Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday: inches matter

First, you all are the best.

I mentioned where I debated posting my first week of shame in weighing in... & the 2 lb gain... & you all were so supportive in reminding me its not the end of the world... & being real is what's important here.

& I appreciate some of your thoughts on focusing more on the inches & not the scale...

I really need to do that...

I have never been a 'measuring' person. Heck, I have trouble even measuring things for cooking.  Don't get me started on how many ounces are in a cup... my brain explodes...

& the only thing my measuring tape has ever been used on is my knitting to determine if my hats are long enough...

But I need to start focusing on that more.

I told a blog buddy that I can tell a difference in my legs doing the P90X3 - when I do certain moves on the floor, I can actually see my quads popping out more & my inner thighs not touch... as much... oh yeah, they still touch... but the gap is getting smaller.

& yet, the scale is still up there.

So inches matter... & I need to give them the credit of mattering.

My point, I need to get a good journal, a good measuring tape & mark this as well.  I may include that in a monthly Wednesday Weigh-In...

Until then, there's this week's weigh in...

Let me tell you, I was just expecting the worse.  Seriously.

Truth alert:  I didn't really watch my food much this week & I probably was the laziest I have ever been. I didn't work out one time on Friday, Saturday nor Sunday.  I see that blank spot on my work out journal & I'm berating myself for it... so I was expecting another plus sign...

but here we go...

10.21.14 Weigh in

Down a half pound.

Let me tell you, after the week I had, & what I was expecting, this was a miracle to me.

I'll take it... even though my goal number is still negative from where I started... but I'm not going to be negative-nelly on this... I'm going to be thankful for any loss I can get.

How has your week been going in working out?
Do you measure or weigh?


  1. Congrats!!! Good On You!! 40lbs lost is awesome and I look forward to seeing how much you have lost by New Years. Keep pounding water and enjoy the meals. You Can Do It And You Are Awesome!! Cheers

  2. every bit counts girl. i am really bad at measuring, but i do try and focus on how my clothes fit, like certain items that i can't get up over my booty - i know its time to run more, lol

  3. I actually dn't do either. Instead I go by how my clothes fit. I know it's crazy but counting numbers and measuring was too nerver racking for me. When you have this puerto rican booty, none of the rules apply lol

  4. I tend to go by my clothes. I don't like or trust the scale, and I have a lot of difficulty with the tape measure in terms of making sure it's in the same place each time. Clothes tend to not change.

  5. I think that is awesome! It's a great start and I like your idea about measuring the inches. I have found that when I do that, even on the weeks I don't see any weightloss difference, the measuring tape tales a different tale:)

  6. I go by how my clothes fit, although when I am doing a lot of legwork I grow out of some of my jeans in the quad area, which I find annoying and awesome at the same time. People are always surprised when I tell them how much I weigh. I love that you are seeing progress in your quads, keep up all the hard week, it will keep coming! (high five)

  7. Yay!!! Half a pound is still a loss!! And you are so right about inches mattering!! Really how we feel and physical changes matter more than that pesky number on the scale, it's tricky sometimes! I'm not a real big measurer (is that a word?) either. I'm lazy. P.S. I like how you set up your weigh in results!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins


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