Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm alive... just preparing...

... tap mic...

Hello... anyone there...

Just wanted to drop in real quick to say I'm still alive...

We've been doing some things around the house, taking care of errands, trying to get some things more organized.... so nothing really exciting happening really.

For me, my biggest thing I've been working on this week... preparing... prepping.

Meal Planning!

Something I never thought I would say I would do...

But I'm starting my 21 Day Fix next week... & this is going to take some doing. 

I'm going to talk more about it on Monday, when I kick it off....

But for now, I'm a Pinterest addict trying to find ideas & make all my lists & grocery shopping pick up stuff list...  It's been consuming.

I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about container colors & food... like seriously couldn't turn my brain off from thinking it.

To say its all I've been looking into the past week would be an understatement.

Don't say I'm not going into this prepared.

Have a great weekend everyone.. & I'll be back Monday with my kick off for my next adventure!

Friday, May 22, 2015

I finished my first BeachBody program.... & I felt defeated....

Let me tell you, it was a roller coaster of emotion.

Not probably in the way you think.

First, I got really emotional going through the last work out. 

Now, I know I have the DVD's - its not like I'm loosing a friend that I'll never see again. I can put the same DVD back in the player tonight & continue doing it... I get that.  But something about finishing the program.  Seeing that last work out on the charted calendar... it really was emotional for me. 

I made it... 9 weeks!


ME!  Making it 9 weeks!  That's saying something!

Those last 55 seconds of punches, it was the same emotion as you see the finish line ahead & you cross it... exactly the same feeling.

I did it.

I finished my first Beachbody program.  Good on you! ... as Dan Cohen says at the end of it.

Talk about a high!

.... & then the low....

I thought, I'd never done this before.  I made it to the end.  Time to measure & see where I stand.

I pull out my card that I took weight & measurements when I began.

Let's just say life went downhill quickly, swiftly, rapidly.

Each measurement was awful.  The same, or increased.  My waist was the worst.  Gained 1 inch in my waist... gained a 1/2 inch each in my thighs. 

Are you freaking kidding me?


I took my before & after pictures... & that did me in.

I literally couldn't talk when the hubs asked me what was wrong.

I just felt so defeated.  No other word for it.

I invested 9 weeks of my time & its not like I truly expected results like I see on TV.  But to GAIN weight & GAIN inches? 

It's like, 'Why do I bother?'... but dear Lord, what would I look like if I didn't even bother at all?

... I ended up sitting on the couch watching the finale of The Flash with the hubs & then went to bed...with the sun still out.

I couldn't even deal with life.

... today is a new day... I'm still feeling frustrated.  Still feeling defeated.

But I wont give up.

Just throwing a pity party right now....

I'll be back at it though.. I know I will...

...But dang....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

{Daily Life} Concrete Smoothies, Plus Size Models & Saving $7.00

May 20, 2015 / Wednesday

First, can we stop & recognize the date.  5/20/15 ... I have a thing for the number 5 so days like that just make me happy.  I am a certified number nerd.  #truth


Started my day off with a smoothie.  I have run out of spinach to make all my smoothies look like they are uber healthy - but I loaded up on the frozen blueberries. 

Fun fact - blueberries are supposed to be good for inflammation.  My whole body is an inflamed mess.

But I also have been doing good at freezing my bananas for my smoothies to make them a little thicker.

With a frozen banana & frozen blueberries... I thought my Nutribullet was going to explode.  I seriously think I smelled fire getting ready to happen.  But it was yummy & felt like a milk shake.

I probably could have done the Dairy Queen Blizzard test & turned it upside down & it wouldn't have budged.

Side Note - I've never had anyone from Dairy Queen actually turn it upside down for me.  I've also only bought maybe 2 blizzards my whole life.


Had my usual Subway at lunch... Lunch date.  Every Wednesday, I meet up with my hubs for a standing lunch date.  Ahhhh....

After work, I headed to the grocery.  I say it every time. It's EXPENSIVE to eat healthy.  I'm not even joking when I say, I don't get out of the first aisle (which is produce & the health food area) where my basket isn't full & already is at LEAST $75.00 ...

I was so happy though that I remembered to load up my grocery card with the digital coupons..... PLUS, I had a $7.00 off coupon that I got on my last grocery trip. They felt sorry for all the money I drop.  When my bill came up to $71.00 for the trip, I felt like I wont the lottery.  Food ain't cheap.

