Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In a food rut...

I am so sick of choosing what to have to eat lately... a total food rut.

Dinner time is usually OK.  I have the staples that I can go back on & I also subscribe to the Happy Herbivore meal plans where I get a week laid out for me.  I don't ever do the full week & am good if I take 1 or 2 recipes every few weeks & use them... but its there if I need them.

Lunch & Breakfast are a different story.

I'm sick of them.

They make me want to pull my hair out.

I'm tired of the same thing every day.

Breakfast is usually an egg sandwich ONLY on days where I have time to make it ... which is kinda rare lately, but more then usual, its cottage cheese or yogurt.  I was on a kick there for awhile of having apples & peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla. That is really my favorite, but I'm trying to cut back on any sort of nut butter for breakfast because I hate spending all my calories before the sun even comes up. 

I mean who can really just have 2 tsp of peanut butter & feel like that's enough?

& then lunch...

Someone put me out of my misery.

I usually switch between Subway, Jimmy Johns & every now & then if I have to run to a craft store for yarn, I'll get a veggie sandwich at Burger King.  Every day you can guarantee that's my lunch.

My hubs, its even worse. He has Subway every day.  Every.Day.

It's hard to eat healthy out.  It's not easy for me to make lunch & bring with me... something easy.  Something that doesn't get soggy in the frig or something that actually fills me up.

These people that say they take a piece of string cheese & an apple?  Get out of my life people.  I need to feel like I'm not ready to pass out by 4pm

I really like to make sure I eat nice for lunch too because I work out as soon as I get off work

But its all just making me want to kick a hole in my office wall.

What do you all eat? ... & please remember not to even mention the 'c' word for breakfast or I'll puke... if you don't know what I'm talking about, then just avoid any talk of anything that starts with a 'c' & you're safe.  (Hint: its also what 99% of the people in the world eat for breakfast, but shouldn't - its full of sugar... & stinks... & has me gagging thinking about it right now)

Do you get in food ruts?

I need help... nothing sounds good...
& I think Ricky & I are going to get the Subway people a Christmas gift since we see them more then our family....


  1. OMG this is so funny cus we eat at Subway a LOT over the summer. I am sad the orchard chicken salad and Applewood pork are gone! I know you are a veggie but Ricky will know what I mean. My go to meals are always home made fajitas and in the winter 3 bean chili. Both can be made veggie dishes and can be taken to work. Oh, and since it's fall, I like different flavored oatmeals for breakfast.

  2. Girl you are preaching to the choir! I get in food ruts a lot but I am not very creative for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast I usually have toast or oatmeal and lunch is either eggs or a sandwich. I love PB but 2 tbsp is definitely not gonna fill me up til my next meal either lol!

  3. Okay I have no idea what "c" word you're talking about and it's driving me crazy!! Hmmm do you like quinoa? I make pesto quinoa burgers that are good and easy to just heat up in the microwave real quick! Aaaand a light bulb just went off in my head, I now know what the "c" word is haha I don't eat that stuff either! My breakfast is normally a banana and a Larabar just because it's fast and easy for me to eat when I'm running out the door. I also like to make wraps with hummus and mixed veggies. I make mine in the morning and keep it in my backpack for 4 hours while I'm in class and it's still good at lunch time!

    1. I need to use hummus more in my life... good idea!
      Glad you figured out the "C" word... its disgusting... lets not talk about it :)

  4. I pretty much eat the same things all the time. None of it's fun. My sister says I hate eating because I never eat anything good. I do have an article about creating a "junk food budget" which might interest you. It's not about recipes or anything like that but it's a pretty neat concept :)

  5. I usually try to make enough for supper that I have leftovers to take for lunch the next day. Breakfast is nothing exciting here I like eggs or yogurt with granola. and I agree an apple and string cheese is afternoon snack material not lunch!

    1. I don't know how people do that & survive the rest of the day

  6. "just eat a handful of nuts"--um. no. that's an appetizer, hehe! i can't do the apple and cheese as a meal either!

  7. I usually stick to the basics when it comes to breakfast: yogurt, fruit and oatmeal. When I'm feeling fancy, I'll make a baked oatmeal or wait for it...crockpot oatmeal. Omelette muffins are easy to make in advance and reheat well.

  8. i am so in a food rut its not even funny. last night (and lunch today) all i ate were ritz crackers. i just cant be bothered. i think its the change of the seasons, im sick of summer food but not quite ready for winter food.

  9. I cannot figure out the c word! Do tell!
    Do you like smoothies? I love having that for breakfast! And I can't help ya with lunch, I'm in a total run there too!

  10. I totally get in a food rut once in a while. That's usually when Pinterest becomes my best friend. And I'm the worst, I eat the same thing for breakfast for like six months at a time. I used to eat oatmeal and now I have peanut butter honey and toast every day. Every single day. I'm sure you'll figure out what works for you at lunches. It does suck when you underestimate how much food to pack and end up being starving all day long

  11. Want to know my trick that has been helping me. I eat lots of cereal, and I find the ones that have the least amount of calories and allow me to have the highest serving.
    For instance Captain Crunch lets me have a good half bowl, and lets me get my sugar fix and still stay below my calories for a meal. Life Ceral and Mini Wheats also have a really high serving amount for the low calories, always keeping me below my goals.
    I actually eat cereal for breakfast and lunch somedays!
    Also, Salsa it's super healthy and very low calorie. In fact somedays I will just spoon feed myself a whole bowl of it, and its under 100 calories and I feel satisfied and full after.
    But like you, when it comes to other meals its hard, and I have to get tricky, but I really never deprive, if I want pizza I have pizza same with a pepsi, haha. Good luck!


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