Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I laced up running shoes yesterday....

What day is it... where am I.... what time is it?

I've been so busy I am just sorta lost in my days. 

Life has been trucking on with all things busy - photo sessions, chores to be done, editing, house cleaning - or attempting of house cleaning, youth ministry planning, & of course, enjoying this break in summer we've been having.  It's been glorious.

All that to say I'm still here, though not posting regularly.

Some updates:

* Still in Round 2 of the 21 Day fix & I lost another 3 lbs last week. Wh-WH-WHAT???!!? ... I'm at a total of 8 lbs & feel like I can move mountains now.  How stupid is that?  I know me. I can easily gain 8 lbs back at a drop of a hat... but I'm still very aware of my nutrition now & I think that's key.

Me on the scale this week

* I can't believe its been a month since I've had any chips or any chocolate. I seriously would have a York Peppermint Patty every evening after dinner.  I have had NONE.  Ricky told me, "That shows me you can do ANYTHING!"... anything?  Probably not.  I mean, I can't run for President & win... but it does show I have more self control then I thought I had.

* (I miss my York Peppermints)

* I laced up running shoes last night!  I know - I've done 2 5k's in less then 2 weeks, but I am trying to work running back into my work out plan, so last night I started the C25K plan again.  I'm just going for movement with a set plan.  Not really a goal of anything.  I just know I am getting bored with the 21 Day Fix videos over 4 weeks so I'm going to switch it up & try to run on 3 days & do the videos on 3 days... a little bit of the best of both worlds.

* Truth - I just want to get out of Leg Day on those videos. HATE THEM.  I think they are the cause of my quad issues now with burning & pulling sensation.

* I could feel my low back & Bicep tendon in my shoulder ache within the first 10 minutes of being back on the treadmill.  I guess its always going to be an issue.... sigh...


Give me a quick update on what's going on in your life!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five: 10 years go

Friday Five - traveling back in time....

10 years ago...

oh wow... I can't remember last week but let's go back to 2005 & find some 5 things to chat about.

ONE // I never ran

I was not a runner till 2009.  You couldn't PAY me enough to run.  I thought it was dumb. I knew my knees couldn't do it.  I thought it had to be boring.  & why do people pay to do races.  The whole concept was something I couldn't put my mind around.  My fitness of choice?  Jazzercise.  Yeah baby. Break out the leg warmers.  I really did/do love Jazzercise. It's a full body work out & if it fit into my schedule & I had one closer to me, I'd still go. 

TWO // We got Bruno

We rescued a dog without even knowing what he looked like.  What the heck is a Carine Terrier?  A friend my husband worked with had a friend that had to get rid of her dog because she was moving to an apartment that wouldn't allow him.  She was devastated.  We had our grand-Pug at our house at the time & he was moving to his new home so we were used to 3 dogs & knew we'd miss the little guy when he was gone, so we said yes.  No clue about the breed.  Ricky went & picked him up, & I waited anxiously on the front porch with the other 2 dogs.  Ricky came around the corner with him & said, "He looks like a rat"... I instantly fell in love with him.  Now, Bruno didn't care for our 2 big girls, Sydney & Buffy & snipped at them but our girls knew how to handle themselves. It didn't take long before we were all a family.  Our little boy is now what I call, our Grumpy Old Man.

THREE // We celebrated a wedding

My step daughter got married in 2005.  We got to travel to Arkansas for her wedding - somewhere we had never been before. It was such a fun car ride.  I had our grand-pug who stayed with us during their honeymoon for the ride from Indiana to Arkansas & we also had the youngest step daughter in the back seat to entertain us.  I'm not a good traveler, but that really was a fun trip.  & of course, weddings are just fun & beautiful & emotional all wrapped up together.

FOUR // Same place

My day job... still the same place.  Been here 23 years.  More then half of my life.  That is depressing.

FIVE // I ate meat & drank diet coke

That disturbs me more then I can saw.  When I think about my eating habits & the things I ate & the way it effects my health & didn't give 2 thoughts about it all - just makes me sad.  Ever since I gave up meat, my digestive system is better, my skin is better, I feel healthier in general.  & Diet Cokes?  I'm so glad I opened my eyes to what all that junk does to you.  Poison.  & not the cool kind that sang Every Rose Has its Thorn.