I did come out with a Kombucha to see if it would help my nausea that is STILL killing me.  I figured the probiotics PLUS Ginger would have to help.  It actually did too... though I woke up in the middle of the night nauseated all over again... sigh...


I got in my Les Mills workout... I can't believe tonight is the LAST ONE in the series!  That 9 weeks went really fast!!!

My legs felt a little bit better too.  Still shaky & weak, but it was better.

I'm making a subconscious choice to get some protein in at least 30 minutes after I work out. I even bought some Protein Plus juice things to drink a little after I work out.  I totally don't do it right when I work out & think about refueling the body properly.

I'm just like, give me chocolate.

We'll see if it helps.

& then I just worked on my Bible Journal & watched all the news of the new Plus Size model that is popping up everywhere.  Love seeing someone strut their stuff no matter their size.... interesting to hear all the comments.  On TV, every one seems so supportive which is awesome, but man, get online & hear the comments pour out at what they think she really looks like.  I guess people feel more free to speak behind a screen. I think these are the same people who are just buttheads in real life anyways.

Do your thang girl!!!!

I'm just glad to see someone besides a stick-like-figure on the cover of a magazine.

Those girls only make me sad that I'll never have a thigh gap.

I ended my night watching Survivor & cheering on the winner.


Almost to the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Ordinary" posts begin....

Note to start off on:  I started this blog to sort of just document for me my journey in health & fitness... or striving towards it anyways.  I have found myself really trying to struggle for post 'ideas' or keeping up with the latest topics... & while I still enjoy linking up & joining in on fun ideas, I'm probably going to incorporate a few more of just "daily diary" sort of entries.  Just how my day went... what it looked like... how I felt.. what I'm worried about... what I achieved in a day. 

I'm no expert at anything really, but I know my life... so while that may be boring to some of you & some of you may want to bail out of my blog, I'm giving you a pass.  I get it... but if you are just interested in hearing my journey, my thoughts & letting me know if you relate in any way, then stick around for more 'oridinary' days...

& don't forget, my other blog (link at the top) is always full of randomness :)

Moving on...

5.19.14 - Tuesday

I have just felt horrible this past week.  I think it started over the weekend.  Nausea has taken me over.  Not sure why.  & no, I'm not pregnant. 

Everyone always assumes pregnant. 

I always tell everyone my female factory is ready to shut down... not produce anything.

But the nausea has been RIDICULOUS... 

I had a little talk with God about it & begging Him for some relief.


It was such a beautiful day so I got out at lunch & went to the local park.

Stopped at Subway on the way & got my usual Veggie sandwich... so happy they have guacamole back.  I get that instead of honey mustard or any other dressing - its creamy enough to serve in place of any dressing.

I chowed it down & then walking a little loop around the park.  School was out so the park was full cray-cray with kids running & screaming.  Entertainment at its finest.  It made me want to run through the fountains with them.  My office would have loved me coming back soaked to the bone.

I was so tired though & wanted to stay awake till 11 to see the end of Dancing with the Stars so I thought this would be the time to get an iced coffee.  There is a little local coffee shop across the park that I've always wanted to try... this would be the day... except no...

it was closed for plumbing problems. DANG IT.

So I found a McDonalds - because there's one on every corner - & went through the line to get an iced coffee.... only it took me 20 minutes to get it.  Had me pull forward because they were out of coffee... really?  & then they forgot about me.

The manager ended up giving me a large for my troubles.  Geez.  Thanks. I don't even WANT a large. I want to stay up to 11pm -not 11am the next day.


I got in my Les Mills 30 minute video.  & I felt like straight up weak, worn out, awful, disgusting poop.  Descriptive enough?

My legs just felt weak as anything. I felt like I couldn't get a strong kick for the life of me.

Confession:  I panic when something seems off.... so I'm all nervous wondering what is wrong with my legs & muscles.  I want to Google it so badly but know that's only going to cause a panic attack... ask me how I know. Yep, have done it too many times....

So I'm just chalking it up to working out 10 days straight, hitting my goal of over 10,000 steps every day this month... I'm pushing my quads.  That's gotta be it.  Nothing serious like WebMD would totally tell me it is.

I didn't even make dinner & ended up just eating those Natural Salted Ruffles with cheese dip.  Real healthy, huh?

But I had to take Harvey to the vet & no time to eat anything that was worth warming up. 

