Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Numbers....A goal


I work with them all day long doing accounting.

I look at them through my camera figuring out aperture & shutter speeds.

I add & subtract from my check book & balance them to a statement every month.

I count them off every year as I gain another number onto my age.

& I see the number on a scale that doesn't seem to budge.

Numbers are useful... but numbers can be stupid.

Pssh Stupid

They can make me in a better mood & encourage me... they can also put me in the worst mood you would ever want someone to be in.

But numbers are needed to be kept in check.

If a number gets off in accounting, I have to see where the problem is.
If a number is off in photography, it can ruin a whole picture.
If a number is off in my check book, I could have people calling about funds I owe.
If a number is off on my age, its only because I'm lying...

& that number on the scale... it's never off...

I mean, it's off to what I want it to be... but it tells the truth.

& the truth is ugly sometimes.

I took off weighing in last week due to all the sadness & grief & not giving a rat's patooty about what I ate... but this week, I got on the scale... & it was what I expected.

I gained 1.5 lbs from 2 weeks before.

Not as bad as I thought... but a gain nonetheless.

A gain that keeps coming.

Those numbers again. 

Since the age goes up, the scale goes up.  It's a dirty game life has sometimes.

But looking at that number today, I realized that I found my number I want to set as a goal.  What I want to get to. 

I won't get into details because I'm not that girl who proudly & boldly says what they weight & doesn't let it bother them.

I'm the one who hides the scale from my husband & is embarrassed for him to find out what my weight is.

But I can say, I want to loose 40 lbs.... bam!  There's my new number.

I will do a weekly weigh in... keep myself accountable some way here.  Attest to why it went up or why it went down...(please Lord)....


This may bite me in my butt.

If I gain next week. that means my goal may go up to 41, 42, 43 lbs... oh geez...

So hopefully, I just have 40....

I'm not even setting a certain time - like the end of the year - though that would be nice...

I just want 40 lbs gone...

to start... we'll change that number once I get there...

goals are good to have.


  1. you can do it girl :) its good to have a goal, and 40lbs is no joke but i have all the faith in your hard working self :)

  2. you got this!! i'm in the struggle with ya!

  3. Sounds like you've got a great goal. You can do this!!

  4. Although numbers certainly don't measure everything, they are still part of weight loss! You can do this Rebecca! I'm on a numbers goal too...want to lose 7-10 lbs (injury weight gain, ugh) and I know we can do it!!

    1. I've been injured for years... so imagine what my injury weight gain is... yikes :( YES WE CAN!!!! :)

  5. I am sorry some of your numbers are going up, but I do love your humor! You have a great support system and I am rooting for you! You can do this!

  6. You can do this! If it helps, I am on a bit of a goal myself to drop another 50 pounds. Maybe we can help keep each other motivated as we work on our goals!

  7. I've always been the type of girl to keep your number a secret also! Can't tell that dirty number, it's a secret! You can do this girl!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  8. You got it! You got it! You got it! I'll post my weight on social media before I tell my husband directly. If he wants to know, he's going to have to look for it!


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