My Journey

So there's a lot to say about me... but this is my journey with fitness. (or at least my attempt at Fitness)

I have always been involved in exercise & working out & trying to care for the body.  But I've also had a weight issue & fighting & struggling with that.  I've always said that no one can understand that issue unless you deal with it yourself.  Its a hard fight, a rough road... but its something you can always travel on...

I was heavier then most kids & most teenagers, which was rough.  Had a lot of comments made about my weight & know the struggle of being different & the issue of not feeling beautiful or special because of it. 

I joined Jazzercise right out of high school, went on the 90's fad of Low-Fat & lost 65 lbs... this is what it felt like to be skinny.  I even was able to wear a single digit sized wedding dress. The smallest I ever was...

But struggles don't go away.  I've continued to fight my weight battle every day of my life.  Weight goes up, goes down, goes up more... stays up...  aging hasn't helped.

My exercise routines have changed.  From Jazzercise & walking, to more toning & even running - something I swore I never would do.  But it took someone asking me to do a half marathon & me not knowing what I was doing, to say yes.

I almost died. My first race, a half marathon, with no real training.  I honestly can say I felt like death. 

But I crossed the finish line & I got my first medal... & I wanted more.. & I wanted to do it right.  So I have since continued running.  Even did that same race & have since knocked off 45 minutes from that first time.

Don't get me wrong... I'm still slow... but I keep on moving.

I have also grown in my nutrition as I've aged.  Understanding the quote that "food is thy medicine" ... I believe that...

I gave up my addiction (& I mean SERIOUS addiction) to Diet Coke in 2011... also gave up eating meat a few months earlier...

After a toxic reaction scare that caused neuropathy & health issues, every thing scares me in products.  The things we put in & on our bodies amazes me.  I definitely have noticed how we do so much damage to ourselves without even a second glance.

My life verse that applies to every aspect of my life, including my wellness

....I focus on this one thing;  forgetting the past & looking forward to what lies ahead.  I PRESS ON to the reach the end of the race & receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. 
 ~Phil 3:13-14

I'm focused
I'm pressing on
I'm looking forward to what lies ahead
I'm going to reach the end of the race

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  1. Your story IS such an inspiration in it's self! And you are so right you will reach the end of YOUR race, not someone else's race but Yours!! Keep up the great work and keep on Pressing On!


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