Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five: Fuel

Friday Five:  Fuel

The talk is about food?  OH yeah... what fuels me for workouts & runs...
I'm going to go through a usual full food experience in my world.

1. Pasta

I'm all about carbs.  I used to be a a pasta-junky when I was on the low-food fad thing. But now I understand the whole carb thing, I don't eat it as often.  But the night before a race?  I'm all about pasta.  I really do believe in the glucose thing & it really helps me to store it up the night before.

I'll sign up for races just so I can gorge on pasta!

2.  Eggs

My normal routine for a race day is always eggs on toast, with cheese & the topper, Sriracha sauce.  I am usually not a spicy person but I love that sauce on it.  Just enough burn in my mouth to get the burn going on the road.

3. Lara Bars

I'm someone who gels make me sick. Not during the race.  They actually work great during the race.  But the following 2 days after?  Let's just say the word "TROTS" takes on a whole new meaning.  It messes my stomach UP!...

So anyways - when I do long races, I like to eat more natural foods that settle well with my gut... & my butt also thanks me for doing that.  TMI? ... sorry...

But I love Lara Bars.  I have been known to chop them up in tiny pieces & put them in my fanny pack (c'mon - that's what running waist bags really are) & then just grab a few bites every few miles.  I can really feel the energy from them.  All natural product.  Thumbs up.

4. Stinger Waffles

OK - so these things, I tried on my last race.  (forever ago mind you) I LOVE THESE!  They are yummy in a little container.  The bad thing, when you put them in your pouch & pull them out in a run, they usually crumble like a cookie.  I hate licking crumbs off my hands when they're full of sweat.  Doesn't mean I wont do it.

I want to try the gels since they are supposed to be more natural.  Hoping it doesn't upset my stomach like the other gels.

5.  Bananas

Yep... get me some sort of fruit with fast sugar in it after a race.  My blood sugar gets all wonky so I really do go for fruit right after a race.   there's a reason why there are usually 100 boxes full of bananas waiting for all the runners.  It always blows my mind how they get so many...

BONUS FUEL:  If its a big race, you better bet after I get that banana, my butt is headed to get a REAL MEAL.  The past few races, I've been heading to Jimmy Johns for a veggie sub.  Give me one more burst of carbs with that bread... yum...

All this talk... I'm ready for lunch....

What do you use to fuel during runs?


  1. Man do I feel you on the Honey Stingers and the JJ post race. Otherwise I take rice over pasta but don't really carb load, I just eat lots of carbs everyday. I have to work hard to remember to eat eggs since I didn't eat them for so long. Larabars are good but I HATE bananas. I know, I know. How can a runner hate bananas? It's just like gu and yogurt and jello. I have texture issues and bananas just feeeel gross. I do wonder where they all come from though...

  2. before or during a race, I don't do anything differently. i don't carb load unless I always eat carbs before a run, you know? My body doesn't like anything new or different. I don't like gels or anything while I'm running - water only. I know I'm in the minority lol. Afterwards? Give me 10 bananas, 57 bagels and I'm stopping at Qdoba on the way home haha.

  3. haha that banana shirt is awesome. I like well bananas and homemade energy balls. Sometimes I eat lara bars but I avoid those gel things like the plague. I just found out I need to go Gluten Free which makes me sad because pasta really is the best part of pre-race prep. All that glorious goodness

  4. Sriracha is the best condiment. I'm not a runner but some of my friends like running marathons. It amazes me to watch them eat ALL the carbs. Mercy!

  5. I also love hot sauce on my eggs. I usually have that after my runs. Before I east bagel with peanut butter. -L

  6. I love eggs and toast also..almost always have it for breakfast :) I'll have to try those Stinger Waffles someday when I start running longer runs..I'm a beginner runner :)

  7. I really like Humagels when running. They are made with chia seeds and aren't too sweet. They have a nutty taste to them. Honey stinger waffles are good, the gels are a little sweet for me when running. After a race I love oranges, they taste so good right then!

  8. I don't eat during a run unless it is 4+ hours. Then, I enjoy a PBJ sandwich! :) During marathons I will drink water, maybe Gatorade, and take salt tabs. I'm not a Gu person and never was. They taste so gross to me!

  9. I bought some sriracha, and it's still sitting in my pantry, unopened! I really need to try it!
    I love love everything honey stinger. I usually have a waffle before a race, and the gels during. They don't mess up my stomach at all. You should try em!

  10. I've never had Stinger waffles. Are they like cookies or like protein bars?

  11. Lmao I would love to have that shirt for when we do obstacle races. Lara bars are my favorite - I eat them daily :). Love apple and cherry pie. And carrot cake, when I can find it.

  12. pasta you say? well, shoot i'm in it for that! Love, ElleSees

  13. i've been craving burgers after my last few races / long runs but have yet to fill that craving...soon!


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