Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welll, that worked out well...

I actually did a post a few weeks ago about how I was so mad that a race that I have done for the past 5 years had moved.

The race organizers got in touch with me & actually reimbursed me my funds for it.

I was glad of that but still bummed that I was going to miss out on a race that I look forward to every year.

Let me tell you - the running fairies must have been looking out for me because this race sounded like it was a complete & utter mess.

I got up on Saturday - sick - & pulled up Facebook to see pictures & updates from my running friends that I knew would be there.

I'm, if anything, someone who pours salt in a wound.

I want to be there - & if I'm not - I'll make myself miserable by looking at everyone else's good times.

Side Note:  Sunday, I did the exact same thing with Disney's Princess Half Marathon.

I must like to torture myself.

Anyways - I just keep seeing pictures of people stuck in traffic.  Later see more posts that the race has been postponed because of all the havoc.  The news crew that goes out to show the race kept giving updates.

Finally, a half hour later, they started the race, with THOUSANDS of people still stuck on the road.


First of all, I am very public about my hatred of sitting in traffic & how car sick I get.  Yes, car sick in a non-moving car.  Let's not even talk about the claustrophobia.

But people were still trying to make it to the race & hit the start line, no matter when.  That's what race chips are for - right?  WRONG... apparently, the web site made everyone's time start at the race time... which wasn't even the right race time. 

PLUS, people that did arrive even later after making it through traffic - they found the start line had already been picked up.

NOT TO MENTION, everyone said the route was anything but desirable.  It was hilly when this is supposed to be a family friendly 5k, it was dangerous where traffic was an issue, apparently the path had many areas where tripping was an issue. 


oh hell to the no

THEN... is this crazy, or what?... I heard the traffic getting OUT of this place was just as bad.

OH my gosh... All I can say is I'm so glad I trusted my instinct & raised cane about the move & didn't plan on doing it in the end after all...

Let's see if they have it there next year.

Guess who won't be there for the 2nd year.  A new trend to count.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


That time again...

Time to put it all out there
Confessions this week:

* I haven't been able to eat due to a sinus infection. Its always hard to chew when you can't breath through your nose.  So you'd think I'd loose weight ... & you'd be wrong.  I got on the scale & gained 1.5 lbs... seriously?

* But on my normal weigh-in day, I was at my usual weight.  So that makes 13 weeks at the same weight. ... geez...

* I had a Cadbury Egg.  This is a confession, but its also a good one because I don't think I love anything sweet more then Cadbury eggs. I usually buy them the day after Christmas & get one every time I'm in the grocery, or Target, or the gas station - wherever they may be.  So I gave in & had one. 

* My fat jeans - those jeans you wear that are loose & give you room in the waist?  They're tight.  That's depressing.

* Being sick & not being able to work out for 4 days in a row makes me feel like a gigantic blog.  I feel like when I don't work out, I can FEEL the lbs coming on.  Even though I don't eat.  But look back at confession #1 - it comes anyways.  Exercise is my only weapon I have.

* I actually contemplated running when I had a fever....

* My voice sounds like a man with my sore throat.  James Earl Jones has nothing on me.

* I consider Raisinets a health food.  The Dark Chocolate ones?  Its dark chocolate AND fruit... how can it not be?

See - says Fruit & antioxidants right on the cover :)

* My husband has my sinus thing/cold happening now.  I feel bad.

* I just want Spring to come so I can open windows & get fresh air in the house.

What's on your chest you need to confess?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#HappyFitMarch Challenge

I love sharing challenges...

I'm never smart enough to come up with them myself so I'm thankful for the cool blog friends that care enough to do so.  And then its my job to share their awesomeness & get more people involved.

So The incredible Happy Fit Mama is doing a challenge for March
(You can find her blog at )

Its called #HappyFitMarch Challenge.

Take a look at what's involved for March

#HappyFitMarch Challenge

What a cool challenge.

Easy enough to do, but something every day to make it a healthy day.

If you go to her blog, you can find her link ups to twitter, facebook & Instagram & then be sure to use the handy dandy hashtag #HappyFitMarch on whatever you choose to post your day on.

I may be everywhere with this.. on Instagram (my link is on the sidebar) & I may do some actual posts on some of these...

its going to be a good March!

you going to join in?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Training... bad week...

