Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five: Favorite fall foods

Favorite Fall Foods

Food... my favorite topic.
I may be a loser lately on fitness & exercise, but food?  I always have an opinion & thoughts.

Today, the ladies hosting the Friday Five chose the topic of your favorite Fall Foods...

where do I start...

1.  Apples

Maybe because we live next to an orchard that has a big apple festival, but I love apples especially in the fall.  I am biased that apple pie is my favorite desert too. ... oh man, I'm craving a piece now.  But I love apples just plain (I say plain, but plain is always with salt)... or with peanut butter on them... or baked with cinnamon on them. Oh man. I love a good apple.

2. Stuffing

I always say my body is made up of 90% carbs & stuffing doesn't let me down.  Most people get excited about turkey during Thanksgiving, but even before I was a vegetarian, I was more excited about the stuffing.  Bread broke up & baked with lots of spices & some veggies?  Yes please.  I just ran across a recipe this morning for a quinoa stuffing. That looked intriguing too.

3. Dumplings

This goes in with the Thanksgiving thing as well & this is a childhood favorite & memory. My grandmother used to make the WORLDS BEST DUMPLIN'S... not dumplings. Dumplin's ... when she passed away, they went with her. Her daughters have tried to duplicate them.  No one can do it. I always said she left out an ingredient on purpose so we would all miss her cooking.  Its hard to find dumplings without chicken in them... this is making me want to find a recipe where I can make them at home - chicken free.

4. Soup

I never have soup & not think of the soup nazi

I was going to put chili, but I'm all about anything warm & comforting on fall cold nights. This will be the same if we do a winter food topic.  It's so filling too.  I've been on a potato soup kick lately.  Told you carbs were my best friend.

5. Pumpkin Pie

I had to go out on this one... as much as I love apple pie, I do love Pumpkin pie during the holidays.  Load up some cool whip on top & I'm in heaven. I used to make a great one & haven't done it in awhile. I need to dig out the recipe for it & get all the ingredients... if I have nothing else next week for Thanksgiving, know I will have a piece of pumpkin pie.  It's healthy after all - right?  Pumpkin IS healthy...

What's your favorite fall food?

My Breakfast is better... Hemp Hearts

I've talked before about how I get in such food ruts.

Same food over & over... day in, day out.

So I was excited when I got something in the mail to try... I got even more excited when I found it was food.

This girl will always be excited when food comes to her door.

Hemp Hearts

I wasn't even sure what to do with this stuff at first because I'm such a non-kitchen person. 

I mean some people can see this &immediately think of 12 recipes to create.  I'm like, what can I sprinkle it on...

& I actually did just that. 

The front of the package even tells me what to do.  Salads & yogurt are always on my go-to foods so I thought this would be a great way to try it.

I have been using my bag to sprinkle on top of my greek yogurt with honey.  Let me tell you, with Greek Yogurt & this?  I think I've got my protein covered for the day, which is exactly what I need being a vegetarian.  I really do have a hard time getting in enough protein in a day & this stuff really helps. 

I was curious to see what the other health benefits were from this products

Hemp hearts like we mentioned are a complete protein.
... it also contains essential fatty acids omega 6 & omega 3
... it's also a great source of soluble & insoluble fiber.
... its packed with vitamins like A, B1, B2, D & E as well as the minerals calcium & iron

Its said that hemp hearts are also great at curbing hunger. I feel like greek yogurt fills me up for awhile anyways, so this was just an added benefit.

If you want to give it a try, you can check out Manitoba Harvest & use a 20% off code.  Who doesn't love a 20% off code?  (Code: HHSweatPink14) ... hurry though, the discount expires November 30th.

Check out their site too because they are more genius then I am & actually have recipes as well as all sorts of hemp products.

Going into the holidays, who doesn't need more energy & a fuller belly & some extra boosts of health?  I'll definitely have to keep this a stable in my diet...

Even Chuck Norris gives it a thumbs up

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The legacy moms are leaving now....

I was looking through Instagram & I see how many fitness friends I have.

It's incredible.

All the pictures of people working out every day, people making healthy food choices, people deciding to do things naturally & taking care of themselves.

It's so inspiring.

But what I think I love the most?  Active moms that are the coolest examples to their children.