I ended up getting home & just watched my Dancing with the Stars finale... with my legs still feeling shaky & weak... & hungry....

& then I couldn't fall asleep.  Thanks iced coffee.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TOTR: Favorite Running Movies

1. Spirit of the Marathon

I know every runner is going to post this today.  But I love it.  I will still watch it before any half marathon I run... its so inspiring to me to see real life struggle & the real look at what it takes to train.  When they cross the finish line, I cry every time... & am ready to tackle another race.

2. Run Fat Boy Run

Run Fat Boy Run. Simon Pegg is awesome. All my marathon and half-marathon friends must see this!

This is a cute funny movie.   A guy trying to win back the love of his life - but she's now dating someone else... & he is running a marathon.  So what does he need to do?  Run the marathon himself.  It's really cute... & the scene where he "hits the wall" towards the end of the race?  If you've ever been there, you get it.

3. Run for your Life

Run for Your Life (2008)

I love a good documentary & this one held my attention.  The story of the man who created the New York City Marathon.  It's really interesting - sort of like a soap opera - full of drama, & the end is just heart breaking.  But the legacy that is still with this race is to be applauded to Fred Lebow. 

4. Running on the Sun:  The Badwater 135

Again, I'll take a documentary any day on running... & running this is.  Ridiculous running.  135 ultra-marathon in the desert, over a mountain.  I loved all the different stories of all the different people.  You see so many walks of life... all up for this challenge.  I sit there & shake my head & say these people are crazy... & then am in awe of their strength to tackle this.  It's so inspiring.  Another one I tear up in.

5. Ultramarathon Man

Who doesn't love Dean Karnazes?  He took the challenge of doing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days... talk about sore?!?!? ... the people that he ran with helps the story so much.  I can't even wrap my head around doing something like this.  What a cool story to watch for motivation.

6. Marathon Challenge

I loved this so much.  People that have never ran in their life... going to take on a marathon.  Not all of them make it through the training.  Another one that I love because its real life. You see injuries. You see struggle. You see people that overcome.  I totally cheered for this group of people!

7.  CANT FIND IT!!!! DANG IT!!!! ... HELP!!!!

There was a documentary that I can't find the name of it now... it was the story of a man running from up north to the south... he was an older man who wasn't what you would consider a 'runner'.  Totally out of shape... was hurting & injured just in the first 5 miles of the run.  I think he took off with the help of his son in car behind him.  I can't think of the name of it... DANG IT!!! I think he may have even had heart issues along the way....

SOMEONE HELP ME!  I gotta figure it out... I want to watch it again!  I just remember crying through the whole thing!!! 

What's your favorite running movie?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Les Mills Week 8

I can't believe we're nearing the end...

This week is my last week... & its not even a full week.  It's just till Thursday. 


Actually, I think I'm going to order 21-Day Fix for my next battle. 

I've been reading up on it & looking at videos, seeing if it will work for a vegetarian & interested in trying this idea of amazing workouts (so I hear) & a food plan. 

I'm scared of the food plan.  I don't like food plans.  BUT I need help in the food area.  I'm struggling & that's my weakest area.  I can work out all day long but the weight is still there & always creeping in the wrong direction .... so I can do this for 21 days - right?

It's worth a try.  Try everything in life.

Well, not everything... running off a cliff is not a good thing to try... you get the point.

But yeah - this was a full week of Les Mills.  There usually is a rest day in there but not this week.  It worked out well for me with this 10,000 step challenge I'm doing for May. 

& this is just a good way to keep punching & kicking till the end.

I felt good & strong with my kicks & punches this week.  The past 2 weeks hasn't been that good. Maybe the humidity gets to me?

I can kick butt... but only on a pretty day :)  #diva

So only one more post for the week... & then I'll be submitting for the first time my measurements & pictures to Beachbody... I want my shirt.  I've never done that before with any of the programs I've had before.  I WANT my Les Mills Combat shirt.  I have just loved every minute of this program.
Have you ever completed a whole Beachbody program?
Have you done the 21 Day Fix?
Any races or workouts this weekend?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five: Organizing Running Goodies

5 ways to organize Running Goodies

Joining with the ladies & the topic going around is how to organize your running stuff.

Well, I'm NOT the queen of anything organizing... Martha Stewart weeps for me... but this is what works for me.