Oh man... the training that went downhill...

2/17/14 - Biggest Loser Cardio Max
42:01 - Burn 333 Calories
I actually really enjoyed this.  It was one of the first times in awhile I felt strong.  My knee was achy but it was a good work out.
Sleep: 6:41
Steps: 5,583
Media preview

2/18/14 - 3.06 miles
44:59 - Walk 3 min/Run 1 min - 407 Cal Burn
I was supposed to run on Monday but I knew the weather was going to be nice on Tuesday so I moved it out another day.  Oh man, it was wonderful being off the treadmill, even though my feet were soaked from melting snow.  My knee hurt pretty good on this one, but I expect it every time I hit the hills.
Sleep: 6:34
Steps: 10,335

2/19/14 - Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga
35:22 - 145 calories
So much for weight loss... but I did enjoy this one.  It was more of a fast pace.  Or maybe its just my crush on Bob Harper.
I do think I yawned this time - just maybe not as much
Sleep: 6:18
Steps: 6,841

2/20/14 - The wheels fell off. 
I had planned on running, but I was feeling really bad.  My throat & ears were killing me & I could feel my energy sapping as the day went on.  So I went home & thought I would get some rest & try & save up the energy for my 6 mile run on Saturday
Sleep: 7:18
Steps: 3,940

2/21/14 - Wheels rolling away.
I was a sneezing fool & felt like I had a fever all day long...
Just get me in bed
Sleep: 7:06
Steps: 3,174

Cameron Dying

2/22/14 - I'm stranded on the side of the road
I was so mad.  It was a beautiful day - perfect for my 6 mile run... but look at my sleep.  I was med'ed up... & was hoping after all that rest I would be able to pop up feeling perfect.  So much for dreaming.  I was miserable still.  I didn't know a head could hold so much fluid that comes out of my nose.  Nice - huh?  Dang it...
Sleep: 10:19
Steps: 2,488

2/23/14 - Nope... nothing...
Still feeling bad.. on the mend, but no where worth working out.  Not to mention, it was SNOWING.. forget that 60 degree day I missed out on. 
Sleep: 6:35
Steps: 5,188

So I'm hoping to get back at it this week.  I'm nervous because my ears are still hurting & my nose is still running...

I'm going to take it slow... but gotta get moving again.

I'll just make sure I have my Kleenex with me for the next few work outs.  I still feel a typhoon can come out of my head....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tips for running in melting Snow

Warmer days are finally hitting this week.

50 degrees?  Sounds like heaven after spending days & weeks in negative temps.

Winter - be gone...

I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to get home from work & put on my running shoes & get outside.

It was an adventure, to say the least.  Why?  Because when its 20 degrees the few days before & you had an extra 5 inches of snow, when it turns the opposite direction & goes in the 50's - all that snow has to go somewhere....

& running in it, is the adventure.

here are some of the things I learned about it.

1. You're feet will get wet.   There is just no denying it.  Running shoes are meant to breath, which means air out, & also wet goes in.  There would be areas that puddles were just everywhere & if you want to keep on going, you just jump right through them.  Side note on this - snow melting makes for extra cold water on your feet.  I wish I had thought of it before & wore 2 pairs of socks because my feet were soaked through & freezing within the first 10 minutes of my outing.

Media preview
See the puddles on the side of the road & up ahead where there is no getting around it?
yep - wet feet.

2.  You will get splashed.  With puddles everywhere, when cars go by, be prepared.  I did have some actual nice people out there that would slow down & try not to cause the wave of water to hit me.... but you know there are always THOSE people out there that could care less about anyone but themselves & actually seem to hit the gas to see how much they can ruin someone else's day.  Jokes on them because that's what wicking material is for & I wasn't the least bit worried about it.  I just kept my eyes closed when someone was keeping the speed up.

Yep... exactly like this...

3.  Be careful on the side of the road.... if for some reason you do try to get around the puddles or have to get to the side of the road, watch out.  All that water means one thing - the ground is also soaking wet.  Mud & ground that sucks your foot right into the earth is just waiting for you.  Its not safe to keep your normal pace when you have to venture into that area.   You don't want to slide & slip... much less have to worry about washing off your shoes.  If you do get mud covered, at least you know there's huge puddles ahead to jump in to start washing it off.

