Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've decided I don't like my Brooks....

OK, I know age is creeping up on me, which brings more aches & pains but lately, my feet are just aggravating me.

It's nothing new - not a new injury - something that just flares up every now & then. It involves those little bones on top of your foot.  They hurt so bad.  It almost makes my foot feel like I can't bend it because those bones are just so stiff & achy...

This is exactly where my foot hurts
... & dear Lord, please know this is not my hairy foot...

I went to a podiatrist about them years ago & he said I have a small area in between my bones on my feet that allows the bones to slide & get sort of out of alignment. There's a name for it... I call it pain in my butt...

He even told me, I bet if you have a sibling, they have the same issue.  I asked my brother the next time I saw him if he has issues with his foot like that... & yep... exactly the same. How weird is that?!?!?!

When I'm on my feet a lot, like after a wedding, I REALLY can't bend my foot with the pain.  It's quite aggravating.

So last night, it was what you want for every day weather.  Beautiful grey clouds where the sun peeks through, beautiful fall colors, but still 69 degrees...

I couldn't make myself do P90X... I had to get out in the air...

I choked up my knee in the world's tightest knee brace & set out to do a 5k. I didn't care how long it took me, I didn't care if I crawled - I was going to finish 3.1 miles.  It's been too long since I've done it.

I knew if I ran, I would aggravate my knee & my back & thought, I'm just going to walk it... & it was so beautiful, I didn't care if it took me all night long...

I so enjoyed being out on the road, breathing in fresh air, getting my heart pumping...


... but my dang foot...

Always something...

But I've noticed that ever since I've been using my Brooks, I've been having even more issues.  With everything really.

My knee... my back... & now my feet.

I got fitted for these shoes, but I always say I don't understand how some young kid can fit someone when they see you run for 10 feet.  I mean, of course you can have great form for 10  feet...

Talk to me when my knee & back are aching & I'm running all limp sided & hunchback like...

But since wearing these shoes, I've also been getting blisters so I know they are doing something to my feet.

On a side note - DO NOT GOOGLE anything with the words "hurt foot"... Goodness... there are some disgusting feet out there...

But Ricky needs a new pair of shoes as well, so I think I'm heading back to the store & wanting a new pair myself.  I'm not even sure I'll go with Brooks.  Maybe back to my old stomping grounds (pun intended?) of Saucony's... maybe another brand?

I just know these ain't working for me...
Do you have feet pain?
What's your favorite brand of shoes?


  1. Do you just write these posts because you know I can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to topics like this? I'm sure you're a good little customer but when you go for shoes, re-read this post or go for a run/walk the day before or even the day of so you can tell them exactly what issues you're having with the current shoes. Also, shoe shopping is best at the end of the day or at least after you've been on your feet for a while so they've got some natural inflammation that will occur while you're in the shoes. Some shoes don't rub until you've been in them for a while. Sounds like you might need a deeper shoe to accommodate the top of your foot so the shoe isn't tied too tight. I have a big scar on top of my left foot so I have to wear a deeper shoe and lace the left one differently than the right. You should get like a 30 day return policy so try to take them out as much as you can after you get them (even if you're just wearing them around to do errands) to see how they really feel. Different brands are shaped differently because each company builds their shoe forms around their own model of a "basic foot". That's why some brands just fit people better. I personally love Saucony and Mizuno though I've worn a ton of brands. Right now I have a Saucony Mirage, New Balance 980 and Mizuno Inspire in rotation. New Balance, Adidas and Asics sometimes run on the narrow side, Brooks has the wider front, Nikes also tend to be wider but can also be shorter. Shoes are complicated, don't feel bad.

    ....aaaaand I'm a nerd. Good luck!

  2. I love my Saucony's (can't pronounce them but I love them!)

    I saw something on Pinterest that showed different ways to tie running shoes, based on different issues runners have. You might look for that and see if tying your shoes differently will feel better.

  3. I love my brooks, and I was fitted for them (by a grown man, I wouldn't trust a kid..) and I had a 30 day return policy as well, which was awesome. The first pair of shoes I got, I wore like 3 times and returned, no issues. My very first pair of running shoes, i just picked the cheapest ones and they worked well for 3 years (I know, way longer than they 'should'). Honestly, when I start to focus too much on what I should do and how I should be doing this or that, running gets harder. I read something about how you land, so I tried to focus on my landing and I kept getting injury after injury so I said eff it, I'm just going to run how I'm comfortable, rarely get injuries anymore. Not saying your injury is caused by anything like that but just that sometimes... the 'experts' don't know anything.

  4. I was plagued by foot pai for many years and believe it or not the one thing that helped me a lot was going to a minimalistic shoe with a low drop. Don't know the exact science behind it but it made me change my footstrike and it felt more natural. I hope you find a solution because foot pains hurt like a mother@#$%! lol And thank you for clarifying about the hairy foot-- although it was not necessary...lol I actually went to a store where they first let me try the shoe on a treadmill and then they actually let me have a short run outside in them. It was crazy but I knew I had the right shoe.

  5. I saw that pic and was like no way could that be her foot, no way!! I was relieved. ;)
    My fave shoes are Brooks! I have gone through a lot of different brands though. Lots of times I'll buy a pair, take them home and try them out, and then return them because they just aren't right. I hope you can find some that work!

  6. The foot picture had me literally laughing out loud. Phew! Stranger's foot. Haha!

    I know about as much about running shoes as I do running but Susie at suzlyfe.com just switched from Brooks to Newtons because of foot/leg issues.

  7. I hope you got a chance to take a look at the Shoe advisor on my post today. Even if you don't plan on buying Mizuno's it is a good basis to figuring out what type a shoe you might need.

    Before I started really running I LOVED Saucony's and would buy those years after year, but funny how I can't find a Saucony running shoe that feels right.

    And PS. Make sure you get fitted at an actual running store, not Dick's sporting goods or another big box store!

  8. I think you may have hit the trouble right on the nail. It's possible all your injuries you have been having are from wearing the wrong shoes. It's amazing what the wrong pair can do to you!
    I agree with the earlier comment, take all your problems and issues with you (write them down if needed) to talk to the running shoe specialist. Definitely visit the store in the afternoon or evening so you can make sure you'll get the right size.
    Oddly, I am running a post this Thursday on Mizuno's, which I have found for years to be a great brand. I've been running in them for years, and before that I was in Saucony (although Saucony and I broke away from each other 3 years ago, as they no longer make one that fits right for me anymore.) I am super picky about running shoes. But there are so many things that need to be considered before buying a pair. If your unsure, make sure you visit a running specialty store, they will steer you in the right direction (have them do a runner analysis, they are free), plus you an always return/exchange them if the ones you pick don't work out, and save ya $$ while your finding the right shoe. Good luck!!!!

  9. I have a friend who is totally into Brooks. I'm not so sure and am glad I read what you wrote....I have been wearing a pair of Addidas that seem great - got them on sale at Kohl's - and once a week I do a very long mall walk with a friend (7 miles) on the hard floor and my feet seem to be holding up ok

  10. oh my i thought that was your foot when it popped up on google plus! hehe glad that's not the case! but sorry to hear you are having foot issues. i hope you find some that work for you.


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