1. Easy Medal Hanger

I know there are tons of ADORABLE medal hangers with designs & running quotes, logos, people on them... I'm cheap.  Those are expensive.  So what do I?  Go redneck & get something to stick on the wall.  The hubs has a life quest of trying to minimize nail holes in the wall so these things work out perfectly.  & they make really nice fancy ones too - silver plated or black ones.  I currently have 3 in a row & they are all full but the nice thing about this?  I can add more to the side - even design it where its sort of zig-zagged on the wall... & in the end, I can change it & not have any nail holes. My hubs is proud.

2.  Shoe Boxes

I know I'm not alone when I say I need at least 5 pairs of running shoes at one time... I'm not alone - right?  For me, I hate shoes laying around everywhere so I actually keep the shoe box.  & I heard of this trick on Oprah like in the 80's... not even joking... but to take pictures of the shoe & tape on the outside so you know what shoes are which... because if you're like me, you have like 5 shoe boxes of the same brand.  That is an easy way to stack them & see which shoes are which... & I typically put the ones I wear the most on top.  & if you want to get REALLY redneck (me, raising hand) & not want to take a picture, you can always take a sharpie & describe which shoe it is on the outside of the box, even writing "Running shoe #1" or "Kickboxing shoes"... Bam - easy enough. No picture needed.  You're welcome Oprah.

3.  Keep it separated

I feel like I have so many shirts... all kinds - tanks, cotton race shirts, tech shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve - tons of them.  & I like to keep them separated.  I have all my cotton shirts in a pile that is easy to grab & put on to sleep in or if I'm staying in the house in AC ... & a drawer with nothing but shirts with tech shirts for races or on the road runs... & in that drawer, different piles for short sleeve, one for long sleeves.  It makes it so much easier to know exactly where to go pull out a shirt for a run/workout when I know exactly where the pile is at.  It's also why I can wake up on race day & grab & go...

4. Plastic storage bins

These things are my best friend.
I have one full of head/ear wraps - one full of wires for all the gadgets that need to be charge - one full of gloves that you can buy for $1.00 at the end of the winter that you can toss when you tire of them - one full of KT Tape.  I would be lost without plastic storage bins.

 5. COLORS!!!

I've learned through the years to stop buying only black.  Black shorts, black leggings.  Trying to figure out which is which in a drawer is the worst.  When you add color to your wardrobe, its easier to see what you want to wear & the ones you know fits & feels better & grab it out of the stack of other shorts.  You can still stick with black shorts or leggings too as long as there is some sort of color running down the side.  Just something that makes them a little different.

5b - or all of the same

Or if you are committed to your favorite black shorts or leggings - stick to the same brand so you know how they will fit & you can just stick all the things together & know they will always feel just right no matter what.  I can attest to this. I'm a sucker for Old Navy leggings.  I have my own black capri pile that is always a go to place.

What is your favorite trick for staying organized with your running goodies?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Hunchback doesn't live in Notre Dame

I love that we have security cameras around our house.

Its always fun to look in during the day & check where our dogs are at.  Nice to make sure our house isn't burning down.  Good to see which dog peed on the carpet in the middle of the night so the others don't get the blame.

You can look back at footage for awhile & its been fun to look back when Harvey got the hubs cell phone & he started chasing him around the back yard with intentions to strangle him & Harvey thought it was a fun game.. I watched that one a few times.

& I like looking back to see my hubby walk around the house in the morning & hear him talk to the dogs before I get up. 

Those are some of the cutest conversations.

But I ran across some footage of me getting ready for work one morning.

& I had to stop & replay it because I thought, "Who is that Hunchback walking through our living room?"

No Hunchback... just me...

Even had red hair... basically me in the morning...

I see women all the time when they are older with that slump in their shoulders & I always have a fear that will be me when I'm old & grey. I'm awful at taking calcium anyways & my bones are already proven to break at the snap of a finger... literally...

If you read about posture, its even scarier to see how it affects your internal organ - how it all gets crunched up & makes things not work to their best ability.

I'm on a mission now... get that back up straight...

Sitting at the computer pretty much 90% of my day doesn't help, but I'm trying to find some good exercises at the office...

& I think just being aware - pulling those shoulders back - makes a difference...

Makes you thinner too...

I'm ALL for that!!!

forthebeautyunderneathitall:  wiishfulshrinking:  Drop 10 Pounds with Posture  I need to try this.   :)

Do you work on your posture?
Do you notice yourself slumping?
What's your best fix for it?

