Monday, June 30, 2014

Ups & Downs .. lots of UPS this week :)

Where I look back over the weekend & see what was good ... what was bad...

DOWN // Went to Starbucks & wanted to try the new Blackberry Green Tea Lemonade.  Well, it said Blackberry MOJITO Green Tea Lemonade. Not sure if the mojito is what did it, but this was the worst drink I've ever had in my life.  It tasted like black licorice... & I actually like black licorice. But to drink it? No...  I had a sample of what I thought was this same thing the other day, but maybe it was just plain blackberry flavoring in tea? I don't know... I'm afraid to try again.

That was a waste of $4.01

UP // Wedding rehearsal to a wedding I was photographing on Friday.  The clouds were ominous (big word) & looked like it could burst any moment... but it didn't.  Even a lovely cool breeze... on a summer evening.  The temps even dropped to the 70's... look at that!

UP // Got to see the former Youth minister I worked with in church - he's in town & was officiating the wedding.  I hadn't seem him in a few years. Great to catch up.

UP // Weddings usually make me anxious where I can't sleep - I was out like a light on this one.  Exhaustion will do that to a person I guess.

UP // Woke up early & had plenty of time to relax & get ready for the wedding....

DOWN // .... & I still was freaking out & running late.  Why does that always happen?

DOWN // Rain... NO!!! It is an outdoor wedding & it was raining...

UP // Prayer warriors.  No joke, I started asking for prayer for the weather & not even playing around - I left the beauty shop to start pics of the groom & still raining... but when I pulled into his driveway, the sun came out & stayed out the ENTIRE DAY!  & people - it was a 60% chance of DOWN POURS!!!  & awful summer heat.  Nope - it was warm, but it was a beautiful day!  & the evening?  Cool & humidity free - it was perfection!  GO GOD!!!!

UP // Brides... so beautiful

UP // Fun bridal parties that are awesome & like to have fun.  Nothing worse then bridal parties that are so prim & proper & act like they don't want to be bothered.

UP // This groom... I love this kid.  I've known the bride & groom for years - watched them grow up - they were in my youth ministry class.  This guy is just the sweetest guy ever. I would want him to marry my daughter.  When he looks at his new wife, you can TELL he loves her.  Priceless.

UP // Groom's dad.  I saw where the Groom got it from.  This man was so attentive to his family, his wife, to what everyone needed.  Men need to realize the example they set for their sons.

oopsie... not all dads are perfect

UP // I actually got to have a few glasses of water & some bathroom breaks.  You may think that's weird, but honestly I have gone 12 hours on one cup of water & 1 bathroom break..... & on one cube of cheese.  It's crazy insane what my body feels like the next day being so dehydrated.  This one?  I was drinking away. Even had time for a plate of mac& cheese & a sugar cookie. SCORE!

UP // Beautiful pictures... my goal every time..

DOWN // my feet.  Not only were they disgusting, they hurt. I don't know what it is, its not so much my feet as my big toes.  They hurt so bad & not like an ache of being on your feet all day, but a pain like hot knives are inside stabbing away. 

How gross are my feet?!?! 
I do tend to take off my shoes a lot to relieve pressure on my toes.
Country girl, I am

UP // Got in about 7 miles walking all day long.  I'll take that.

UP // My bed after a 12.5 hour day on my feet...

UP // Our Grandbuddy made her debut at church for the first time at 2 weeks old... she was wearing the dress I got for her too.  Oh, my heart.

UP // found the cutest summer sweater at Target on clearance. Ricky even liked it - so I know it was a good find.

UP // took 2 of our fur babes on a car ride.  We still are trying to make Sydney's life so enjoyable for her.  Our old girl is loved...

UP // got all the pics uploaded (over 5 hours) & got started.  Already 90 pics edited.  Let the fun begin!

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five: 5 things about me

5 Things About Me

Oh, only 5?  This will be fun to figure out what to put in here

1.  Kung Fu Fighting

I started in kung-fu when I was 7 years old, along with my dad & my brother.  My mom never took it but I always said she was the one to be afraid of in the family.  I got my black belt when I was 16 years old & then was an instructor, which was weird.  Grown men don't like a 16 yr old telling them they are doing something wrong.
... the irony of all of this?  I get hurt usually walking across a floor, so my husband laughs when I tell him about martial art competitions I would fight in.

2.  22 years
It doesn't work if you say it over & over... I've tried...