What do you remember about 10 years ago?


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dad's Step 5K

Over the weekend, I did another 5k... yahoo....

Actually this was another Virtual run with Gone for a Run. 

I didn't do the silk tie thing
... my dad aint wearing a tie that's pink & has runners on it...

This is actually my 3rd virtual race with them - which makes me almost NEED to sign up for the 4th of July one.  I have to keep all the medals going for this series.  Right?  Someone tell me right so I feel justified paying for another virtual race.

The cool thing about this one, I didn't do it alone.

Some ladies from my church started a 'walking/running' group & I put it out to them if anyone wanted to do it.  I had 2 people join in.

We ended up making it on a Friday night because the weekend was busy with it being Father's Day & it actually worked out for the best.  Mainly because it was raining ALL day & even sprinkling as we got out of our cars at a local park... but as soon as we started - the rain stopped. LOVE THAT!

Now, when the rain stopped, it brought out the humidity & I even said, "it could start raining again right now & I wont be mad"... sweat pouring...

Plus, the temps were so awful this weekend & 8pm at night, it wasn't the normal 95 its been all week.  So we actually nailed the timing of this.

It was just great having buddies along the path...

& the best part for me?  One of the ladies is doing a bucket list leading up to her 30th birthday - & doing a 5k is one of them.  She's been doing the C25K program getting ready for this.  Her last run on the end of the program had her about at 2.5 miles... so this was going to be the furthest she has ran... & she did it!  She finished STRONG too.  It was so exciting to see her make it through. 

One of the other ladies ended up bringing her daughter .... if there is anything in this world I can do, its talk to kids... so I had the best time chatting with her as she did the whole thing with us as well!  & she ended up doing this 5k 8 minutes faster then her last 5k.

What was my time?  I'm actually not sure.... haha... I ended up handing out my Nike GPS watch & my Garmin GPS watch to the ladies & used my iPod, but I rarely do that & didn't know once I backed out of my screen, I can't get it back with my times. I have to upload the info on my computer to get it again.  Drats.  I think its around 51 minutes - which is better then I expected because we actually ended up walking a bit & chatting on the course.  Girlfriends & conversations are worth just walking some in a 5k.

But I will say, I felt pretty good in this run. 

My last one, last Saturday, at the Color Run, it was the first time I had run in MONTHS. & it felt awful.  This time, I did a good stretch, about a full mile, feeling strong, keeping tempo - I felt like, "this is what I like about running"... it gave me a little bit of the running bug back.

The cool thing about these virtual races, the bling is awesome. 

We attempted a picture together, but rain was falling off of the trees onto the camera, it was so humid, the air could almost be cut through so hence, blurry pictures.  Good enough.

Another 5k in the record books, another medal for my hangers. 

Pressing On!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

21 days done of 21 day Fix - Round 1 over... results

21 days... done.

Man, that went fast.

I was anxious to see my final results.  I actually did them ON Day 21. I figure that one more day wasn't going to make or break anything.

So in the end, I actually lost 5 lbs... & honestly, I know my scale is off.  I went to the doctor the other day & their scale had me down another 2.5 lbs then what mine said... & I forgot we have a scale in the basement. I went down there & weighed & it was actually 4 lbs less then what my scale I've been using said!  So it really could be 9 lbs down.   I'll take that lower number please & thank you...

But since I started on this scale, I'm just keeping this for the number.

Know I'll be doing my other weigh ins on the scale in the basement now!

But I couldn't believe the inches.... It was 2.5 off my waist - 2.5 off of my hips... & a few inches off each arm & each thigh & 1.5 off my hips.  I was THRILLED!!!!

I don't mind my body dropping inches one bit.

So now I'm heading into Round 2. 

I think I'm going to go back to my P90X3 videos though. My legs honestly can't handle the 21 Day Fix videos.  Its every day working them... maybe when I build some more muscle up, I'll do these again, but for now, I'm going to try something different.
P90X3 still incorporates lower body, upper body, cardio, yoga... so everything may not work for everyone.  Gotta be flexible.

This weekend I had a baby shower & was proud of myself for the food choices.  My plate was covered in fruits & veggies with homemade hummus.  It was all so delicious & I was glad I didn't have to sit there with an empty plate while everyone else was chowing down.