Also look out for people who live in the mud :)

4.  Don't judge the shallow puddles... with puddles everywhere, you sometimes don't know how deep they are.  You think, I'll just run through that & then find out that its almost shin high.  That's always a fun surprise.  So try & stick to the middle of the road when you can with traffic.  Puddles don't usually stay towards the center.

Think that puddle was just a half inch deep? 
Nope.. think again...

5.  Enjoy the beauty ... with water rushing down the streets & into the streams on the side of the road, it caused the most beautiful sounds.  Soothing.  Something I would want to stop & listen to, if I weren't running :)  But I actually did stop at one point & watch the streams flow & the babbling brook tones of it.  Relaxing.  Nature is something to stop & enjoy every now & then...

...even with wet feet....

Media preview
See the stream going through the trees?
Beautiful to see... beautiful to hear

Be safe everyone.  Spring is almost here!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Confessions of the week

My weekly Confessions

* I hit Starbucks 3 times this week... BUT they were all orders made with non-fat milk. Good, right?  ... but confession - one of the times, I went ahead & got the whipped cream topping with chocolate drizzle.  Drats.

* Confession: I'm horribly jealous of all the people going to Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend.  In my mind, its the whole world, leaving me behind to run in a tutu around my street... not the same...

* Confession -I don't really own a tutu to run in... but its on my MUST GET list.

* Confession:  I saw a girlfriend I went to high school with at Subway at lunch & I hid from her.  She's one of those "has it all together" kinda gals & I sat in my frumpy clothes, at my highest weight & bad hair day... & I put my head down & hid behind my Kindle.  Bad thing, she woulda cared less... but I was embarrassed.  That's a sad confession.

* Confession: I've been craving cake icing lately... don't know why... but I'm doing good not opening the jar. Score one for me.

Tell me this doesn't sound yummy?
Then remind me how many calories are in ONE teaspoon...
Yeah.. why I'm not eating it

* Confession:  I need some good sleep.  I'm needing caffeine to get me through the day.

* Confession:  I changed my running schedule this week to accommodate the warm weather with no rain... & now I'm nervous my body is going to be sore since I worked out the day before a run... hopefully I'll see how strong my body is getting.

* Confession:  I am currently 30 days at the exact same weight... not loosing a pound.  Seriously?  I'm so frustrated... but I guess that's better then gaining a pound too.

me on the scale... every week...

You wanna give your confessions?  It makes you feel better :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Training 02/10-02/16/14 ... with a virtual race...

Another week of moving, moving...

Feb 10 - Monday
2.77 miles (3 min Walk/1 min Run x 10)
Did this late & it was almost two late.  I didn't want to do it. But it was thanks to laughing at the dumb moves of the ladies on the Bachelor that got me through it.  I probably said, "Really?" & "Ewwww" a few too many times.

My reaction to Juan Pablo lately

My knees felt really tight but did OK with moving up the intervals from 8 to 10
Sleep: 6:17
Steps: 10,442

Feb 11 - Tuesday
Crunch Master Sculpt
This is an old school work out.  I like that old school work outs focus a lot on inner thighs.  Something you don't see a lot of any more.
you just have to ignore the fashion of the 80's in these videos...
Sleep: 7:18
Steps: 4,360

Feb 12 - Wednesday
Check out my post from last week on my thoughts of that...

In honor of a downward dog, its a yawning cat

But getting more flexible - so I'll keep on
Sleep: 7:02
Steps: 3,766

Feb 13 - Thursday
2.78 miles (3 min walk/1 min run x 10)
Right knee was feeling it bad.  My runner's knee was really flared up.  This was how I ended up actually

Hello ice pack, my old friend

Sleep: 7:31
Steps: 10,423

Feb 14 - Friday
Valentine's Day
Sleep:  7:15
Steps: 3.529

Feb 15 - Saturday
3:10 (3 min walk/1 min run)   424 cal burn
Used this as my Jost Running virtual Race ... I just love these medals every month.  So cute & creative...

Sleep: 8:29
Steps: 11,038

Feb 16 - Sunday
Sleep: 8:34
Steps: 6,980

Another week done...