I've been at my job for 22 years.  22 years people.  That is a long time.  So that's like half of my life I've been here.  That is so freaking depressing.  Especially because I don't even really care for the job.  I mean, its a good job.  It pays well, it gives me freedom, its comfortable... but it doesn't give me that feeling of doing what I'm supposed to be doing in life.   Plus, they haven't given out raises in like 8 years, & they took away 99% of our benefits - including health insurance.  So yeah, it feels like its sucking the life out of me.  But I guess most jobs do that.
(FYI - I do photography on my own as a side job - its not my main job... YET)

3.  Music

I am one of those people that usually hates silence.  I have music playing like 99% of the time in my life.  In my car, at work, running, when I'm cleaning - even wear my iPod at the grocery.  I always say that my body only works when music is playing.  I love all kinds of music too.  A normal shuffle will give you everything from Christian music, to Broadway, to pop, to a TAD bit of country (its growing on me as I get older) to heavy metal... especially 80's hair bands... but you'll never ever NEVER find Jazz on my iPod... blah...

4. Politics

I don't get it.  I feel like its a mute point. I feel like it doesn't really make a difference what the people of the country think. It's all the decisions of the big guys in Washington.  They don't care what anyone else thinks or wants.  Maybe I've watched too much House of Cards lately.  But if you ask me anything about politics or what's happening in the world?  I'll have a blank look.  Ask me anything Entertainment & I'm all on top of that.

5. I worry

I am one of those people who worry about everything.  I mean, EVERYTHING!  I think of what could possibly go wrong & then I worry past that point.  I left the fan on for the dogs today... I worry its going to catch on fire... or Harvey Dent will put his tongue in there & it will get chopped off.  Irrational worries.  I'm the queen of them.

What's something I need to know about you?
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Small Goals

When I hear the world "Goal" right now, in the Soccer time of the World Cup, I want to say it more like,


But no, not that kind of goal.

I'm trying to make small changes lately.  Seeing if small changes me a difference.

What I'm trying lately....

1. Drink water like a fish...
... though I don't think that fish actually drink water.  I mean, we don't eat air... do we?

There's your deep thought of the day.

But I am a water drinker. I mean, I don't drink soft drinks so water is usually the other choice.  But I do drink a lot of tea, which I'm finding out is NOT as good as water.  It can dehydrate you, & actually have read where it doesn't allow for complete protein consumption. WHAT?  So yes, I'm trying to drink more pure 100% water.

My goal?  100 oz of water a day.  Lofty goal.  I've been doing great at getting it the past few days though...

... & that also means I am a peeing machine.  I have spent more time in the bathroom then at my desk lately.  Oh well - good reason to get me up & moving out of my office during the day.

Not so good when I get stuck in traffic on the 30 minute drive home.

2. Be a Gremlin...

80's shout out right here!  But remember in Gremlins where you shouldn't feed them after a certain time?  I'm going with the same theory.  I'm trying not to eat anything after 8:00.  I could snack all night long for some reason.  heck, I could snack all DAY long too... but I'm trying to put a limit on the day.  Nothing but water after 8... again, see if it makes a difference.

3. Step it up

I have really let my step count get down lately. I go to bed some nights & see my step count on my FitBit & I'm like, "I was basically a sloth today"
I would LOVE to be able to get to 15,000 steps a day... but I'll stick with 10,000 or above.  That's about 4-5 miles a day.  I REALLY have been slacking on this.  But my half marathon training starts next week & I expect the count will be soaring.

So - a few goals I'm going for... I'm anxious to see how my body reacts to them... if at all...

Any small goal I should think about doing?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Journal: Time to get things in check & get real

So yeah, some of you here may not know, I've been blogging for years... years...

Yes, this blog is fairly new.  But if you see the links above under the pictures, you'll see other things you can click & go to - one being my other blog that I've blogged at since 2007.  Told you - years...

I started this blog right here because I wanted a place where I can focus more on my running, health issues, body issues ... all the things I've struggled with my whole life.  & yes, I'll post some of these things on my other blog, but that has been a place where I blog about life in general - not just one focused area.  And believe me, I can talk each & every day solely about fitness/health/running things - which is why I created this blog.

I'm finding myself starting to do regular 'blog' things over here as well.  Trying to be entertaining, trying to build up some numbers, trying to focus on things other then just what I needed this blog to be
... a place for me to be me... in this struggle I always deal with.

The cool thing, I've already met some amazing blog buddies here who are focused on their health, their running, their struggles, their injuries.  That's who I wanted to find through this blog...