But it was funny because everyone at the table was like, "you're making me feel bad eating what's on my plate & looking at yours"... & someone asked, "What diet are you on?"... it ended up turning me into a sales person for 21 Day fix because they were asking all sorts of questions.  "That's the one with those little colored boxes - right?" ... yep... everyone sees those infomercials apparently.

But I'm just glad I have some lost on this... I know its not as big of a loss as most people.  That's ok.

I've been reading that if you have a pretty good habit of healthy eating & working out, its harder to loose the weight as fast in the beginning.  Makes sense.  For me, it really has been about portion control... & fighting a 43 yr old metabolism. Good times.

So, I wont be doing posts directly aimed to the 21 day fix - but I know it will be mentioned - because its going to be a lifestyle change for me now. I can tell.  I'm in the habit now of looking at foods & figuring out what color container it is & how much can fit in it. 

They may have created a monster actually.

For now, I'm excited to keep PRESSING ON...Round 2, here we go!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five: Things that make me happy

Taking a break from 21 Day Fix posts ... with only 3 days left! REALLY? ... wow...

But I wanted to join along for the Friday Five... especially when I saw what the topic is - things that make me happy...

(& we obviously are given a pass to my hubs, friends & to God... always makes my day better)

1.  My dogs...

... & this includes my fur-babies in heaven.  I miss them so... but I'm so thankful for happy faces that greet me every day I walk into my door.  I can just be gone 5 minutes & I get the same reaction.  You can't be sad or unhappy when you're basically trampled by doggie feet.

2. Disney
I don't care how old I am, I still love all things Disney.  The movies, the merchandise, the parks.  It just brings out my inner child.  I cant wait for the new movie "Iniside Out" that is now out.  Gotta try & find time to get that in soon!

3.  Happy Photography Clients

I always, ALWAYS, get nervous before taking someone's pictures.  You don't know what they have for expectations, you don't know if your style & theirs match up.  So when I give someone pictures & they love them & are so thankful for the moments captures, I am completely happy.

4.  Music

I don't know how people live without music.  I have it going from the time I wake up to when I usually go to bed.  I always say that music makes my blood pump. It affects my mood, it lifts me up, it touches my heart.  & I love when I put my iPod on shuffle - you'll get anything from Motley Crue, to Toby Mac, to Barbra Streisand to Whitney Houston... all right in a row.  I listen to everything... except jazz. Just No.

5.  Accomplishment

This is in so many thing.  When I finish a day eating well.  When I finish a job I'm doing.  When I do a good workout.  When I finish a race - especially when I finish a race.  There is just nothing like a sense of accomplishment.

What makes you happy?


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 17 on 21 Day Fix... the day I did things a little different...

I see the finish line ahead.

& I know I'm not supposed to, but this morning, I stepped on the scale... & LOST some weight. I don't want to say what it was because I want to save it to the end, but I was encouraged.

Especially because I did Day 17 differently.

Breakfast - the same. I think I'll probably eat 2 eggs with peppers on a wheat tortilla forever. Mainly because it seriously holds me over for 4 hours. I like that.

The snack was normal - apple & PB

& Wednesday is my lunch date with the hubs at Subway.  I have been getting a salad but am finding that the past 2 weeks, it still leaves me hungry.  Not to mention, like I've talked before, I feel like I'm putting the people out.  Lunch hour in downtown ain't no time to slow the Subway people down.  I got in there & there were about 4 people behind me so I went ahead & got my veggie patty on Honey Oat bread. 

I don't think its a total no-no to do bread, it just takes up most of your 'yellow' container for the day.  I was willing to mark it off for the day.

I will say I was proud of myself for not having chips with my sandwich - a first... & I actually had carrots at work to snack on the rest of the day to fill up on. 

I got home & had a protein shake & then it was time to work out...

It was Lower Body Fix.

I literally was like a teenage girl...

can't even.

My legs have not been right since I started this thing.  Call them weak. Call them wusses.  Whatever. 

But I decided I wasn't going to do it. I have been feeling defeated & I don't like that feeling.

So I popped in my Les Mills Combat work out.  I still consider it a lower body workout - I mean, one point, it does 234 kicks consecutively.  That's a leg workout.  Believe me. My legs get lower with each kick & I have to fight hard to get them back up.  Yep - a leg workout indeed.