When I was growing up, we played, but mom's back then didn't really do all that running, or God forbid, lift weights.  Cross Fit would have killed Mrs. Cleaver in her heels.

But I see pictures of a friend of mine who goes to Cross Fit & takes her kids - & her daughter loves it & is trying for her own goals. ... her DAUGHTER!  I love that so much.  Girl Power getting stronger in the next generation.

I see my step daughter showing her boys that she is a runner.  How she makes it a priority to get runs in, whether it be outside or on the treadmill.  & now my grandbabies know all about running, doing the fun runs in races, even on the cross country team.

Side note - I think its so adorable that kindergarten has cross country! 

My incredible step daughter with 2 of her boys...
as soon as the baby learns to walk, I'm sure running on his agenda

You see articles of pregnant women running, competing in track races, lifting weights, doing hand stands....

what a legacy that is leaving for the kids of today...

they get what it is to be healthy.  What it means to make working out a priority.

I love that.
I feel like its so important.
I just wanted to give a thumbs up to you all who are being an incredible examples to your children.

Keep being awesome moms.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm still around... just stressing out is all....

I'm still here everyone...I'm alive...

I think...

yeah, I know I'm alive because my body is making it's mark every day lately.

So, we've been doing this office move & its just as delightful as I thought it would be..

& I'm not sure if the stress of it has gotten to me & the stress of worrying about family being sick & stress of just life at the holidays or what, but I have felt so bad for the past 2 weeks.

I mean BAD!!

I mean no appetite, stomach ache, up in the middle of the night nauseated, feeling like someone is stabbing in the gut, which is always fun,  & always running to the bathroom kinda bad...

I'm hoping it's all stress...

I'm the type of person who is an admitted hypochondriac too so when I get sick & don't recover well, I literally make myself sick... & I am caught up in this right now...

I'm almost to the point where I need to make a doctor's appointment so I can spend a lot of money for them to tell me "You're fine"..

or I need a vacation to Disney... one or the other...

But wanted to drop in & let everyone know I'm still here.

Even if I am green faced & ready to dash to the bathroom at any minute....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Getting back in the swing of things...

Working out...

yeah, I used to be into that...

& then vacation happened... & my back injury again happened & not feeling good happened... & being depressed happened...

& working out has been slacking.

I was starting in the 2nd phase of my P90X3 & feeling great.  & I had every intention of working out on vacation, especially since plans got nixed & we were going to be home.

& then I hurt my back the minute I woke up on the morning of vacation.

& the first thing Ricky said to me, "Don't even think about working out"... & for the first time,  I knew I couldn't.  I usually push myself, working out even when I know I probably shouldn't.  This time, I knew I couldn't. Talk about humbling.  So the whole week was off.

& then the time changed.

Let me tell you. I sink into a deep depression when the time changes. I know its coming & I try to fight it, but when its dark at 5:30, I just want to put on PJ's & hide & go to bed. I cop the attitude of "I don't care about life"

... & then for the past 4 weeks, my stomach has been a mess. Like a MESS...

I used to have issues with IBS but when I gave up meat about 3 years ago, I haven't had one problem with it.  I don't know if my issues now are related to IBS or what is going on, but its a lot of feeling nauseated, stomach pains, nothing fun.

& then we're moving at work.  I don't even want to talk about it. I'm so depressed about this whole work issue.  Add work depression on top of darkness depression & its a perfect storm of depression

So what do I do now - because I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.  I want to let working out be my antidepressant - which is hard at first... but I'm getting that kick in my butt to get back at it.

I'm not sure whether to pick up in the 2nd part of my P90X3...
or do I start at the beginning?

I did my old T25 last night just to get a good sweat & some cardio going.

My heart rate was up in the 150's... my heart was saying, "Wow, its been awhile since I pumped"

& Tuesday, I did the best antidepressant work out - I just put in "Just Dance" in my Xbox & moved for 55 minutes...

I think I'm going to just play out 2014 by ear...
Do what I can do...
move however I can move...

praying my back & knee take a turn for the better & that my mood picks up...

& praying I don't end up an extra 20 lbs heavier by the start of 2015...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Undoing the Damage of Sitting... a class in Louisville!!!

I hate sitting all day long.

I can feel the pressure of it on my back,  I can feel the stiffness in my legs when I stand up. You can just tell how bad it is for your body.  I've talked about it before here on my blog...

