Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Confessions

// I confess I want short work weeks every week.  Is that too much to ask for?

// I confess I have been wanting to eat anything & everything in front of me... & more  #pms

// I confess I'm also feeling like a balloon ready to burst.  Hello bloating.  #pmsbites

// I confess I enjoy being on my scale/weigh in protest while I feel super bloated.

// I confess the T25 Beta has pretty much kicked my butt as I started this new round - but really loved doing
new workouts & excited about the challenge of getting stronger in these moves.

// I confess I got my library clean & straightened up.... its been a mess since Christmas where I dump all the gifts that need to be wrapped & wrapping paper & ribbons & bows.  So I'm a little late in getting to cleaning it up.  Better late then never.

Amen... amen... amen....

// I confess ever since I wore a chunky necklace out the other day, I just want more & more chunky necklaces.  I'm looking everywhere I go for them.

// I confess I spent $24.00 on one chunky necklace.  I never spend that much on jewelry that isn't real metal or a gem.

// I confess I need to find a way to store all my new necklaces since they aren't ones I'll be wearing every day.  They're too big for my jewelry box.  Gotta get creative here.

// I confess I need to just wear my medals as the best chunky necklaces ever :)

// I confess I got Robin Roberts new book & am loving it.

// I confess I want Paul Stanley's new book.... yes, we're KISS fans

// I confess I love a good autobiography

// I confess I didn't realize how many quotes I love were actually from Maya Angelou.

// I confess I think great minds in the world are getting few & far between.

// I confess I believe that prayers are a big reason why our Sydney is still fighting good & hard with her cancer battle.  We're at 4 months & they said she wouldn't make it past 3... prayer matters

// I confess I'm teaching the youth kids on Sunday & using rock climbing as an example of God's faithfulness... youth ministry is the best!

// I confess I want to see Malificent & not sure the hubs wants to see it as bad as I do.  I may need to convince him to go see that stupid Tom Cruise movie while I slide into another theater.

// I confess I don't care for Tom Cruise.... #weirdo .... but I do like a lot of his movies.  A Few Good Men is one of my favorites.

Anything you need to confess today?
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Does Health cater to the rich?

Why is junk food so cheap?  That's the question!

So after talking about Whole Foods yesterday & how 2 small bags cost $81.00 - I was thinking about how expensive it is to eat healthy.  Know what that means, right?  I'm jumping back on my Soap Box today...

& no, this isn't a post on how to save money while eating healthy.  I've seen tons of those.  Buy frozen vegetables, get in season fruit, visit farmer markets, buy in bulk... yeah, yeah, yeah...

This is a different thought.

I don't find it odd that there is no Whole Foods out in my area, out in the country.  To get to a Whole Foods, I have to travel about 45 minutes one direction - to the east end of town - the well 'to do' area.  Coincidence that its there?  I guess not when its $81 for 2 small bags.

The thing that I was thinking about that really bothered me is this.... I work in Downtown.  Sometimes at lunch, I'll actually run down to the grocery store that is about 10 blocks down the road. Why?  Because they always have my sparkling seltzer water there &  in my own grocery, I have to battle to get any cartons.

Why Kroger, must you order 4 cartons of sparkling water?  .... Its a race to see who gets there first before they're gone.  I buy every carton they have when I go.

But this grocery store in this really poor part of town always has them.

So when I'm in there, I went to look at their 'health food/natural food' selection.

Now, I am aware that my local grocery store, I'm lucky .... we have a pretty good selection.  It's about 4 aisles with lots of options.  A good freezer section as well.  It's no Whole Foods - but it has more options then any other normal grocery store I've ever seen.

This grocery in the run-down part of downtown?  They literally have one SECTION - not even an aisleon a shelf of the natural food/health food for their choices.  & it's pretty much some bags of candied fruits.  One or two bags of granola.  A few bags of pop chips.  That's about it....

& then I saw on Rachel Ray this week where they were talking about food budgets & they gave one family a weekly budget of $60.  They had to watch sales, they had to go to different stores to get enough food for their family of 4... & in the end?  The food was pretty much lack of anything nutrition.  A lot of potatoes (this girl does love potatoes) & spaghetti & cheap pieces of chicken & poor quality beef.

You know I would scoff at any meat selection ... my vegetarian side is showing.... but I don't think there was much of any fruit or vegetables... definitely not anything green.  Except one 2-liter of Mountain Dew that were for the adults only - kids had to drink tap water.  I guess that's one thing healthy... depending on your water system.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think you COULD eat healthy on $60 a week, but what if you lived near a store that didn't even OFFER a good selection of options for natural selections & a poor produce selection?   Could you do it then?

Eating healthy costs money but unhealthy eating costs your life.

