Monday, October 13, 2014

Ups & Down....

Where we look at how the weekend went
DOWN // My ears are STILL hurting... 1 week... when will this end?

DOWN // Went to a wedding rehearsal only to find out they were eating first... & I have a nursing mom with me. We couldn't hang around for a few hours... so much for seeing how the wedding was going to go.

UP // All weddings are usually the same anyways so no sweat.

UP // Got all my gear ready to go Friday night so no rushing around gathering it all up Saturday morning.

DOWN //... I still ended up rushing around

Me ... EVERY morning of a wedding

DOWN // I didn't plan ahead on breakfast. I had nothing in the house to eat before I left.  That's not good because I'm on my feet for about 12 hours & have no time to stop & eat throughout the day... I need a good start.  I did not get it.

UP // I had the sweetest, most excited bride.  She never one time complained about one thing.

UP // Rain held off... the biggest scare of a wedding photographer.

UP // I couldn't have asked for a smoother day for this awesome couple, their family & the bridal party.

So Happy!

UP // I love when the groomsmen are so relaxed & good in front of the camera.  When they are about having fun & having a good time, it shines through 100-fold in their pictures.  It makes the groom so much more relaxed too.

UP // I love a bride that has tattoos

DOWN // I really was steaming at the rudeness of the video guy at the wedding.  I have NEVER experienced rude people working at wedding... until now... I don't know if he does it professionally or if its a family friend who did it for them.  Regardless, he was rude in a suit.

UP // I was home by 7:30 on wedding day.  I sometimes don't get home until after 11 - but an early wedding means an early exit time.


UP // I was able to start uploading pics on Saturday night...

UP // & I was in bed by 10:00... exhausted

DOWN // I get so freaking WORN OUT after a wedding. I can't even explain.  I know how dehydration effects a body... solely because of weddings.

UP // I slept in on Sunday.  We missed church (not youth) & Ricky let me just try & recover. 

UP // I ended up knitting a baby hat before church... I made 3 baby hats all weekend.  Getting ready for my cousin's new baby.

UP // Got all my chores done I needed to go on Sunday after church.

UP // Fried Pickles

DOWN // Fried Pickles

UP // Editing begins on pictures!!!

DOWN // Bicep Tendon starts hurting from the get-go... editing & on the compuer all day is tough on me.

UP // WALKING DEAD BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOWN // I literally got nauseated in the first 10 minutes of the show... there's a reason I don't eat meat. I don't need to see throats slit to bleed out.

DOWN // I couldn't go to sleep... what the hey?  I guess all the coffee on Sunday to get me through the day to recover from the wedding caught up with me.

... & now, I'm on a Monday with 4 hours sleep... Dear Lord...

How was your weekend?


  1. That's awesome the wedding went so smoothly! I seriously hope my wedding photographer ends up saying the same thing about me on the big day haha

  2. I haven't seen the new Walking Dead episode yet, but I've been watching True Blood so hopefully I am prepared for the blood and guts :/ ugh. I hope this season is good *crossing my fingers and toes.*

  3. Ugh thanks for describing the first 10 minutes of walking dead.. i did not need to read that lol.
    thats good about the wedding going so well, lame about the video douche. i ran on saturday afternoon and i saw some wedding photos going on and i thought it might have been you but it wasnt (like there's only one wedding going on in KY that day lol). it rained on my run, so thats good about not raining for the wedding!

  4. Yay or wedding that go smoothly! I hope we get a peek at some of these lovely photos of yours. One of the best wedding pictures I've seen was actually taken in the rain. The couple was under a big black umbrella and it just looked so classic! _M

  5. I love the Walking Dead, yeah it was a little more gross than normal, but overall it was one of the best episodes since the first season, I love when they keep it so action packed and less boring storyline drama:)
    Sorry about the rude guy at the wedding. I am with you, most are really nice, but it strikes me as so strange when I do run into a rude vendor at a wedding, makes no sense:)

  6. Yes! So excited to have Walking Dead back on tv. Having an awesome photographer helps people to realize and have fun photos sessions. ;)

  7. I'm always rushing when I have somewhere important to be, never fails!! Walking Dead- love it!! I thought I was going to have to boycott it though with the baby part. Can't mess with babies, I can't deal! Hope your ear feels better soon!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins


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