The Blonder Side of Life

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pedometer Trackers: My comparison of Garmin VivoFit & Fitbit One

These little trackers are EVERY WHERE!!!

I knew these were cool before the world did.  I used to wear a pedometer that was the size of a pager - for those of you that are old enough to remember pagers when they were all the rage... before cell phones even existed.

But seriously - I have always loved the drive of knowing how many steps I've taken in a day....

& when these little gadgets came out, I was on board to upgrade my heavy hip-bearing pedometer to a little electronic wonder.

Enter into my life my FitBit One.

I have loved everything about it.  Seriously. I have recommended it to everyone. I panic when I loose it on my clothes. I can't live without it.

& then I kept seeing all these wrists trackers popping up & wondered how they worked. 

I was never planning on getting another one until my FitBit One conked out.. but then that dang Amazon had to go do a Deal of the Day on the Garmin Vivofit for $59.00 ... heck, I spend $59.00 at Starbucks in a week... not really... kinda.... so went ahead & ordered it.

So I've been using BOTH of my pedometers for 2 weeks now.  & here's my pro/con list of the two

FitBit One

* It seems pretty dang accurate.  It was actually listed in the top 3 of the most accurate pedometers because it is on the waist, along with the FitBit Zip.
* Love the ease of finding people & friending them on the app.
* Love the challenges that people extend every day or week/weekend
* Syncs automatically when turning on app or Bluetooth is on
* Counts steps in incline/stairs
* Have to remember to charge about every 7-8 days
* Easy to forget that its on clothes when you take them off & throw into the laundry
* Bulky to wear under clothes when you have to wear on undergarments
* which leads to - not always convenient to wear (dresses)
* If sitting a certain way or cramped up, will turn on sleeping mode by hitting button
Garmin VivoFit
* No battery that needs to be charged - lasts for a year
* Waterproof. Love I don't have to ever take it off.
* Comfortable.
* Use as a watch since its on my wrist
* Red Line shows when haven't moved in awhile - a great motivator to get moving.
* Like you can change the color of your bands
* Does not count steps when pushing basket/stroller, cutting grass or holding a purse & arm is not swinging, or walking while holding something.
* Counts too many steps if arms swing a lot (like in kick boxing doing punches)
*Counted LESS while running!!!!
* Does not count going up stairs
* Finding connections on app is not easy
So as you can see - they both are handy... they both have advantages & disadvantages
I really hate that the Garmin Vivo Fit is weird on how it counts & doesn't count steps.
I will go in the grocery & push the cart & it doesn't count me but going a few steps the whole time.  Can you imagine if you were in Disney World pushing a stroller all day & it took you for doing like 2000 steps for the day?  nooooo!!!!!

I even cut the grass with it on & walked for 35 minutes & it only counted me doing 100 steps the entire time.  That's really not cool.
But I will say, when it wouldn't count those steps where the arms aren't moving & my FitBit would continue to count my steps, it actually sort of even-ed out the playing field making them almost even.
& I'm not even sure how this worked, but when I went for my run for my 10k, the Garmin counted LESS steps then my FitBit... probably because with my shoulder injury, I try to minimize my arms from swinging.
That's messed up.
But I kept count of 2 weeks worth of difference
FitBit / Garmin 2 week Difference
Day 1 - 10,553 / 12,677 / 2124
Day 2 - 11,266 / 23,399 / 2133
Day 3 - 8,391 / 10,242 / 1851
Day 4 - 10,772 / 11,783 / 1011
Day 5 - 16,542 / 14,094 / <2448> ... this was my 10K???
Day 6 - 10,196 / 11,483 / 1287
Day 7 - 6,449 / 6,960 / 511
Day 8 - 10,257 / 12,263 / 2006
Day 9- 10,151 / 12,542 / 2391
Day 10 - 8,687 / 10,547 / 1850
Day 11 - 10,027 / 11,016 / 989
Day 12 - 10,322 / 10,166 / <156>
Day 13 - 11,159 / 13,348 / 2189
Day 14- 10,576 / 10,810 / 234
As you can see - there is no rhyme or reason to the difference!!!!
Some days were really close... but the majority is around 2,000 steps difference.
Go figure.
I guess the key is to know that neither is 100% accurate...
& they both have great things about them... both have flaws.
I'm not even sure I could pick a favorite if I had to because I like them both for different reasons.