It's really sad to me actually....

It makes me wonder if health caters to the rich... or the people who are more well off....

That's so messed up really.

I hate that cheap food is just that... cheap.... in nutrition, in health benefits...

And I hate that healthy food is sometimes a luxury... not a must have... not a need....

I think our country is paying & will continue to pay for the health of our families, our children... as long as they keep making sure its harder to eat healthy then to eat cheap....

I think there's a problem going on we don't even realize is happening... health prejudice?  Nutrition segregation?  I have no idea what to call it... I just think there's an issue that isn't being talked about...

My Soap Box rant of the week...(these are becoming a weekly habit, aren't they?)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whole Foods would make me poor....

I say WOULD make me poor, but I don't live near one.

Which is a bad thing because I would be so happy to get every thing I ever wanted there.  I mean, they have a whole aisle of natural make up & skin care products alone that I could spent an hour just looking at things.

But its probably a good thing - at least my hubs says so - because we'd be flat broke poor.

We had to run out that way for a vehicle issue & I had to take advantage of being near the store.  Ricky just dropped me off & told me he was headed to another store.... natural food shopping doesn't make him as excited as it does me....

Only 20 minutes later & 2 small bags later, I was down $81.00 ... OUCH!
But I was oh so happy & left with no regrets... would spent another $81 if I were in there longer.

So here are the goodies I got this trip...

While foods

I told you I was excited about Veggie Rolls & was so sad when I ate my last one over the weekend.

Green Olive Hummus?  Oh my gosh!  I was excited to get a natural / organic hummus & then saw this?  I love green olives.  Fun fact about me: I love salty stuff. People are shocked how much salt I put on products.  So green olive hummus?  A little salt taste to go with hummus.  Win Win.

Himalayan salt ... my all time favorite.  The hubs doesn't care for it, but I go through it enough myself.  (See? Salt is my friend)

Whole foods

Found these little things on sale.  I figured these would be good to take to work for lunch or for a quick dinner when Ricky wants to pick up something that has meat in it... bleh... I'll stick with my vegan/vegetarian options.  Hope they taste pretty good. I bet that Bombay has a smell to it though.  My office will just LOVE that....

Wholr foods

Blender Bottle - I never had one.  I've always used my NutriBullet, but I always wanted one of these to be able to take with me if I ever need to shake & go.

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta sauce.  Mmmmm!!! I have some mushroom ravioli that this will be perfect with.  I hate all the high fructose corn syrup in regular pasta sauce. Stupid.

Pure Honey - its made locally so I love that for allergy purposes.  I can go through some honey. #savethebees


I'm all about my teas.  I've never had the Pomegranate tea from Argo, but I do love Argo Teas.  I love the bottles.  Someone told me they drink so much of it, they learned to paint the bottles & make them little single bud vases - isn't that a great idea???

& again, waiting on Starbucks, I'm getting desperate to find a good Green Tea with peach.  Tazo is what Starbucks uses anyways so I'm anxious to try this one.

& I love this Kombucha.  Its my favorite.  I forgot not to shake it though & opened it on the way home... & it was like a science experiment where things explode.  Only I didn't have on goggles... or paper towels.  Good times.

Whole foods

I'm still in debate on protein powder, so I love when I can try some samples.  I'm interested in the Vega Nutritional Shake.  Full of vitamins & healthy stuff.  Anxious to see how it tastes.

Spirulina  Energy Bar... Yeah, I talked about having the powder & putting it in a smoothie & I wanted to spit it out onto the cabinets.  EWW!! So going to try & see if I can get my spirulina in this way.  I did see Banana puree is an ingredient so at least that has something going for it.

& I was excited to find gum with no aspartame.  BUT, I tried a piece & found out that after about 3 good chomps, it has zero flavor.  Oh well.  I'll take the 3 good chomps of fresh breath then ingesting aspartame in regular gum.


I'm kinda addicted to plain raw almonds.  I love they're chewy....

& I never bought pitted dates but always see them being used in recipes.  So now, I have to look up "Pitted Dates" on Pinterest... may be my next "Pinterest Says So" post :)

SO yeah... not much for $81.00, but it all makes me happy...

Ever tried any of these?

What do I need to put on my list for Whole Foods for my next trip out?

What an I do with these dates?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ups & Downs - Long Weekend

The look back at all things good & bad on my weekend

UP - Got a blog button done... yahoo!  Look at me go!

UP - Long weekend!  I actually took 2 naps... & I never take naps.  I guess I needed some extra doses of sleep.  Actually - I think I REALLY needed some extra doses of sleep.