I think its crazy how they say its just as damaging as smoking... & no offense to any smokers that stop by here, but I have never put a cigarette to my mouth or even have any desire to do that to my body.

Thank you Health Teacher showing me the lungs of a smoker...

So I wanted to take the time today to pass this info along if you are in the Louisville, KY area.

Damage of Sitting

A pretty awesome lady, Rennay from Vegetarian in the Ville is hosting an event next Thursday to help with the issues of sitting.

First of all, Rennay is fantastic. I actually 'met' her on Daily mile & saw she was a runner in the area.  She reached out to me to do her engagement pictures so I got to meet her face to face.  I love when you wonder how someone is going to be & they are exactly how you expect.  & yeah, she's just as awesome in person.

She's now taking her love of running & fitness & how the body works & doing so much with it in her life ... & this is one of the things you can be involved in.

So check out the email & phone numbers & sign up if you are someone like me who sits all day long for your job.  Get that body stretched out!... & go see how awesome Rennay is!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at how a weekend goes

DOWN // Our heat is broke... I think we've had issues with our heat every year since we moved into this house 13 years ago

UP // I got to spend Friday night reading. I rarely get to do that.

DOWN // I did it while keeping the dogs company while the heat repair man was at our house.  Try & read with 3 dogs wanting you to pet them & play with them.

UP // I finally downloaded Mindy Kaling book... I am always a little late when it comes to reading books.

UP // Down comforters when the heat is out

DOWN // Hubs had to work. It's a double down because first he has to work & its Saturday - that shouldn't be allowed.  2nd, when he works, I can't sleep in. It's just too much going on with the dogs freaking out that he's leaving, so an early morning.   I only get 2 chances a week to sleep in.  When you miss Saturday, 50% is already messed up.

UP // She Reads Truth is finally on Android

DOWN // My stomach has been a mess lately.  I'm wondering if it's a gluten thing. I just started eating bagels & I'm thinking that's when my issues started.

UP // I'm in love with Bailey's mudslide chocolate creamer. I wanted 2 cups of coffee - its that good.

DOWN // if I had 2 cups of coffee - my heart would literally explode.

if it makes me this happy, maybe I should go for it

UP // I knitted all morning... I mean ALL MORNING.

DOWN // Had a knit fail...

UP //... but I 'frogged' it & made it into a beautiful headband I'm mailing to a blog buddy.

UP // the weather cooperated with me for my final photo sessions of the year.

UP/DOWN // It's always bitter sweet when its the last session of the year, but I purposefully don't schedule anything after a few weeks into November so I can enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas without having to worry about editing & appointments & weather & just all the photography stuff.

Me at the end of photo season

UP // I got my first red cup from Starbucks after my session.  Chai Tea, I love you.

UP // Also earned my free reward for my next drink.  Gotta save it up for a venti. Or trenta.

UP// Got to see my husband for about an hour...

DOWN//... & then had to leave him again...

UP// .... to meet my family & go see the Wizard of Oz at a school play.

UP // I love my one twin niece loves me...

DOWN //... & makes me sad the other twin does everything she can to avoid me #opposites

DOWN // My back was doing great. Didn't even bother me one bit during the 2 sessions I had earlier... but those seats in that auditorium?  Give me strength Lord. I sat leaning up 90% of the play trying to get the pressure off of my back. I was in tears going to bed.

how I felt in the school chairs

UP // School plays are awesome in the cheesy-factor.  One time the wicked witch came across on a wire & they lost control... I snorted from laughing.  I apologize if her family was around me. It was pretty funny though.

UP // Knitted hats to cover hair I don't want to straighten.

UP // fingerless gloves when its chilly.

UP // back in youth group with kids I just think are great...

DOWN //.... except one kid who just really is a preteen boy. He doesn't care for me & he was alone with me in our group.  He just tries to push me to my limits.  I tried to be kind, give him chances but with only 5 minutes left in the class, I had to tell him to leave.... I left church a nervous wreck, shaking from rudeness... sad... 

UP/DOWN // we went & had lunch at a place that has TV's everywhere with every football game going. UP for Ricky & his fantasy football heart.. DOWN for me because its like eating by myself.

UP //  It was a beautiful Sunday... couldn't have been better.  Well, maybe if I wont the lottery, but that's another issue.