Then dinner, the hubs had stopped & picked him up some chicken ... vegetarian spouse problems... so I had the chance to just make something for me.  I didn't want to cook so I found this at the grocery this past weekend & was excited to try it.

OH MY GOSH - it was delicious.

Now, I'm not sure this is 100% on the meal plan, but it had all good stuff - except for the sauce.  BUT, it wasn't like it was dripping. It just made it moist.

& I hate I just used that word.  Moist. Ew.

(For those on 21 day fix - I counted it as 2 reds (lentils & beans are red for vegeterians) 1 green & because of the sauce, I counted 3 tsp.... this is just my guestimate)

Anyways.  I want to buy this for every day now.

I think they have like 4 different versions - I have one that has quinoa in it with spinach. I'm excited to try it now.

Then I ended the night watching American Ninja Warrior... these people are AMAZING!  I am in awe of people that can hang by their finger tips.  I'd do good to walk across the course on a flat board. I'd probably still fall over in the water.

So, today, nearing even closer to the end of Round 1... & always, Pressing On!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 16 on 21 Day Fix... weird burning? ....& race pics...

Here we are - on the final stretch of the 21 Day Fix.

For the record, I already know I will be doing another round.  I mean, I've come this far, I'm going to do another round & see if things 'kick in'.  Now, if I haven't really made a change after Round 2, then forget it - I'm hogging out & not looking back.

... not really... but maybe...

Yesterday was just a normal day - nothing exciting

Usual breakfast - brought some more of that leftover 'fried rice' I made the night before for lunch, had nuts instead of a Shakeology before my work out... & then made a yummy dinner.

Veggie Burgers have been my best friend.  & my sweet hubby has had them every night with me. He's such a trooper.  I asked him last night when we had the "Griller" veggie burger, "It tastes just like a real burger - right?"

His look said it all... but sweet guy said, "of course it does"...

I'm perfectly OK with it NOT tasting like a burger.  The idea of a burger grosses me out actually.  #poorcows #sweeteyes

I just want to hug cows

I even made up my own baked beans using pinto beans, some spices & a healthy BBQ sauce - it was delish!!!!

& then for dessert, had some yogurt (yippe for protein) & blueberries & a tsp of honey.  YUM!

I've actually never been a blueberry fan.
... but trying to grow to love them...

After dinner, a weird thing happened.  I was watching TV & then thought, OH, Harvey must have scratched me.  My quad was burning, just like a fresh scratch.  But looked & didn't see anything.  Then the burning just kept going & going. Getting stronger & stronger.

I ended up just going to bed & didn't give it much thought... & then woke up this morning with it STILL burning. WHAT THE HEY?!?!  ... Good Lord only knows. 


The highlight of my morning though, I got my race pics from The Color Run. I love they have cheap race pics.  I told the girls I would buy the high resolution pic because I always do anyways & I'd share with them.  I mean for $3.99 a pic for high resolution - how do you not get a race pic for that?

I love it because the kiddo next to me?  Actually one of my youth kiddos.

Leave it to me to be the most expressive!

Fun Fun Fun

So today, I'm trying to ignore my burning quad, plan on doing Lower Body, which my burning quad is probably like, "Do you not feel me already in pain?"... but I keep PRESSING ON!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 15 of 21 Day Fix ... its not pretty today... but I do have a good recipe

I can't believe I am on the tail end of my first 21 days...

& today was my weigh day...

& as expected...


Nothing... not one freaking pound.  I'd take a half lb.  SOMETHING!

Nope. I didn't loose one freaking pound this week.

I have not cheated.  I have stuck to the plan.  & yet, NOTHING.

How sad of a sight is it to have a 43 yr old woman standing on a scale crying?  Because that was the scene this morning.

Yes I am Emma Stone.. shut up

I'm trying not to loose it completely because I saw on Instagram last night someone finish up & she said on the scale, she only lost like 2 lbs but she ended up loosing mega inches... & I'm waiting to measure at the end.

Now, if I do that & its not changed... I'm just giving up. 

I'm closing down the blog, I'm going into a cave, I'm never coming out again....

Lord, help me.