DOWN - my Starbucks still does not have Peach for Peach Green Tea Lemonade... why??????.... for the love of Jesus... why?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

UP - got some organic peach lemonade & am going to try & brew my own green tea & see if its anywhere close to the same.  Forget you Starbucks

(I'm sorry Starbucks... we're still best friends... I promise)

UP - I tried for the first time in my like sushi veggie roll... Why did someone not tell me how amazing these were before?  Avacado & cucumbers wrapped in seaweed & brown rice?  I had no idea it would be so heavenly.  It tasted so clean.  I will probably be stopping at our grocery's sushi section a LOT now.  I wonder if I can put a standing order in for some veggie rolls every few days?

DOWN - my friends don't tell me about amazing foods I should be eating

UP - Finished my book.  Paper Towns by John Green

DOWN - the book was kinda getting on my nerves.  It had great parts & then just stupid parts.  I ended up giving it a 3 out of 5 on Goodreads, but I was wanting it to be a 5 out of 5 book.  It's John Green after all.

UP - Got my closet switched over!

UP - I forgot I ordered some maxi skirts over the winter - so I have 8 new skirts. I'm excited

DOWN - My shorts from last year... yikes... I have only like 3 pairs that fit.  The others are all so snug that I feel like I would be miserable all day if I had to sit... who needs to sit?  Right?

DOWN - Our Harvey Dent is always into something... Mr. Puppy that he is.  He's 10 months old now... well, Saturday I go to find my Polar heart rate watch & can't find it.  No... no... no... I find it outside in the yard... with no straps, & the face all dented in with puppy teeth marks.  NOOOO!!!!!

UP - It still actually worked.  I put it in a wrist wallet that I use for my FitBit when I sleep & it still got my heart rate doing T25.

UP - Finished the first 30 days of T25 - through with the Alpha Round!!! YAHOO!  Sticking with it.

UP - Went to see X-men with friends.... I was so excited this movie & it didn't disappoint me.

We take our X-men seriously

DOUBLE UP - You see Hugh Jackman's butt!!!!

DOWN - Ricky & I stopped for frozen custard after the movie.  I don't know why I got it - I didnt even want it - but got a carmel cashew sundae.  It was so yummy, but it made me so sick. I'm not used to eating that much dairy.  My stomach hurt all night & I was so bloated. Miserable.  Never again... NEVER!

UP - Got a new Polar Watch!!! I actually really like the red.

UP - Started the T25 Beta Round... here's to another 30 days of getting STRONG!

DOWN - I may have felt like I was going to puke doing the Beta Round - day 1... that's OK - gotta start somewhere.

UP - Got to spend some time with family on Memorial Day... my nieces are growing up so much.  We walked & ventured around my dad's property checking out the pond for snapping turtles.  Its the little things


DOWN - my family laughed & made fun of me for having been featured for my Vegetarian article... Not everyone agrees with lifestyles.  They laugh at me... I feel sorry for them & their diet.

How was your weekend?  
Hopefully more UPS then DOWNS

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Confessions

// I confess I am beyond ecstatic about X-men coming out!!!! Again, you must know I am a tad obsessed with Hugh Jackman.  My husband knows this & is OK with it.  I mean, its Wolverine.
Side Note - Hugh Jackman played Gaston in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway.  Just adds to the awesome that is Hugh Jackman

// I confess my husband used to make me watch all the X-men cartoons when we first started dating & he would quiz me on all the characters & their super powers.  So I really do love X-men... its not ALL about Mr. Muscles Hugh Jackman.

Not ALL the reason I love X-men
... but maybe a part...

// I confess I was shocked when I saw my blog post about being on a soap box (post from Wednesday) about being a vegetarian/vegan made it to the Vegetarian Twimes online.  Seriously!  My post was featured. 

I'm not Regina George... I'll use the word :)

// I confess I have been craving Nutella all week. I need to resist buying another jar when this one is gone.  I only bought this last jar when my G-boys came to visit.  Every little boy needs Nutella sandwiches.  Every 42 yr old woman does NOT.

// I confess my "Scale Protest" has been weird. I've walked by my scale in the mornings & I've had to actually resist not stepping on it. I need to just move it.. out of sight, out of mind.
Ashley Benson Fake Friends animated GIF

// I confess I hit up McDonalds every day this week for Iced Coffee.  A small one is free. 

// I confess that I feel funny getting something for free, so I would buy something every time.  Apple pies for my husband.  Fries or a hamburger for my dogs.  Kind of defeats the point of the free iced coffee. 

Me when they say the price due is $0.00

// I confess I am so excited about a long weekend.  Like, I'm ready to loose my sanity at work if I don't get a break... so this is coming at a great time.

// I confess I'm determined to FINALLY get my closet switched over from winter to summer.