But last night, I sat in my room frustrated at my body, once again, & the way it feels & the issues I have with my weight... & I wanted to vent out... & that's when I remembered why I created this blog.

Why am I saying all this?  Because some days, this place may not be 'entertaining' - but you'll find a real person, with real struggles, looking for a place to let it all go & looking for some voices of encouragement.

I hope you'll stick with me in that...

I think I'll title these sort of 'vent' posts & things I need to get off my chest as "Dear Journal:  (Whatever is happening)" ... like today's title post... then you know it's all about to go down.  Real feelings - real emotions.  Take warning!

& my hope is that maybe someone else who is struggling is looking for something other then entertainment, but someone with similar issues & then we can help each along....

I know I'm not alone in the things I'm going through - have been going through - will always go through...

& believe me, I'll still have 'entertaining' days ... maybe not TRYING to be entertaining, but my life in general can be entertaining :) ... at least I think so... so yeah, I'll still do my Ups & Down & my confessions  - those are still initially health focused to me... with a dash of life thrown in :)

anyways - feel free to just stay here & cheer me on, give some encouragement... feel free to visit my other blog where you'll see more sides of me...

I'm always PRESSING ON!!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fizzle at the finish....

OK... so I'm probably going to be a debbie downer today...

I'm just so frustrated - so aggravated - want to punch something or someone.


Where's my irritating co-workers when I need them?

I'm on the last week of T25... 10 weeks.  I've done every day (except Sundays which is stretching... & well, not really a workout).  Proud of myself getting through it all...

& here we are on the home stretch... & what happens?

I've done something to my knee. 

Well, not something.  It's not like its new. My knee ALWAYS has problems. I messed up my knees in martial arts when I was in elementary school.  Yes, I started martial arts at 7 years old - so by the time I was 11 years old, in 5th grade I had injuries from exercise.  I was on crutches & needed physical therapy for hamstring injuries ... it was quite dramatic.

So I'm used to knee pain... & I know it comes & goes.  Running hasn't helped the knees, but it doesn't really hurt it either. I mean, I hurt it doing T25 - low impact version for goodness sakes.

& I COULD press on & make it through this week, BUT I have a wedding Saturday - which means I have to stand on my feet - & my painful knee - for about 12 hours. Smiling the whole time.  Bending up & down.  Walking all day long from place to place, grabbing equipment, going to the bride & groom whenever they want me.  As of right now, I'm nervous - my knee hurts that bad. 

So my hubs & I decided I take off working out until after the wedding.

it's killing me... I feel like my body is getting fatter & lazier by the minute.

& then, I did the worse thing possible. Remember when I said I wouldn't weigh in until the end of T25. Well, I feel like this is the end anyways - because when I start working out again, I'm going to start my running program....

Got on the scale...


no, I didn't measure. I'll do that tomorrow.

I was too shocked to think about measuring. 

I am up.  Higher then ever. 

Dear God... WHY?!?!?!!?

10 weeks was useless?

Where's that co worker at?  I'm heading into their office now with my dukes up....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ups & Downs

UP     The first day of summer! 

UP     The sky is light after 9pm....

DOWN     Time starts ticking backwards now.  I always get so depressed.  Crazy to start thinking about winter, but this makes me feel like its coming back so soon.

UP      Blackberry Green Tea Lemonade!  They had a sample out at Starbucks & I was surprised how yummy it was.

UP      This Mango Lemonade ... its delish... & organic


DOWN     Just saw that the label said, "made from concentrate" ... that's not supposed to be good - right?  Now I'm all confused...

UP      Rescheduled a photo session to earlier in the day & while we didn't beat the heat & humidity completely, it was much better then a later session.

UP     These faces...

UP     I always tell those girls every time I get to take their pictures that I know I'm really their favorite person in the whole world.  I think I've got them convinced I am. 

UP    Staying at home all day Saturday... I got to stay in running shorts & barefoot.  I call that a wonderful day.

UP    Me & my husband were totally sweating playing a ski challenge on our Kinect.  Who knew that was such a work out?

This doesn't go with anything...
it just made me laugh

DOWN    I've hurt my knee doing something on Kinect. I think it was one of the dancing games.  DANG IT!  My knee is all aching even when I walk. NO!!!!

DOWN    Its depressing when you hurt yourself dancing on a game.  Talk about feeling old.

UP    Dad is still getting around & moving pretty darn good for a man who had a body part removed a few days ago

DOWN    His hip is really sore now.  Pain meds are wearing off & he's feeling the full affect of moving now. 

UP    ....But he's a super trooper!!!

