Thursday, October 23, 2014

Talk me off of the ledge... or at least from the start line...

Remember a few months back when I started a thing called #PHM7 ... Project half marathon 7...

... & then my knee heard about it & said, Oh no you didn't... & gave me attitude that put me in my place...

Remember that?

Well, that half marathon is this Saturday.

The race atmosphere is taking over. 

Barriers are up all around downtown this morning.  I'm seeing pictures of people getting their stuff together.  Posts are all over facebook about it.

... & I'm ready to scream... or cry...

Originally, I was OK with having to back out of the race because I'm actually on vacation next week (YIPEE!!!)... & we had reservations to go to Gatlinburg... (fun)... BUT... yeah, life hates me lately.  Ricky had his knee injury & had to take time off work & the result?  We can't go to Gatlinburg because he has to work the first part of my vacation now.  (BOOOOO!!!!!)

So now, I will be home Saturday & my husband will be at work. I'll be at the house all by myself.  When there is a half marathon going on that I wanted to do.


I did sign up to volunteer at it.  I'm supposed to be working at the finish line handing out medals.  I mean, if there is anywhere to be, its at the finish line. I love finish line emotions.

But I haven't heard anything back from the organizers.  No directions, nothing saying who to contact, where to go.  Come on people, get with it.  If I hear nothing, I wont even attempt going because I'm not going to ride around downtown roaming... & how awkward to just walk out to the finish line on my own & grab a hand full of medals... I don't want to get tackled by security.

me waiting to hear SOMETHING

But I've been having crazy thoughts... registering for the race myself.

Today is the last day to do it. I have until 6 tonight if I decide to do it.

Now, granted, I haven't gotten more then 3.10 miles in the past few months.  But I have been working out P90x style... & my goal is just to walk it - not even try to run... but just enjoy the beautiful fall weather (its supposed to be perfection) & just inhale life...

... but I know I could really aggravate my body going into something not trained.

But it's walking...

I can do that - right?

Oh poop... I don't know what to do.

Just try & volunteer?  Go for it?  Or just stay at home with my coffee & knitting & watch for everyone's race pictures?

Decisions decisions


  1. I'm thinking of setting up an impromptu cheer station in Cherokee like I did last year. Come out and cheer with me and we can be sad/happy together!

  2. Well first off, don't over exert yourself girl! Since you have not did the training for it, I would not run it. But I think what you said either volunteering or doing a jog/walk is a great idea. You seem to really want to go, so I am afraid if you don't, you may regret it. Definitely go - just decide what you want to do. Email them and ask how they are doing on volunteers? They may be desperate for more help. I worked at a fall festival a couple of weeks ago on a whim and the woman was sooo thankful because they were lacking help.

    1. I think they can always use help... I just wish I knew where they needed help at :)

  3. I agree with Liz, if you have not trained for it I wouldn't do it and risk injury. I hope you hear from the volunteer coordinator because I think that would be awesome-- to hand medals at the finish line.

  4. Oh shoot that is a tough situation...I'd say go volunteer anyway? At least for me I'd rather be around it then sad at home wishing I was. Tough decision either way

  5. If your mileage was higher I would say go for it. But since its not and take in account the injuries and recent pains you have been having. I think if it were me I would go with the harder but smarter choice and say no this time. There will always be more races and once your all healed and back to training for them again you can enter and enjoy as many as your heart desires, and you'll probably enjoy those more:)

  6. Ahh, I hate decisions like that. On the one hand, you may surprise yourself. Your body might be feeling good and you may try to run more that you think. But on the other hand, if your body isn't ready you may risk injury. But then again, there is no harm in walking, right? That is a tough one! Does the course have a generous time limit for walkers? I'm going to be jealous of your perfect weather over there. It's ok here but very windy lately!

  7. I can't tell you what to do - but let me know what you decide and say hi!

  8. Emailing again about volunteering might be a good idea. I loved the two volunteer experiences I had earlier this year but one of them was similar in that I hadn't heard back by mid-week the week before. I checked in and apparently my sign up was somehow lost but they still needed people and I was given an assignment, though not the one I had originally signed up. Hopefully they get back to you soon! If not, spectating and cheering is a good way to still feel part of the excitement :) I hope it goes well whatever you choose!

    1. I emailed them again & hoping to hear back soon :)

  9. Dont go in there cold! Volunteer or knit. You may get so caught up in the atmosphere that you try to run and exacerbate the pain.

  10. Oo that is tough! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I think it's pretty amazing of you to offer to volunteer.

  11. you'll make the right decision! take it slow and easy :) love that last gif (see my latest post to see why)

  12. Well I think you should walk it. But only for selfish reasons. :)
    If you do volunteer I'll still get to see you, so I'd be happy either way!
    So sorry about Gatlinburg now. That's really disappointing!


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