// I confess that I confessed that a few weeks ago & never made it #fail

// I confess I forgot my Fitbit the other day & felt like my arm was cut off.  I felt so lost. I need to see my steps now all during the day. #AnotherAddiction

// I confess my photo session for this weekend had to cancel (it was a maternity session & she had the baby 13 weeks early... pray for this family!!!) - I am now photo free for the first time in a few weeks. I'm actually excited to photography my own life ... I get so caught up taking pictures for everyone else, I miss my own sometimes.

// I confess that Drew Barrymore looking amazing so quickly after pregnancy blows my mind.  I bet moms everywhere sort of hate her.

Supportive: Drew was accompanied by her doting husband Will Kopelman

// I confess that the things with dogs dying from jerky treats from China sort of freaks me out.  That's why I've been giving my dog animal crackers for treats.  Seriously. Like that's better for them? Probably not... but at least its not going to kill them.

// I confess I need this shirt...

I need it to add on
... "Yes, with Nutella"....

// I confess this video is hilarious.  I know its making the rounds.  Its worth watching again....I also confess my dad already said this is how he feels about me & now he knows why my neck hurts all the time.  "He just kept getting medal... after medal... after much weight...."

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pinterest Says So: Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Here we go... I'm on a roll... 2 weeks in a row of checking out Pinterest & actually doing something...

Last night, I finished dinner & was craving something sweet.  While I've been battling the call that Nutella keeps screaming at me, I ended up going to Pinterest & finding this baby...

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Who says you have to live without ice cream? This dessert is made with only two ingredients — frozen bananas and peanut butter — and is only 152 calories per serving. All you need is a blender. Photo: Jenny Sugar

& only 2 ingredients? 
Yes please

I love the instructions literally say:

Who says you have to live without ice cream? This dessert is made with only two ingredients — frozen bananas and peanut butter — and is only 152 calories per serving. All you need is a blender.

Why can't every recipe be that simple?

I ended up pulling out a frozen banana & instead of adding peanut butter, I added PB2 Chocolate...

Yes... yes... yes...

It was delish.  Tasted like a Wendy's Frosty... seriously & honestly...

The only thing that I'm not sure about?  If my Nutribullet can hold up with that frozen banana... I wonder if there is a trick I should know.

Cut the bananas up smaller before freezing?
Add some sort of liquid?

I also read that once its blended, put back in the freezer to make it even more solid like ice cream...

yes... yes... yes...

All I can say - I'm stocking up on frozen bananas, PB2 chocolate & I'm looking forward to a cold summer treat!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Runner's Tell All

Yep... 2 posts in one day...
Click the button to join other awesome runners
Look at me!
But when I saw that runners were linking up?  Well, I hate when there's a party & I don't get to join in...
This month, the topic is Race Pictures...
The perfect time for me to post the picture of my last race.
I just thought the other day that I never did post it.
Well, while it's not my best race, nor is it the best picture (Hello hiding face)
I still love it
It's accomplishment
It's having my best friend & my biggest cheerleader next to me
It's about what it looks like when doubt gets kicked in the face

Yep... I kinda like this picture

Its a Soap Box kinda day....

Its no secret how much I love documentaries...

I've talked about it here before.

Beauty & the Beast, Steven Curtis Chapman, Hugh Jackman... & documentaries.

These are a few of my favorite things....

I'm not sure how I came across the documentary "Vegucated" but somehow it crossed my path.  All it took were the words, Vegan & Challenge & I wanted to check it out.

I ended up actually finding it on YouTube to watch for free & clicked the arrow & GO...

Only I wasn't expecting what I saw ... & was reminded of...

I guess because I just came out of seeing the other documentary called SuperCharge me! which is a documentary of a lady going raw for 30 days & how it effected her body & what a raw diet can do.

Nope... not all kale & green & showgirl dreams in this one...

It was a reminder on what happens to animals as people continue to gobble them up.

I'm not posting this to point fingers & scream at anyone for being a meat eater... it's just that its so disturbing to me the truth & facts... & I honestly believe people just don't know.

Sometimes I'd rather not know the things I know...

There is one young girl who had the hardest time with the challenge because she loved meat... but then she saw what happens in all these factories - to chickens, cows, pigs, even fish - & she said, "How is this even allowed?" ...


& now, she's happily giving up meat.  She said, "How can I know this now & go back to supporting this cruel industry?"


Here she is when she saved a chicken from a 'organic chicken farm'
that still had horrible conditions

Again - no judgment anywhere...

I just sat watching this, with fingers crossing my eyes so I didn't have to really see everything that I already knew... & I cried...

Yes, I cry over animals... especially cruelty to animals.

We all jump on board when we see dogs or cats treated in cruel ways....

I just wish there were more of a passion for all animals...

Where's my PETA membership card at? :)

Stepping off my soap box...