Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Year Later... & what have I learned...

that fun little app... Time Hop...

When I got my new phone 2 months ago, I was so excited because I could actually use it.  Just showing you how old my other phone was because it wouldn't work with my last one.  #vintage

& I look at my Time Hop within the first hour I'm awake.

Memories... they're fun...

& what do I see today? 

Media preview

One year ago today, I started this little baby... Press On & Run came to life.

I can't believe its been a year...

I thought about what I've learned since starting a 'fitness blog' - I put those in quotes because I use 'fitness' very very loosely when I talk about myself.

I learned I'm basically exactly the same with the exact same troubles.

Right under that picture of my blog, I had a picture of my knee with ice on it.

yep... I'm in the same place...


I'm still struggling with food & overeating
I'm still fighting injuries
I'm still beating myself up every time I get on the scale
I'm still going against aging
I'm still trying to find healthy ways of living

I'm still me... another year older

I've also learned in this past year a few things...
there are some awesome blog friends out there that inspire me.  I find myself looking at other Fitness Blogs (no quotes for you awesome peeps) & relate to situations you are in, or learn from life experiences that you all go through.   I've found amazing crafty things to try - I've learned which products I need to get & ones I need to stay away from. 

Mostly, I found support.

People that take time to read what I have to say, laugh with me, cry with me, understand my frustrations over things... & you take even more time to leave words of encouragement or of friendship just to say that you were here...

To me - that's priceless...

That makes me want to do this thing another year...


  1. The most important thing I think you forgot to add is that you haven't gone backwards. Maybe you're not as far ahead as you want to be but notice that you didn't slip down the rabbit hole and just give up.

  2. You may be the same you with the same issues, but look at what you gained? I would guess that you have an amazing friend base due to blogging, no?

  3. Girl, I'm still fighting the same issues I've been fighting since I was 11. Doesn't mean we aren't making progress - every day we make the right decision is a step away from where we started.
    Happy blogiversary!

  4. You're doing great! I agree with the other comments that you haven't gone backwards. You're not sitting on the sofa doing nothing. You're doing more than the majority of the American population so keep it up!

    I think I started following you around this time but from your other blog (a Christian knitter blog? cool! and she runs?? awesome!) so thank you for inspiring me with your words, your motivation, your willingness to put everything out there for us to share with you. :)

  5. congrats on your first blogiversary. be prod of what you've accomplished and that we are supporting you!


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