Monday, December 29, 2014

The best of both worlds?

We made it...
Well, I sort of made it. It's not over for me. We have our Christmas with our grand-dudes still to come... but the biggest part of it is over. (Except taking down all the decoration... ugh)
& we're heading into a new year...
Oh yeah, & I get older... my birthday is the 30th... tomorrow (depending on when you read this)
Lots happening.
As every one does at the end of the year, we reflect the year past & thing of how to make the next year even better.
I've been doing that with this blog as well.
if you didn't know, I am the owner of 2 blogs.  Call me Ms. Blog if you're nasty #janetjacksonreference
I started this blog with the intention of keeping my running, fitness, health stuff separate from my 'main' life blog.  I know they both intertwine, but I can normally talk about this stuff all day long & didn't want to mash up both worlds too much. 
I've met some amazing running friends through this blog & love having the different areas to talk about different things.
Saying that, I have been feeling the pressure of keeping up 2 blogs. 
Now, I'm not quitting this one.
But it may look different in 2015.
It may be more of a diary style thing to document my road & journey on getting back in shape, trying the running thing again, seeing how my back & knee holds up.  It may not be the wittiest blog (like it ever was) or the most entertainment blog (ditto again)... but I would love to still get encouragement & thoughts on my journal with fitness & how I'm still PRESSING ON!!!
But I also wanted to throw out there that I do blog usually every day on my 'home blog' about my life in general & fun things & get involved in link ups... so stop by there as well.  Get to know the real me in both worlds :)
I actually just purchased a domain name after blogging or 8 years on the other blog, so that will actually change to the name of the blog, "Knit by God's Hand"... but until then, it's the same at:
You all think I'm joking when I say I'm Belle ... when I started blogging, that's the only thing I knew .. my name & my alias name :)
Hope I haven't confused a lot of you having 2 blogs.
I love when I get someone who visits here realize I have two & they are like, HOLD UP... but I hope you at least enjoy one or the other... or both of them...
I'll be back here with my 2015 fitness goals...
& my wishes for my life as I turn 43... what-WHAT?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

This week already has been hectic - will continue to be hectic...

not only is it Christmas, but today's my husband's birthday... so much to celebrate.

I'm also covering for someone at work so I'm so busy, I think my eyes may pop out of my head or my brain seep out of my ears.

Wait - we're talking about Christmas - not gory Halloween...

So I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a wonderfully blessed Christmas! 
May you feel the Spirit of Jesus' birth in your heart!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Five: Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

ONE // Happy Birthday cake for Jesus

I started this tradition when my nieces were born. I wanted them to remember what the season was about, so every year, I order a real birthday cake, with Happy Birthday Jesus written on it & we sing the Happy Birthday song every year before we dig in.  I love this tradition.  I'll do it every year.  (Which reminds me, I need to get my order in)

TWO //  Old Fashion Crème Drops

My dad started me on this when I was little.  You take one of these, smash it (& be prepared - its TOUGH. I use like a medal spatula) & put on a saltine cracker.  Put in the microwave for just a few seconds where they become creamy & melty... YUMMM!!!! Makes me travel right back to childhood.  (which reminds me I need to find these - not easy to do)

THREE // Christmas morning Breakfast

I usually don't make up a big breakfast.  Ricky isn't a big breakfast person anyways.  But on Christmas, I make it anyways.  He rarely eats a lot of it, but its there if he changes his mind.  (which reminds me I need to get stuff for biscuits)

FOUR // Christmas morning presents

Ricky & I usually have our breakfast & then sit in the living room floor with our dogs & bring our gifts out to each other.  We're like little kids.  He is always so good at spoiling me & I try my best to try & surprise him.  Then its time to play with our new 'toys'... abet, usually something electronic qualifies as toys.  Ricky usually ends up taking a nap & I end up watching Christmas movies.

FIVE // Family

We head over to my parents on Christmas for lunch or dinner & we open presents with my parents & my brother & SIL & twin nieces.  It's always a fun time.  I always hate when its over because I know its back to work the next day & back to 'life'... even though we typically still have 2 more Christmas celebrations AFTER Christmas.  Christmas needs to be longer then a day... honestly...

What are your Christmas traditions?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I miss Biggest Loser...

I have to admit something - I really miss The Biggest Loser.

Oh yeah, I know its on TV... on Thursdays.

Who made the call to move it to Thursday?

That's the night that The Vampire Diaries is on... my little show that makes me feel like a tween girl squeeling at Damon Salvatore... (swoon)...

& the night that Shonda Rimes takes over TV...

... more swoon...

I miss the inspiration.

I miss the motivation.

I don't miss the product placement.

But it has to be getting near the end - right?

I need to keep an eye out because even though I don't know the back stories or the journey, I do want to watch the finale & see the drastic changes.

... hopefully not as drastic as last seasons finale....

I need to watch it just in time to take my 2015 "before" picture... when I kick it in gear...

because 2015 is going to be an awesome year.

Right?  Right!