DOWN // The Walking Dead.  Anyone else watch it this week & just not care.  Though I did like the last 5 minutes with Eugene. ... & his Tennessee Topper - is that what he called his mullet?  I laughed.

DOWN // Our heat is still broke... & freezing temps are coming... great

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five: Staying Healthy during the Holidays

Friday Five:  Staying healthy during the Holidays
This is a funny topic for me since I am the queen of gaining at least 5 lbs during the Holidays - so maybe this is more of a goal list for me with suggestions for you...
Lord knows I'm no expert on this topic

ONE // Keep Moving!

I'm so bad about the holidays being busy with gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, places to go, people to see... that exercise gets pushed to the side.
I'm going to schedule in every day... make time for it.
 TWO // Remember Holiday party clothes

What does that even mean?
I just know last year I had some holiday parties to go to & went to get in my closet & NOTHING FIT. I ended up going to my husband's work party so uncomfortable. Tight pants where I had to sneak & unbutton them half way through the night.
No one wants that feeling.
So remember those clothes in your closet. You want to stay in them.
Motivation right there.

THREE // Snacks to go

I'm really bad about being out all day shopping & getting hungry, so why not stop at the local place in the mall... where everything is at least 750 calories.
I need to remember to pack some Mojo Bars or Lara Bars.
Shopping needs fuel.

FOUR //  Stay Happy

Again, I know this is about me. I know most people really love the holidays... me? I get depressed. Its so much stress, so much pressure. I tend to get really depressed during that time of year- not to mention it being dark so early.
& when I get depressed, its easy to sulk into an "I don't care" attitude about everything - which doesn't end up with healthy results.
So I need to keep focusing on happy things during the holidays.
This is a hard thing for me...which its why a goal.
All of you that are happy during this time - what's your secret?

FIVE // Limits

Yes it does Lindsay... yes it does...

It is the holidays only once a year so allow yourself limits to enjoy things.
It's not every day that I can taste some amazing stuffing or find certain candy that reminds me of being a kid again.
So I'll enjoy it... but realize limits are there for a reason.

What are your tips for a healthy holiday?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Where's the weigh-in post?

I realize I was supposed to do my weigh in post yesterday...

& then stepped on the scale... the week after vacation... the week after being injured & not working out for almost 2 weeks...

Yeah... you could imagine ...

& I just sort of didn't care

My uncle just found out he has pancreatic cancer.  This is a man who is healthy & fit for a 63 yr old man.  He hikes to the top of the Smoky Mountains... he plays with his grandchildren... he's thin...

& then one day, BAM!  A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer...

& they went to do surgery yesterday to remove the tumor in his pancreas. & then opened him up & found it had spread to his liver... so they closed him back up.  & now they are putting time limits on his life & giving him options if chemo will help...

it's all surreal...
it's all numbing..
it all ticks me off

I hate cancer.

So really, I don't even care about my weight

Gain, loss... who cares..
I am healthy today...

even if my pants are a little tighter...

Sometimes life throws things at you that puts important things in perspective.

What that scale says doesn't matter.

It's waking up another day
enjoying another day
moving another day
living another day

Suck it scale...
suck it cancer...


All the gloom & sadness... I find that laughter is the best medicine... so I'm posting this to lighten things up... since my scale isn't lightening up... ba-da-dum...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anyone can Run...really?

Sunday... the big day... the New York Marathon.

I always love when marathons are on TV.  To me, I'll watch that all day long.  Funny since I watch no other sporting event on TV... except tennis.  No Super Bowl, no World Series, no NCAA Tournament.  But put a few hours of people running & I'll sit & watch... I am who I am...

One thing I loved about it - there were all sorts of commercials & attention given to runners.  I loved the Asics commercial.

I loved the commercial for the Disney movie coming out in February about runners with Kevin Costner.

I love when they did the stats on Meb... (the man really stays IN THE AIR for over 70% of the time?!?!?)

& there was a commercial about an amputee that was so inspiring... I wish I could find it.

But he talks about how it doesn't cost a lot of money - you can do it anywhere - that anyone can do it...

I loved it...

& then I sat there with an ice pack on my back where I've pulled something or slipped something... & my knee aching & I thought, can anyone really do it?

Anyone?  That's a bold statement... It made me feel like I'm set aside of the 'cool crowd'.  Because right now, I can't run.  I'm sure there are lots of people out there that can't run for one reason or another...