I would say I would pick my FitBit for Accuracy.
I would pick my Garmin for Convenience.
I just know they keep me moving... & that's not a bad thing.
For the record, I'll probably always wear both until one of them bombs or I make the jump to the ones that have the heart rate monitors built into them... I obviously am a number person so I will enjoy the comparison thing for awhile.
Do you have a Fitness Tracker?
Which brand/kind do you prefer?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Les Mills Combat ... week 7

Only 2 more weeks to go....

Week 7 had me sort of blah... & that's weird because I really like Les Mills but I was just so busy with so much going on.

Wedding pictures, errands to run, getting emotionally run down ...

But I started off Monday - Wednesday doing the usual routines.  I've now gone through all the videos so its just on repeat... that's OK ... I love these videos.

But Thursday, I was on for a 60 minute work out but I wanted to cut the grass for my husband who walked 18 miles at work ... 18 MILES... the day before, he did 15 miles... the day before that, he did 16 miles...

he'd laugh at a marathon....

But his legs were shot, so I just did a 30 minute video instead & then cut grass for 35 minutes... balances... right?

& then this was the first weekend in all 7 weeks I missed my weekend workout.

Dang it.

It's not like I did it out of sheer lazy.

I had an early morning photo session & then I had an eye appointment at 2:30 & then I had to run out & get Mother's Day gifts for my momma. 

Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

But it was evening by the time I got home & I was just ready to relax & work on pictures ...

So this is probably my most failed week so far...

Maybe not... this next weekend, I already have all day plans so I may finish the program like a fizzled out firework... this is actually the last weekend of the plan. It finishes on a Thursday (technically Friday, but I change my rest days so it will be my Thursday)...

Oh well... its not like I'm eating bon bons & not moving...

But another week marked off on my calendar.

I'm ready to do some punches & kicks tonight - that's for sure!

How was your weekend?
How did you get your sweat on?

Friday, May 8, 2015


I haven't confess anything lately
... time to clear the air...
... we haven't turned on our A/C yet in the house.  Working out in the house when its 89 degrees outside?  I feel like maybe I could do Hot Yoga.  Talk about a sweat-fest.
always gotta love Mama June's wisdom
... I kicked Harvey Dent in the face doing Les Mills this week - he walked right in when I did a back kick & BAM!  Right to the nose.  He just sat & shook his head & looked at me like, "What did I do wrong?"... poor baby.
... good to know my back kick is effective.
... All my Cadbury Eggs are officially now gone.  I don't know how I feel about that.  Glad I don't have the temptation anymore... sad that I don't get the creamy goodness until next year.
Farewell my friends
... I cut the back yard for the Hubs yesterday... AFTER I did a workout.  Let's just say I think I almost died.  I so wish I was joking on this.  I got to dizzy & nauseated about half way through the yard but refused to stop.  It would be awful to have on my obituary, "Death by Lawn Cutting"
... I tried to find a Les Mills Combat class anywhere around me.  Apparently its not a big thing because ... crickets... nothing. I WANT A CLASS!  I need people to love kicking & punching as much as I do!!!
... why can't I get out of the grocery without spending at LEAST $100.00? ... for 2 people... & that's usually with me or Ricky having to stop at the grocery during the week to still pick up a few items. 
Me in the grocery
... Speaking of which, I don't get why healthier food is so expensive.  It's no wonder our country is in an obesity high.
... I've got an eye doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon.  My eyes are getting worse with every passing year.  I always heard that your eyes get bad between 40 - 50 year old & then they stop changing until you're in your REAL later years... At the rate my eyes are changing, by the time I'm 50, I'm going to be basically blind.
... I have a love / hate relationship with Mother's Day.  Love to celebrate my momma & all the awesome moms out there... hate it for the women who feel "less then" during the day.  Society is messed up.  You're a man & don't have kids - no problem - no questions asked.   You're a woman with no kids & everyone gives you either the "sad pity face" - the "What's wrong with you?" face or the "what kind of woman are you?" face... good times.

... I am trying to do very little today... just counting down till the weekend!!!!

What's on your mind today?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some of my latest products I've tried

I'm always on the hunt for looking for health products & items.

& if I can help someone decide on whether to try it, all the better.

The first thing I've tried lately...