On a much brighter note - I did make a new 21 day approved meal & it was delish.

A fried rice type of thing.

2 cups brown rice, 4 eggs scrambled, 2 peppers, 1 onion - sautéed up in olive oil... all thrown together - it was delicious.  & I loved there was enough left to bring some for lunch today. 

Lunch has been my big issue.  Today, I'm looking forward to it.

Monday also held the Total Body Cardio Fix....

While it still kills me, I am still pushing myself - trying to do more of the advanced moves... walking away with jelly legs & feeling like I'm near death.  That's normal - right?

Tonight - Upper Body...

No one can say I'm giving up... I'll keep Pressing On till the end

Monday, June 15, 2015

Going into the final week of 21 Day Fix ... & oh yeah, a fun 5k

I made it through another weekend on my 21 Day fix...

& another weekend where I struggled to eat enough food.

Wait - let me say "enough" as in containers.  Still not getting them all in every day, but trying.

I will say, I still don't think its doing much for my weight.  Which is frustrating as all get out.

I had caught the 21 Day Fix infomercial on this weekend & hearing people drop 10,15,25 lbs on the first round. 

I even have a buddy doing it & in just the first few days, not even a week, he's already down 5 lbs. 

I'm thrilled for everyone that this plan works for... but I don't understand why its not working for me.

I literally am working out every day, my calories are staying under 1,500 - some days even around 1,300 ... & I'm someone who usually ate around 2,100...

I'm just aggravated.

Tomorrow is my weigh day & I already know its not going to be a big drop...

I know - I know... the measurements... yeah. We'll see.

Can you feel me being deflated?

I really don't want to sound like a whine-bag... I really don't.  I just don't get how this plan is so freaking amazing for everyone & I am sticking to it full force & I don't get the results.  It doesn't make sense to me... unless my metabolism is non-existent ... & then what do I do? 

On top of all the debby downer attitude... I did get in a fun run with the Color Run.  It was great meeting up with some ladies from my church & doing it with them.

I was nervous meeting up with them because they are all pretty much in their 20's... & here I am, the "old lady"... I told them to do what they wanted to do. Don't worry about sticking with me.  But everyone did a basic run / walk strategy & while their pace during the run was faster then mine, when they'd stop to walk, I was able to keep up by running a little bit more.  It worked out OK. 

I literally haven't ran in MONTHS... so it felt like starting all over again.  My legs were so tight the rest of the day.  My quads kept getting spasms in them all night long.  They totally forgot what running feels like I guess.

It was a great event though. 

I loved they added the "Sparkle" to the path.  The silver sparkle was my favorite by far... everyone was just glittering in the sun.

So much for tracking time

I will say I did get a little freaked out when the packet they gave you to throw at the end, the gold glitter - if you read the ingredients in it, it said ALUMINUM.  That's not healthy - right? 

& now that gold glitter is STILL flying around my car...

great... but pretty...

My biggest treat of the weekend - which totally fit in the plan, a trip to O'Charley's.

They have the best healthy green salad for a side salad, with no cheese or anything bad on it (once you take off the croutons) & then I got a tilapia on rice with broccoli.  I even portioned out the rice & gave half to Ricky.  Look at me trying like someone who COULD loose weight.

It was nice eating out with the hubs, feeling like a real person with a real life style.

So I'm heading into my last week of the 21 day fix. 

Trying to find some new lunch ideas.

& prepared for some good healthy dinners.

The Hubs even went to the store with me yesterday & we picked out some new things to try. & I FINALLY found some squash & zuchinni.  YES!

So I keep Pressing On ... day 15, here we go.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five: thoughts on 21 Day fix ... & my food for Day 11

One // I need more variety

So far, I'm making it on the plan & following it exactly to a tee, but I'm finding that 2 weeks in, I'm eating the same thing.  I probably did the same thing eating junk food... hello Taco Bell... but I guess because my focus is so much on food right now, I'm noticing it even more.  I'm really going to friend up Pinterest this weekend & plan out more dinners.  (Like me friend up Pinterest on a weekend is anything new)

Two // Getting nervous for final weigh in

So far, I'm down 2.5 lbs.  I'm scared that at the end of next week, that's what its going to be.  & I'm going to be disappointed. Sorry, I will be.  Though, today, I did find a article that gave reasons why sometimes your body doesn't react until you do the plan two times in a row.  So I'm not getting TOO upset just yet.  But after 42 days & not much has changed, then watch out. It will not be a pretty scene.