... I want to watch it as well just to see everything that I've missed with that hot new trainer... because obviously, I am choosing shows that makes me swoon a lot lately

Oh mercy... I may have been watching the wrong shows!!!

Hopefully next season it will be on a different night  And I wish they would take my advice & just make it a one hour show. I still don't understand the 2 hour thing.  We don't need a commercial between every weigh in.

Anyone been watching this season?
Do you prefer Extreme Weight Loss with Chris & Heidi Powell?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This is sad to admit...

Tis the season...

I think I have said that 100 ZILLION times in the past few weeks.

Used in different ways.

"The lights are so beautiful"... tis the season.  Good way
"I am broke as a twig under an elephant's foot"... tis the season.  Bad way.

We've also been in gear for Christmas parties & get togethers.  Tis the season. 

... & I'm not sure if using that term in that way is a good or bad.

It's always good because I love seeing people & spending time with some I don't see any other time of the year...

... but its bad as well..

& this is where its just sad to admit.

Nothing bad due to seeing others.  Again, I'm a people person. I love chatting it up with others.

It's bad because of the way I feel.

I am embarrassed.

Of myself.

That is VERY sad to admit.

We have the hubs work Christmas party this weekend.  I don't even want to go.  Why?  Because I have nothing that fits.  Nothing pretty.  Nothing that is festive & cute.  Everything I have is snug or ranks in the area of comfy jeans or yoga pants.  Not quite Christmas party material.

Ricky says he doesn't care what I wear... but I do...

These are people that he works with. I want to make a good impression for him.  I have a fear people would be whispering behind his back, "Did you see his wife?" with a snicker or laugh.

I guess I just have a fear of being that embarrassingly fat wife... & that's what I feel like right now.

I see all of these posts & pictures of people going to parties looking so beautiful & stylish ... & I just envision myself in work pants, flats (because God knows I'm not walking in heels in snow & ice) & an ugly Christmas sweater. I might as well put on a Grinch costume... I'd look sexier in it...

Think this could work?

I'm going to see some people that I haven't seen in a few years coming up, & I have the same fear... they're going to see the weight gain... & again, I'm embarrassed.

I'm just being real...

It irks me that I feel this way. 

I am a talker.  I am told over & over that I make others feel comfortable because of my personality.  I don't know why the idea of what I am wearing or how I look should affect that... but it does... at least in my mind.

So will I end up going to his Christmas party this weekend?.. it's just to be determined...

& don't even ask me what I'm wearing...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ups & Down

Where we look at how life has been going
Another weekend closer to Christmas
... that's an UP & DOWN in my opinion...

DOWN // my house looks like a Christmas bomb went off. & not a cute Christmas bomb. I mean, ribbons, paper, boxes, packages, laying everywhere.  I think my kitchen counter is in there somewhere... maybe?

DOWN // I haven't been to the grocery in maybe 2 weeks... I'm afraid to look closely to my bread.

DOWN // Health Insurance Companies customer service.  More specifically, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I told someone today that after Friday, sitting on hold with them for almost 3 hours... for an error on THEIR part, I need a stress test, that I'm sure they wouldn't pay anyways.

UP // Knitting while being on hold for 3 hours.  Might as well be productive

DOWN // Waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning...

UP// ... but turning around & taking a morning nap...

DOWN// ... feeling like poop after waking up from a nap. I never feel great after a nap.  I feel weird.  Discombobulated.

UP // Discombobulated is a fun word.

DOWN // my hubby having to work on Saturday.

UP // Able to get my hubby's gifts wrapped with him away.

UP // Youth kiddos Christmas party.  This is my 11th year in our church youth ministry.  11 years.  That means when I started in there. A first grader at our church is now getting ready to become a Senior....

DOWN //... I am old.

UP // One of the youth girls brought in home made sugar cookies with peppermint in them. I'm not a big peppermint person (unless its a York Peppermint) & they were so yummy.

DOWN // One of the kids got an actual Album for her white elephant gift... she was clueless what to do with it. She ripped the jacket apart like you would a CD holder not realizing that they don't open all the way.  & then she said, I guess I hang this on the wall?

How she looked when she opened up a thing called an album

DOWN // ... I am old.

UP // I had a free drink reward on my Starbucks card.  Always makes me happy....

DOWN //.... I only got a medium with my free reward.  Ricky asked me why.  I told him because calories are ridiculous....

UP// ... I saved on a BUNCH of calories...

DOWN// .... I would have liked to down them though.  That Vanilla Bean Frappuccino was everything everyone has ever said about it.

DOWN // I missed the special on TV about Disney & Broadway.  2 of my favorite things.  I forgot to set my DVR for it too.  Poop.

DOWN // I missed Once Upon a Time as well...

UP // ... I did remember to DVR that one.

UP // I love Barbra Walter's Most Fascinating People....

DOWN //... I never agree with her #1 pick.  George Clooney's wife?  Really?  I don't think I ever heard her voice before they showed the 10 second clip of her speaking last night.  Me? Not so fascinated.