We got into next week where my long run is up to 6 miles.

Fingers crossed my runs get OUTSIDE this week too...
Please Lord... let it be...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why is it so BORING?

Wednesday - my cross training day.
The day I try not to push myself too hard knowing I'm getting miles in again running on Thursday, but wanting to still get a good workout.
So what do I do?  Work on my flexibility & some strength
I turn to yoga....
& this is, I'm realizing, how I feel about yoga.
Oh my gosh...
Its so freaking BORING!!!!!
First of all, the music.  I'm a music girl.  I need some beats to pump me up, make me want to move.  I always say my body doesn't move unless I have some music blaring in my ears... preferably by the Black Eyed Peas...
Yoga - ain't no Fergie showing up there...
she's more of a runner
probably listening to her own voice
I also don't get the whole mind/body connection thing.
I wish I did.
But I can never even breath right.
Yoga is about breathing in & out of the nose
 I can't help it - I'm a mouth breather when I work out
Call it all the training from when I was in marital arts & had to blow out when punches were delivered...
Or when I played tennis - you blow out when you hit the ball to give more strength behind the ball...
& I hate I don't "feel" like I had a work out.
I mean, I did a 40-minute video of Yoga yesterday
It incorporated the basics, then some focus on abs (which I will give props too - my abs are feeling it today) & then onto a burning yoga session & finished up with a flexibility, stress reducing yoga...
& in the end?
My Polar said I burned 125 calories
For 40 minutes of working out?
I could march in place watching TV for 40 minutes & burn more then that...
Granted - I do feel like its helping me in flexibility
But I'm still stiff as a board...
And to conclude it all...
I'll still do it
Just because I like a challenge
& need something in my life to complain about.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Protein Powders... which to choose...

I had the yummiest smoothie for breakfast yesterday...

it was pink & lovely & made me think of all things Valentine's Day coming up.

Looks like strawberry milk, doesn't it?

Why so pink?  It has fresh cut strawberries in it.  I usually add spinach that makes it green or gives it some weird brown color - which always looks appetizing....

but left it out this time.

And this is actually a new protein powder I am trying.  I've gone through a few different kinds & still trying to find the right niche of powders.

What am I using now?  Trying out the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder

It actually is really good.  My Arbonne representative (& friend) told me she's not a fan of protein powders but she uses it.  She didn't give it credit because its really good.  Or maybe I've just had some horrible protein powders in the past?

The one thing I really like about it - its vegan - & all natural.  I'm big about that.  I don't like artificial junk in my protein powder.  I really want to try & get something out of giving up actual food you chew ... Arbonne is supposed to be known for no 'junk'.  I also like the protein content & the calories.  Its a little higher then another one I tried before, but it tasted better too.  It blends really well & doesn't have a gritty taste that is familiar with protein powders.  I really am enjoying this one.

I will say, this one did not keep me full at first & my friend recommended adding yogurt, so I got some Stonyfield French vanilla yogurt & added it in... it really helped.. & added to the vanilla taste.

Now granted - I've only taken if it for a few days so we'll see how it settles on me over the next few days - the whole more energy thing, feeling better thing... or if I grow a horn or something...

Price - about $70.00 for a 30 day supply ... not that budget friendly...

The Nutritional facts on Arbonne

Before my Arbonne, I used Plant Fusion... again, another vegan plan based protein.

This one I used for months.  Its not bad.  This is one I had to add some sort of fruit to though - not too tasty when you just mix it with a liquid.  I would have to use soy milk too - not just water.  But it wasn't bad.

The one thing I liked about this one, the protein is the highest - 21g with 120 calories.  I was also able to get this at my local health food store for like $45 a jug - it would last me about a month or two.

I would definitely use it again.  It never made me feel bad or upset my stomach - I even recommended it to many friends... still would.

Plant Fusion

The one protein powder you see a lot of - especially if you have friends who are all about BeachBody products is the Shakeology.

I did buy a sample box when they had it one time & I will admit, it was pretty good.  The chocolate was actually scrumptious if I dare use that word with a protein powder.
But if you have been around for awhile in the 'trying to get fit' area & you checked this out, you see its a PRICEY product...

One bag is like $130...