Three // Cross Training is important!

I'm finding that you can get use to a certain work out & not realize how out of shape you still are.  I mean, I was knocking out Les Mills Combat like a ninja, kicking, punching... but let me do a minute of lunges & I'm crying like a wimp.  It's good to do new things, getting my body in better shape every time.  & points to me, doing some of these videos for the 2nd time, I can see improvement already.  That is good for my sore beat up soul.

Four // Blue is my favorite

I see people talk everywhere where Yellow is their favorite. Give me Blue. One a day... but its what allows shredded cheese, hummus or avocado.  mmmm... its the highlight of my day. Every day. I plan every day what I get to use my blue cup on. 

Five // Stronger then I thought

I can't believe I have made it 2 weeks without a York Peppermint Patty... or eating any type of chips... or crackers. I promise you, I would have never thought I could do that.

& my food for Day 11

Breakfast - Eggs with yellow peppers & wheat tortilla

Snack #1 - apples & PB

Lunch - Tuna & Cucumbers on wheat tortilla  - Grapes

Snack #2 - Shakeology & banana / nuts ... (I was STARVING today!!!)

Dinner - veggie burger on wheat thin & avocado!!! - Sweet potato & mushrooms

21 day fix

Snack #3 - Orange

Cal 1537 / carbs 202 / Fat 50 /Protein 83 / Fiber 38 / Sugar 71 ... all spot on

So, we're heading into another weekend.  It will be hectic &busy - a Color Run, a birthday party, & a trip to the movies.  I'm already planning on my Orange for sunflower seeds for the movie.

Pressing On!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

21 Day Fix ... day 10

I can't believe I'm half way through this thing....

3 weeks goes by really fast.

& as Ricky asked me, "What happens after you get done with the 21 days?"... I'm sure I'll continue on.  I see where people do 'another round' over & over to get where they want to be.

I really do have a goal in mind that I know isn't going to be accomplished in 3 weeks. It's going to take some time.  & I may not stick with this the whole time, but I will for awhile.  Just to learn these healthy eating habits better - to get them engrained in me.

Someone asked me the other day if I miss things, & the truth, I'm finding I'm doing ok with that.

I'm a bread person. I always said I could do away with ALL other food groups, but give me carbs & I'm good.

(Can I just say, I accidentally wrote "give me crabs"... haha... fixed that quick)

But we were out at dinner last weekend & they brought bread to the table. I did good - didn't want to devour it.  I've had crackers in front of me - I haven't touched them. I haven't had pasta in 2 weeks.  I haven't even had a slice of bread since I started.  Look at me.  Who am I?

I'm surviving.

I keep telling my co-worker its about learning new things about food.

Like before, I usually grab a hand full of nuts & think nothing of eating them.  Now, I fill up this itty bitty cup of nuts, which is 2TSP size - about 11 nuts... & its really OK & enough for me.  I would have never known this before I started this plan.

& one note of progress.... I did the Lower Body Fix last night. Almost cried thinking about doing it.  It hurt so bad last week & I didn't want to re-live that... but I made it through & while sore most of the night, I did wake up this morning & I'm OK.  I'm a tad sore - as I should be - but I'm not crying with each step.  PROGRESS!

Here was my food for the day

Breakfast - 2 eggs on a wheat tortilla & yellow peppers

Snack #1 - cottage cheese + stevia + cinnamon - (This really was a filling snack. I need to do this more often)

Lunch - Subway with the hubs - a veggie patty salad with only veggies, a splash of honey mustard.

Snack #2 - Shakeology + small banana (Before work out)
2 TSP of nuts (after workout)

Dinner - Tilapia with brown rice & broccoli with cheese.  (Thank you Lord I get that one blue cup a day)

21 day fix

Snack #3 - 16 dark chocolate chips

REMAINING:  1 green - 3 purple (dang! missed out on some good fruits) - 1 Red - 1 Yellow - 4 Tsp

I was so in check for the day on calories / fat / carbs/ protein / fiber / sugar... perfect actually

I'm loving learning all of this...

Pressing On to day 11