I mean, I CAN do it... but is it safe?  Not right now - not with the pain I'm in...

An inspiring commercial ended up making me feel really bad about myself...

I want to be able to run
I miss running

I guess I need to just look at it as something to work for again...

I will run again
I will get my body stronger to be able to handle running

I won't give up

But I wanted to say to anyone that can't run right now & probably won't be able to in the future... there are other things that can give you a sense of accomplishment.  Of well being. Of being fit. Of taking care of yourself.

It's about finding what works for you...

Anyone can take better care of themselves... that's what I want the message to me...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ups & Downs... vacation edition...

Where we look at how life rolls

I'm back... from vacation... that's an automatic down...

but it was a busy week... so let's take a quick look at some of how it went...

UP // I got to sleep... without an alarm clock... wonderful!

DOWN // I refused to let myself sleep too late though. I know myself. If I let myself sleep late, I stay up late & then by the time I get back to work, I'm not sleeping at all.  If I didn't have a job, I would be one of those girls that stay up all night & reads & sleeps all morning long.

DOWN // Monday... the first day of the vacation, I hurt my back. I mean HURT MY BACK.  Worse then anything I have ever done. I leaned down to open up Harvey Dent's kennel & my back seized up. Like, I was hunched over & couldnt move. Made it to the phone & called Ricky crying & saying I needed to go to the ER.  Yeah... that's how my vacay started.  I ended up getting an ice pack, laid on it. Put on some Panaway Essential Oil & took some Ibuprofen & did nothing the rest of the day.  There you go.  Monday sucks even on vacation.

UP // I got roses for our 19th anniversary. Who doesn't love the surprise of roses?

UP // We got to eat where I wanted to for our anniverary - a little Italian restaurant that I love....

DOWN // ... & the waiter, for some unknown reason, gave us half an order. WHAT?  Who ordered half an order?  Thanks for saving me the calories dude, but I eat here once a year & wanted the full deal.

UP // Savings all those calories let us go to the Homemade Pie Kitchen.... apple pie with a carmel topping?  OH yeah - that's celebrating our anniversary.

UP // Outlet shopping... enough said.

UP // Outlet shopping on a Wednesday afternoon where the only people there are 4 people in the whole place.

UP // Finding Beauty & the Beast stuff...even after all this time.

UP // Lunch at my second place I almost chose for our anniversary dinner. I ended up getting both my places I wanted to eat.

DOWN // I didn't pick a good thing to eat at PF Changs. It was so bland. Like my own cooking was better then this.

UP // My dogs were so happy we were home. I mean, Harvey Dent slept in the bed with us every night - after Monday. I refused to open the kennel anymore.

UP // Daytime TV...  I love daytime TV.  I always say Kelly Ripa would be my best friend if I knew her in real life.  I'm convinced of it.

UP // Got my sewing machine threaded... yipee!! ... now what?

UP // Got lots of knitting done.. . I mean LOTS of knitting.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've been overloaded with knitting pics

DOWN // Ricky & I watched the stupidest movie EVER.. something with Chris Evans, which I would think would be good.  It was ridiculous & a waste of my time.  Snow Piercer or something with snow... & they all live on a train.  The whole world, on a train. Stupid.  Just don't.

DOWN // The hubs refused to go see Gone Girl.  I refused to go see the Denzel Washington film.  That's why we ended up with the stupid move I just mentioned.

How Ricky & I both reacted to each other's movie choices

UP // Finished my last engagement session AND finished my last wedding.  One more session & I'm done for the year.

UP // Gas is below $3.00 - I feel like I won the lottery

DOWN // We had to take Ricky to the Urgent Care because of a mark on his back with red streaks going around his side up to chest... ends up its ANOTHER spider bite.  That's infected his lymph nodes.  I told him his obsession with becoming Spiderman is taking it to extremes now.

DOWN // It's dark at 5:30 now... NOO!!!!!!!

DOWN // I got so sick on Sunday.  I mean SICK...  Start off the vacay with an injury, ended it with sickness.  There's that.

Lots more happened, but I am trying to make this post not a mile long.
I need to get back to work & back to routine... & just hoping I feel better.

I can't wait to visit around & see what's going on with you all...

Sooo....What did I miss last week?