to do the workouts you're doing now. Hang in there!

  6. Not eating at weddings would definitely slow your metabolism and put your body in starvation mode. That makes your body want to keep weight on instead. It sucks really, but that's why we're supposed to eat steady meals. I'm horrible at that though, so losing weight is always tricky for me. Good luck!

  7. Girl, don't even sweat it! We all have bad weeks! Like me, this week! Eeek!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  8. I had a bad eat week. I had two pieces of cake and cookies yesterday after I swore to myself I was going to eat better yesterday. Why can't I resist that stuff? Don't be too hard on yourself, you sound motivated and are going to rock this :)

  9. good for you for keeping it real! i am not looking at a scale until after my bday. and then it will be real. ugh! but until then, i am celebrating!


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