YIKES... & yes... $130 for one bag.

& yes, people jump up quick & tell you that if you bought all the food nutrition that is in it, it actually SAVES you money.  I'm not sure about that.... but I do know I'll invest if it makes me feel better.

I just haven't been able to make myself hit the "buy" button on the full bag though.

I will say, the one reason I could see myself buy this product is not so much the protein, but it has a good vitamin/nutrition value per shake.  Its like drinking vitamins... except yummy vitamins.

Call it Flintstones for adults.

The bad thing, its hard to find a legit review on the product.  BeachBody representatives are every where like some sort of secret FBI that jump & take over reviews & tell you the benefits...

& granted, they may be right... but bottom line, I still have a hard time forking out $130 a month for protein powder. 

I know the Arbonne is $70 & I'm not too thrilled with that either, but at least that's nearly half...

I've also tried 'samples' of some others

Raw Protein from Garden of Life, which was a little gritty to me... I think I need to try mixing it a different way.  This one looks interesting to me with the vitamins in it as well.  Also love that its organic.

Also the Vega products...

Again, it was VERY powdery & had a weird taste.  I keep hearing great things about Vega though & it has been awhile since I tried it - It was even a different label & different name.  It wasn't called "Nutritional shake" when I bought it.... I need to give it a try again.

I've also never tried but hear a lot of good things about GNC's Lean Shake... I need to check out that label & keep an eye out for a sale.

So have you tried any of these?

Have a favorite?

What is your best mix of things to make the perfect smoothie?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 4 Training

Week 4 of my half marathon training...

& yep.. I'm still creeping along.

Total Distance (mi)


I feel so 'fake' when I say training because I don't run the whole time due to knee & back injuries.  Due to pain & age

... stupid pain & age.

Ashley Wagner Bullshit
My same reaction to my body falling apart
... & a tribute to the Olympics :)

But I'm still moving & I still want to cross the finish line in April & get a medal & say I did another half marathon... no matter how I do it.

So last week's training.

Monday - 2.25 miles (3 min Walk/1 min Run x 8)
Treadmill Run - had to jump off & on because I was checking on Sydney who came down the steps.  This was before we took her to the vet later that evening & found out the bad news about her :(
Sleep: Didn't turn it on
Steps: 9,323

Tuesday - Cross Train - Firm Video
This was an OLD school video. The kind with leg warmers & leotards that cut up over the thigh.  Maybe a few high tops & head bands too.  But I  enjoy some old school work outs every now & then.  Its a work out without planks & burpees :)
Sleep: 5:57 (No sleep after the news about our dog)
Steps 5,323

Wednesday - Rest Day
I don't normally do a rest day but after getting the news of Sydney Monday & having to go to the pharmacy after work to get Sydney's medicine, PLUS snow & ice on the way home, I just wanted to do nothing.  Nothing I did.
Sleep: 6:54
Steps: 4,874

Thursday - 2.20 miles (3 min Walk/1 min Run x 8)
Treadmill Run - Nothing exciting...
Sleep: 7:20
Steps: 9,013

Friday - Rest Day
This is usually my rest day, but I thought I'd work out since I missed Wednesday - but Friday, I'm always more tired on that day then any other day.  Plus, I was just ready to sit back & watch the opening of the Olympics... & catch up on The Originals. Priorities.
Sleep: 6:39
Steps: 3,734

Saturday  - Long Run Day - 5.08 miles (4 min walk/1 min run)
Hate doing long miles on the treadmill.  It burns my feet.  But it was in the 20's, ice on the roads & snow falling... its never ending winter.  But it was OK actually.  The Olympics & an hour of an old episode of Friends made it much easier.
Sleep: 8:48
Steps: 16,276

Sunday - Rest Day -
Church day followed by small group... followed by a day of lazy.
The snow & cold will do that
Sleep: 9:04
Steps: 3,819

I will say, I hate the walking- the way it takes me almost an hour & a half to do 5 miles...
makes me feel like I'm a loser in a way.

 But - BUT - I'm still doing the miles... AND the most important part, my injuries aren't getting worse.  I feel them & they nip at me, but they're not making me stop or fall apart completely.

So I'll stick with this plan

Loser or not...