How did your weekend go?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

Favorite Winter Activities

Hint: You're not going to find the cool healthy things like skate, ski, luge...

ONE. Knitting // I haven't been able to knit for the past 2 years because of my shoulder injury & have been so depressed about it.  I'm like a knitting vampire ... "Knitpire"?  I NEED knitting... I CRAVE knitting.  So I was thrilled when I found I could do a knit loom with my left hand.  It may not be as versatile or as pretty as needle knitting, but it gives me something to do with yarn in my hands.  And winter is the best time to do it. I love knitting blankets in winter because they do a double duty... make a beautiful gift AND keeps me warm during the cold days.

TWO.  Clean // that doesn't sound like fun.  But its necessary.  I'm so busy during Spring, Summer & especially Fall with photography that my house gets all sorts of out of control.  So 3 quarters of a year with a messy house - you better bet that it takes me all of winter to get it clean again.

THREE. Reading // Going back to that having time thing with photography, I finally get to read.  And being holed up trying to avoid the winter air as much as possible (told you there'd be no cool sport thing here) I love to curl up with a book on the couch & a blanket... preferably one I've made. 

FOUR. Cooking // & like a broken record - I'll say again, I try not to go out as much as possible, so I even enjoy trying new recipes & staying home & cooking.  I don't like turning on the oven that much in the summer, but I'll keep that baby cranking all day long in the winter.

FIVE.  Eating // let's get real. I'm holed up with knitting, books, & cooking... you better bet eating in the winter is a favorite thing. It's my own human hibernation.  Call me Grizzly Rebecca.

What do you like to do in the winter?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Starting from scratch...

Remember those days when I was talking about running, or P90X, or T25...

ahh.. memories...

I have been out of this working out thing for awhile now.  Starting at the end of October. 

Vacation, injuries, sickness, ER visits with weird side pain (that's still aggravating)

Not to mention depression from the time change & darkness & cold... I seriously have SADD... to the biggest extent possible.

But I worked out... for the first time in what felt like forever this week.

It was a pretty easy work out.  Wanted to try out my compression sleeves & to do that, I actually had to sweat.

All I can say is .... DEAR LORD...

I felt like I had never worked out a day in my life.

I felt so freaking old.

I felt so out of shape.

I felt like crap.

I realize I'm back to the beginning.

But I've been there before... & I worked myself up... to even more injuries! :) yippee!
I'll get there again... with even more injuries!! yehhawww!!

I have the worst outlook on life sometimes.

Anyways, I even registered for a virtual 5k that kicks off 2015.

At least I'm headed in the right direction.
I'll take it slow.  I'll try to start working out a few nights a week.  Get myself ready to kick it in full gear Jan 1st...

2015 has just GOT to be a better year...


Monday, December 8, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we see how the weekend went

UP/DOWN // I was supposed to be a part of our children's ministry Christmas program but with my side acting funny, they got a replacement for me. I missed being a part of it, but glad I didn't have to aggravate my side more by dancing & singing... I see what it must be like to be Brittany Spears.

UP // Wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies.

UP// Toy Story 3

DOWN // Toy Story 3 ... it makes me want to find all my old toys & hug them

DOWN // Mean, grumpy people that are Christmas shopping.  It makes everyone around you mean & grumpy.  Elf was onto something when he said about spreading Christmas cheer.  I'm going to start singing right next to these grumpy people.

DOWN // its inevitable that the hubs & I get in an argument about what gifts to buy people.  We really have a total opposite opinion on some people.  (For the record, I'm always right... if he had a blog, I'm sure that would be another opposite opinion)

DOWN // Tape aching fingers.  That really is a thing. Ever pull off so much tape that your fingers feels like the tape has pulled off all the nerve endings?

UP // The rain FINALLY stopped on Saturday.

DOWN // My kitchen floor after a week of rain.  Having dogs that aren't phased by rain & mud puddles, my floor has become a yellow stain right now.  I smear mud around all day long.  Thank the Lord for Swiffer Wet Jet & the hundreds of refills I go through a week.

UP // Tried Chick-fil-a new Iced Coffee. It wasn't bad.

DOWN // We took Zoe to get groomed... & they couldn't do it. She's having some issues lately with her achy bones.  I'm scared to death we're going to take her to the vet & she has bone cancer like Sydney. I'm always cancer-paranoid... even with my dogs.... especially with my dogs.

UP // I love sitting in my living room when its decorated for Christmas. Any other time, we never stay in there.  #cozy

DOWN // my side still was hurting while out shopping....

UP // ... but I made it through. I'm trying not to 'freak out' about the pain. Remembering the blood tests all came back OK so it's nothing serious - right? 


UP // Yarn.  Bought some more for Christmas presents I remembered I needed. Yarn just makes me happy.

DOWN // the un-organization of my house right now... my kitchen counter has become gift wrap central. I don't cook often during the holidays anyways so I think its time to pull out the TV trays. #redneck

If you are this organized... I probably hate you

So how was your weekend?