Vega Protein 7 Greens - Chocolate

First, let me say, I'm not a fan of chocolate protein powders.   Something about them tastes weird to me.  But I have a load of vanilla & found a recipe for a drink to mix chocolate protein powder with coffee... yes please... so I decided to try this one that had the added bonus of 'greens' in it. 

I will say, I'm STILL not a great fan of chocolate protein powders after this... BUT it's tolerable.  & when you see you get all the added goodness like 2 servings of greens & a plant based protein, I can really stomach it.

I actually just ordered it in Vanilla to give that a try as well.

It Works Greens - Orange Flavor

On the hunt for more greens, someone actually reached out to me about trying this product.  It's supposed to 'alkalize' which I guess is the new big word to use lately & 'detoxify' which is also a hot topic word.  I thought, what the hey....

I have one word for this ... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... just NO!!!!!!

UGH... I've never tasted anything so disgusting in my life... & I can tolerate A LOT.  I do know that this one - the orange flavor - has no sweetener in it.  I don't care. I can't imagine sweetener making this any better in the least.

I did buy the berry flavored - only because you have to do a 3 month commitment with It Works... which is stupid... & I haven't even opened it.  I'll probably turn around & sell it on Ebay for $10.00 ... I'd rather get something out of it then just throwing it away.

Not impressed with this stuff one bit.

The Kyoto Burrito

If I had one word for the product above, I definitely have one word for this product as well

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... & yes again... & again.

It's a burrito full of everything yummy.  Spinach, Edamame, shitake mushrooms. 
This is honestly the best burrito I think I have ever eaten.

& its something yon can pop in the microwave for 2 minutes & viola, healthy dinner.

The hubs actually found these at Target!!!!  They aren't cheap for a frozen burrito but so worth it. We're going to get more this weekend!

So what's the latest product you've tried lately?
Ever tried any of these?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 6 Les Mills Combat

I can't believe I'm working into week 7...

That means there is 2 weeks left.  This program goes up to 9 weeks.

I haven't even given a second thought on what I'm going to do afterwards.

I just want more workouts in Les Mills Combat.

Beachbody - can you get on that please?

I will say, week 6 sort of kicked my butt. 

There was the final addition of the last video in my set.  The 60 minute LIVE version.

It was cool to see how many people were doing the workout along with you & it was weird to hear some of the other people that are familiar faces in other videos, to hear their actual voices. 

There's a blond girl on there whose voice I did NOT expect to sound like that.

& a guy that pretty much sounded like an Arnold with an even MORE German accent.

I was excited for another 60 minute work out video but I actually really didn't even like this one.  Not sure why.  I just didn't care for new moves like a "push" move... seemed like a waste...

& there's another series that has you doing a bunch of leg work. I just hated that one because it just plan hurt. My legs were like jello by the end of it.  I guess that's a good thing & shows me my quads need a LOT of work....

So that's it for new videos...

the next 2 finals weeks will just be switching them up.

I guess I need to start figuring out what my next game plan is going to be....

until then... I'm STAYING WITH THE FIGHT!

Monday, May 4, 2015

How the month went: April 2015


24 days worked out
17 days over 10,000 steps
9.45 miles done

I felt like I kicked April in the butt with my workouts!

Nothing marked out as "injured" or "Sick"... that's been on the last few months calendar so this one makes me happy.

My step count became a priority too.  & I'm so proud that I made it for a 8 day stretch over 10,000.  That inspires me because I'm taking the challenge of getting in 10,000 EVERY DAY for May ... so far so good on that too....

& see those little red stars?  Those are morning where I did a 5am work out as well.  They were usually a 5, 7 or 10 minute work out - depending when I got out of bed.

I have enjoyed doing those morning "Bootycall" workouts... BUT...

I'm not sure I'm going to continue them.

Why?  Because my weight has gone UP this month.. .like 4 lbs UP...


I know, I know... I'm going to hear the thing about muscle is more & measuring & blah blah blah....

but nope. 

I'm not buying it.

My weight is the highest EVER... & my clothes don't feel like 'muscle' is a factor.

I was so proud of my work outs for the month... & leaving April feeling depressed & defeated.


Just dang it....

But I'm not giving up.

Thought I'm still in the air about the 5am workouts, I will continue the evening workouts & I will get my steps in....

I am focusing on my water intake
I know I need to focus more closely on my nutrition.
Something has to give with those things plus my exercising.

It just has to give....