Monday, October 6, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at the weekend & how it rolled

DOWN // I kicked off my weekend with an ear infection. So bad that my jaw hurt to even chew food.  I was going to go to the little clinic in our grocery store but I had 10 minutes before they closed & it takes 15 minutes to get there.  My amazing hubby got me some holistic ear drops that did ease up the intense pain. 

DOWN // because the pain was so bad, I couldn't even think of working out Friday.

UP // I needed heat.  Heat was helping the pain in my ear so I stopped & got a chai tea with pumpkin.  Y'all know I love my Peach Green Tea Lemonade - this is the next best thing. The best thing for fall - for sure!

UP // I got my Starbucks drink with a gift card a sweet blog friend sent me after loosing Sydney.  I still get emotional at the thoughtfulness of blog friends.

UP // Laying with my head down all night, we watched Divergent.  I am now determined to start reading the series this week. I'm about 60% done with the book I'm in now so I'm not putting it off any longer. I want to read all the series straight though. Gotta know what happens. 

UP // I had my G-boys in our house this weekend.  They made the trek up from Nashville... missed their sweet little faces so much.

DOWN // poor Ricky.  He's really messed up his knee at work & can't walk without crutches. 

UP // Laughing at Harvey Dent be the protector of the baby G-boy.  Harvey would lay & growl at his dad when he would come around the baby. He wouldn't growl at anyone else - just him.  Must be a man thing.  & Harvey knew better then to grown at Ricky.

DOWN // Harvey kept looking for the baby all last night & was so pouty this morning... poor thing needs a friend.

UP // baby snuggles

UP // sneak kisses that I have to attack a 4 yr old & 7 yr old for...

UP // I was in charge of the youth ministry Sunday because the staff was out of town for a conference.  Everything went well.  You always hope the place doesn't blow up on your watch.

UP // Tried Pumpkin Spice creamer for the first time. I have never bought it because 'ingredients'... ever read 'em?  Yikes!  But I thought, if 2 tsps. of this a day is going to kill me, I don't have a chance. So I got it... even tried it in my green tea. Yum!

DOWN // Ebola ... everything ebola... my step daughter is a scientist & knows people that actually work with this stuff. She's not freaked out at all.  She still didn't ease my worry.

UP // Finished my favorite cowl I did on my knit loom.  The yarn is made by Isaac Mizrahi... & I look & see that he liked my picture!!!  I feel like I had a brush with fame.

I so love this cowl!!!

UP/DOWN // I now want to go get every color of this yarn they have.  Its wonderful. My bank account may not like it...

UP // it really felt like Fall. Our low got down to 31 degrees Sunday morning!   I wore a scarf & sweater... & yes, still wore my flip flops.  I seriously will probably wear them until snow happens.

uh oh... maybe I can knit these & wear flip flops all year round
... classy...
(please know I'm kidding)

DOWN // With family in, I didn't get to work out at all Saturday or Sunday either... dang... this is a big fat FAIL

DOWN // My ears are still hurting at the end of the weekend

DOWN // I have the most stress filled week ahead of me.  Birthdays, meetings, appointments, WEDDINGS with a chance of rain.  Dear Lord... get me through the week

This will be me all week long....

How was your weekend?
Is your week looking tough?


  1. Sorry to hear about Ricky and your ear infection. :( Ouch. Here is praying you guys get a break soon!

    Ebola-- yeah, I am freaking out deep down about this mostly because it does not feel like the CDC and government have a handle on it. There seems to be no sense of urgency.

  2. As long as your not planning a trip to Africa you'll be fine! The only thing I wish is our government would put everyone coming back from Africa into a 21 holding cell, or containment center. I figure if they are going there, they should forgo their rights to come right back into their life here, until the 21 period that makes it final that they don't have it. Seems like a no brainer to me.... But then the government and people seem to always go against common sense these days. Either way, I don't think it's anything we have to worry about here and hopefully not ever!

    Sorry about your bad ear infection, hopefully the meds are giving you a good relief on that now!

    You'll love the Divergent series, I won't ruin the ending but in all Dystopian type YA novels I have read, Alliegent was one of my favorite endings in a trilogy series! It really is a fast read series because it's that good:)

  3. Sorry to hear about your ear, infections are no fun! Hope that heals up soon. I waver on buying those creamers too, usually I just use milk in my coffee but everynow and then I break down and buy some yummy stuff even if it isn't the best thing in the world for me. it's no fun to be perfect all the time anyway right? :)

    the ebola thing is a little scary and maybe they shouldbe rethinking travel rules or something.

  4. Glad to hear you had a fun time with your grandbabies this weekend!

    I watched Divergent a few weeks ago...pretty good movie but have a feeling the book is gonna be way better! I want to read it as well!

    Isn't that pumpkin creamer amazing?! I can't get enough of it!

  5. Ouchie! Sorry about your ear! That is painful! I'm refusing to read anything about ebola. I can't even deal. I don't want to freak out so I'm ignoring it. I can't tell you enough how much I love your cowl. (Isn't that word so funny haha) It's perfect and you did such a great job!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  6. Post your thoughts on Divergent when you finish the books. I'll save my thoughts until then. I haven't seen the movie yet. Waiting for cable or Netflix. The Ebola thing has been whipped up way out of proportion by the press. Remember the first guy who had it in the US was cured and went back home. We're not a developing nation, and the rare cases can be dealt with. Of the things in life to worry about, Ebola is up there with an invasion of Klingons.

  7. You'll have to let me know what you think of the Divergent series after you finish the last book. I don't want to sway your opinion by telling you mine yet! I hope your ear gets better soon!!

  8. oh no!!! hope you are feeling better!! hugs. ear infections are the worst!

  9. Ear infections are terrible, I hope you are feeling better soon! I am sorry Ricky hurt his knee too! :( I am glad you are reading the Divergent series, I really liked it, even if the 3rd book got a lot of backlash! And your scarf is amazing, I wish I knew how to make them, I am so artistically/craft deficient!

  10. Sorry to hear about your ear infection! Being sick is really no fun especially when you want to exercise but can't :( My cold hasn't developed into an infection yet but my ambition to get up this morning and workout was not there...hopefully later!

  11. Oh goodness I hope you feel better soon. ( I kind of like those flip flop socks...haha).

    Your cowl looks great as does your hair!


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