Monday, June 23, 2014

Ups & Downs

UP     The first day of summer! 

UP     The sky is light after 9pm....

DOWN     Time starts ticking backwards now.  I always get so depressed.  Crazy to start thinking about winter, but this makes me feel like its coming back so soon.

UP      Blackberry Green Tea Lemonade!  They had a sample out at Starbucks & I was surprised how yummy it was.

UP      This Mango Lemonade ... its delish... & organic


DOWN     Just saw that the label said, "made from concentrate" ... that's not supposed to be good - right?  Now I'm all confused...

UP      Rescheduled a photo session to earlier in the day & while we didn't beat the heat & humidity completely, it was much better then a later session.

UP     These faces...

UP     I always tell those girls every time I get to take their pictures that I know I'm really their favorite person in the whole world.  I think I've got them convinced I am. 

UP    Staying at home all day Saturday... I got to stay in running shorts & barefoot.  I call that a wonderful day.

UP    Me & my husband were totally sweating playing a ski challenge on our Kinect.  Who knew that was such a work out?

This doesn't go with anything...
it just made me laugh

DOWN    I've hurt my knee doing something on Kinect. I think it was one of the dancing games.  DANG IT!  My knee is all aching even when I walk. NO!!!!

DOWN    Its depressing when you hurt yourself dancing on a game.  Talk about feeling old.

UP    Dad is still getting around & moving pretty darn good for a man who had a body part removed a few days ago

DOWN    His hip is really sore now.  Pain meds are wearing off & he's feeling the full affect of moving now. 

UP    ....But he's a super trooper!!!

UP     Found French Vanilla syrup for my iced coffee.  Its much better then the regular Vanilla.  Who knew there was such a difference.

UP    Getting to love on this baby girl - our Grandbuddy

DOWN     She had jaundice & has to stay tucked away in her own little baby tanning bed.  That's not fun when all anyone wants to do it love her, hug her, squeeze her & call her George.   ... anyone get that little reference?....

If you do remember that, you may have been born in the 70's

DOWN    Driving home at the END of the day, my husband lets me know you can see the color of my underwear through my skirt.  "I was going to tell you before we left for church but we were running late".... nice...

UP     At least I had on underwear

How was your weekend?



  1. OMG, I am so happy for running late and there is still sunlight out. And this baby girl. I would just be hugging and playing with her. She is precious.

  2. Aww, what a beautiful family you got to take pictures of this weekend! I very much enjoy your Monday posts! -M

  3. Your Grandbuddy is adorable! aww babies are the best. Especially when they aren't yours to keep and feed at 4am. Ian would do the same thing about the underwear, or food on my face, or in my teeth....jeez!

    Like the comment above, I so enjoy your Monday posts :)

  4. i get the reference and i was not born in the 70s! lol. boo to winter coming, i feel the same way, as soon as its hot i'm like well winter will be here soon to ruin it all.

  5. I love longer days! It makes me very happy. I am glad to hear your dad is up and moving already!


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