Friday, February 7, 2014

1,600 calories to the media

So the story of The Biggest Loser is everywhere.  Definitely more attention to this one then any other season. 

Talking to Chris Powell on Good Morning America - popping up on Inside Edition & Entertainment tonight - & of course, the trainers staying quiet, which makes a LOUD statement...


But last night on one of the shows, they were talking about Rachel's diet.  That she limits herself to 1,600 calories...

Do you know what those ignorant people did?

They said, 'THIS is 1,600 calories"... & they held up a bowl of something full of chocolate & a cream filled donut.

No joke.

That's what they were instituting was all she ate in a day...

I honestly laughed.

I mean, on my own calorie tracking device, my calorie intake is only supposed to be like 1,450 calories a day, before any exercise is included.

& yes, they said Rachel works out hours during the day, so her intake should be MUCH higher... that's not my point.

My point is that they totally gave the wrong impression of calories.  They made it look like all you can eat are 2 things during the day - giving the impression that no one can live on that - let's eat more.... of the unhealthy food like donuts & all things chocolate.

All this equals 1,200 calories

Not saying this picture above is what you SHOULD eat for 1,200 calories - but there's half of a burger & fries & a stack of bread...

You can eat all day long on 1,600 calories if you did it right...

For the normal every day person, 1,600 could be incredible amount of healthy food.

I kept thinking, this is what's wrong with our obese country.  People really have no idea how to really understand how many calories are in our food - how to figure it out for every meal, much less for a day.

heck, I DO understand it & its still a struggle. 

But our media just makes it even more confusing for the average joe who now thinks they can have a diet of a bowl of chocolate & a cream filled donut for the day only & look like Rachel...


I tell you what though, it made me never want a cream filled donut again for the rest of my life... I knew it had a lot of calories, but didn't know it had THAT many...

I'd much rather have a plate of kiwi & some apples & have a TON of calories to still use for the rest of the day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mark it off - January

I read somewhere (goodness know where - I read way too many things) about as motivation, to keep a calendar & mark off the days you work out in a bold color...

see it
remind yourself
work for it

I printed off a yearly calendar for 2014 & started doing it for January...

So every month, I'll do a post to see how the month looked... hopefully there will be lots of marks...

& to kick it off - January

I guess you can see Fridays & Sunday's are my rest days...

But I was faithful in 4 straight days of working out...

Off to a good start if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Biggest Loser finale...FEED THAT GIRL!

I used to do posts here the day after the Biggest Loser...

sorta got side tracked on that... but I still never missed the show.

Love everything Bob Harper... Jillian & especially Dolvett

Why does Dolvett look like a small child with his parents here?

(isn't he the best new add on the show ever got?)

Anyone else remember when Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunt was the host?

yeah - shows you how long I've watched.

But Finale night is what its all about.  The makeovers.  The results.  See old alumni from the past seasons...

I loved these sisters on their season!

I always love seeing past contestants come back for the final weigh in & looking so healthy...

Look at my Velvet Teddy Bear!!! ... & there's the at home winner in the middle - fantastic!

I was also glad this year they waited to show the final 3 contestants to the end.  The past few years, they've showed a few of them at the beginning, which I always thought was stupid & took the air out of the balloon...

But what I wasn't prepared for was the SHOCK of how thin some of them were.

I thought Bobby looked great.  He looked so different in his face, but like himself.  He looked happy & like he mentioned himself - confident.

I was a little shocked at David... I mean we were totally taken back during makeover week when he shaved the beard & the difference that made... but something about his face at the finale, it just looked so thin.  I was concerned when I saw him.

.... & then my concern jumped to alarm when I saw the last contestant, Rachel.


Get that girl a donut QUICK!  Or at least a protein bar... SOMETHING!

I get she was an athlete & I get she was all about being the winner, but isn't something a little off with this?

She's now down to 105 lbs - which is kinda crazy... loosing over 60% of her body weight?  A size 20 to a size 0/2 ... those numbers aren't just turned around - they're just plain NUTS!

She was almost unrecognizable to me... her arms look so small, like they would break.  I think even the trainers were shocked at the size.


I give her props for taking off the weight... its a tough thing to do...

But where is the line between thin & healthy?  I think they crossed it this year...