UP     Found French Vanilla syrup for my iced coffee.  Its much better then the regular Vanilla.  Who knew there was such a difference.

UP    Getting to love on this baby girl - our Grandbuddy

DOWN     She had jaundice & has to stay tucked away in her own little baby tanning bed.  That's not fun when all anyone wants to do it love her, hug her, squeeze her & call her George.   ... anyone get that little reference?....

If you do remember that, you may have been born in the 70's

DOWN    Driving home at the END of the day, my husband lets me know you can see the color of my underwear through my skirt.  "I was going to tell you before we left for church but we were running late".... nice...

UP     At least I had on underwear

How was your weekend?


Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Ways to beat the heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat

So today's post topic, you're probably going to see the same answers over & over...

I mean, how many ways CAN you beat the heat? ... besides move to Australia... & well, that's just not in the budget... plus, I hate travel

so here's the way I beat the heat....

1. Be a Nudist...
Let me rephrase... only Ryan Gosling can be a nudist

Well, you don't have to take it that far, but shed the clothes. In the summer, I am all about shorts & tank tops.  keep my shoulders free from clothing.  Air out the arm pits.  Let the sweat fly....

2.  Ice Rags...

You'll have to same reaction to a iced rag

I learned this trick in Jazzercise when our class didn't have air.  They would take wash clothes, wet them, put them in baggies & then put in the freezer.  What you have is a fantastic piece of heaven to throw on your neck or your face or your chest to cool yourself down.
I've actually used this trick on photo sessions days that are extremely hot.  Keep a few in my bag for my client to keep the red-face away & for me & my assistant so we don't pass out while shooting. Never good.

3.  Sprinklers....

I'm red neck... I don't have a pool... so break out the sprinkler to water the lawn & pull up a lawn chair & let the watery goodness cool you down.

4.  Ice Ice Baby...

Had to throw in a Vanilla Ice pic... sorry...

Keep that water iced down.  Cold water is the best in cooling down.  I'll even freeze a water bottle the night before I go for a run because in my hand, in the heat, that baby melts in a millisecond.

5.  Stay inside!!!!

Duh! ... but if it gets too hot, my butt will be on the treadmill with a fan blowing in my face.  I ain't no fool.  I'm not one of those who brag about running in 110 degree temps with 200% humidity... you go you if you're doing that... me?  I'll stick inside.  Got nothing to prove.

Thursday, June 19, 2014



// I confess I haven't worked out since Saturday.  This is the longest I've gone without working out... & last time was because I was sick.  I have no excuse except I've been busy... which isn't really an excuse.  I just can't get in gear the past few days.

This has been my cardio lately
// I confess I'm anxious about everything right now. It even made my cold sore pop up which does every time I get nervous about something.  & its not even one thing in particular that I'm anxious about - it seems like its everything.  I really need a vacation
// I confess I work with someone who loved pointing out my cold sore for everyone to notice.  Thanks. I'll be sure to repay that kindness one day.

// I confess I'm already sick of summer. 
// I confess I'll be the first person to complain about winter too
// I confess I almost had a heart attack when I walked into my house yesterday.  Harvey Dent (our puppy) has been famous for tearing everything up.  Well, our couch was the victim this time. Yes, our living room couch.  This is the limit.  Back into the kennel he goes during the day.  He had a taste of freedom & this is where it has lead him.  Maybe he'll get a taste of freedom again when he's about 5 years old
// I confess that I'm secretly excited about the idea of new living room furniture.
// I confess I'm not excited about the expense of new living room furniture because we JUST bought all new furniture for our basement 2 weeks ago
// I confess I'm glad Harvey Dent tore up this couch instead of the new basement furniture
// I confess I'm starting today a new thing called "Bullet Journaling" ... its a real thing. If you are a journal nerd like me, then you 1. already know about it or 2. NEED to know about it.  Go google Bullet Journal & look at all the nerds who are united in nerdish things.
// I confess I haven't done laundry in a week.  My pile will start to walk soon, I'm sure.

// I confess I'm excited about a photo session with my husband's cousin who I ADORE.  She is so much fun & beautiful... I'm just excited to talk & hang out with her for awhile.  Praying for rain to stay away.
// I confess I'm not giving any updates on Sydney lately because I don't want to jinx her.  Hopefully that will give hints on how she's doing.  & yes, I confess I am a grown woman who believes in jinx.
// I confess I'm starting to love Jimmy Fallon more then any other late night hosts. 
// I confess I can't stop singing "Tight Pants"
 Anything you need to confess today?