Monday, June 9, 2014

The Ups & Downs of the weekend

My little way to do a weekend recap

UP - FOUND Peach for Peach Green Tea Lemonade at the Starbucks in my grocery store.  I almost screamed in joy.... wait, I did yip really loud & did a happy dance.

UP - I spent an hour & a half dancing it up again on my Xbox Kinect.  Great exercise!!!

DOWN - I was trying so hard to get 5 stars on one song, I was literally SCREAMING at the TV.  This is why I am not a good gamer.  I get a tad too involved.  

DOWN - Listening to the same song on repeat to learn a dance will leave you having dreams about it... making you listen to it even more.  #losemymind

DOWN - Weekend & so looking forward to sleeping in... nope.  The hubs had to work so he let Harvey out of his kennel early & of course, he runs in to see his mommy... at 5:45am... dang it!  & once I was up, I was up.

DOWN - My grocery didn't carry any of my creamer - the all natural Vanilla creamer.... I hate ingredients on creamer so love then natural one.  There wasn't even a spot for it in the cooler.  If they dont carry it anymore, I'm going to cry.

UP - I ended up getting coconut milk creamer... better then nothing... better then ingredients I can't say

UP - a BEAUTIFUL morning.. no humidity 

DOWN - A beautiful morning with the Color Run & I didn't make it - the perfect weather for the race.  DANG IT!

DOWN again - I was getting texts from friends at the start line of the Color Run knowing for sure I was there... & I wasn't.  Turn the knife in my chest.

DOWN - pictures of friends doing the Color Run... #jealousy

UP - the way to vent?  Keep busy... I ended up cleaning up our enclosed porch.  I've noticed a pattern - when my hubs is away, I can tackle the big cleaning projects.  I ended up making it so nice to hang out again.  I love reading in here when its rainy & when bugs are out in the summer.  

UP - cleaning the back porch gave me the idea to move the couch to the front porch where it looked better... double bonus.

UP - met with friends at Panera for a photo meeting.... AND I got a power smoothie.

UP/DOWN - the calories are listed on everything at Panera.  UP - it gives knowledge. DOWN - I now know I can never have a bowl of tomato soup again (990 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Exactly my reaction at looking at the calories on tomato soup & tomato/mozzarella panni 

UP - Sale at Old Navy activity wear.  

DOWN - picked up dinner for Ricky & I on the way home. It was disgusting.  We don't normally eat at Tumbleweed because its tasted awful lately... it's keeping the record going.  We had to throw most of it away.

UP - Sushi Veggie Rolls ... saved the day

UP - watched Date Night with Steve Carroll & Tina Fey... I forgot how funny that movie was.  I laughed like I saw it for the first time again.

DOWN - didn't make it to the movies for now EITHER Maleficent OR The Fault in our Stars... UGH!!!!

UP - Got to go out with friends for lunch after church... we ended up sitting & talking for 2 hours. Good thing we knew the waitress.

UP - Ricky & I put Kinect to work again.  Playing some sports game.. I know we were both huffing & puffing.

UP - got a tweet from a blog buddy reminding me that it was indeed Sunday & not to skip the T25 workout that I mentioned last week that I keep forgetting to do.  I so loved that push of motivation... & for the record, I TOTALLY did the stretch for the first time.  Why didn't I do it sooner?  I loved the way it worked out the kinks of my muscles

DOWN - I ate so much Nutella this weekend, its ridiculous & embarrassing

UP - there's no more Nutella in the house... & I wont be buying any more until the g-boys come to visit ... & sending it HOME with them!

UP - Tony Awards... I'll always leave the final thought being Hugh Jackman...

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh Hugh Jackman is so dishy... love him! And wait, what?! indeed. 990 calories! Holy smokes! That is insane!! Iove their tomato soup but not that much. Well sounds like you accomplished much this weekend. I need to get cracking on my basement. Ugh...

  2. I always love your ups and downs! Your porch looks like a great place to relax!
    My up for this week is that I actually got my husband to run with me. My down is that I dropped my phone and broke my screen :(

  3. You always write such fun posts!
    Last week when I read your post about you not seeing Maleficant it made me want to go see it, so I played hookie that day and went and saw it, loved it! I highly recommend skipping work and treat yourself to that move, it was much better than I thought it was going to be. My favorite version of Sleeping Beauty by far!

  4. This is one of my favorite weekly posts! First, I LOVE Hugh, and seriously...who knew tomato soup was SO bad for you? And of course, its my most fav soup ever! GRRRR! I had a great weekend, lots of time with my boys! I totally made up for being away last weekend!

    1. The soup has to be made out of whole cream... or just plain lard... what else has that many calories?!?!?!

  5. I went to bed before ten, but I DVR'd the Tonys! I'll have to go back and watch the last hour. I used to be totally on top of everything happening on Broadway, but the last few years it seems to be all musicals from movies and Disney stuff. I've gotten away from it. There look like there are a few original shows this year, though.

    1. I try to get in bed by 10 myself... but usually end up staying up to 11:30... which explains my addiction to iced coffee :)

  6. Nutella!!! That stuff is so good it should be illegal.

    I am a gamer just like you too! I get waaaaay too into it. Even TV shows as well. I tend to yell at the screen when things don't go the way I want them to and my husband is so amused by it I think he laughs more at me than at whatever show we are watching lol!

    1. Oh... we need to watch TV together then!
      Have you ever seen "People's Couch" - its a show on how people talk while watching TV - its HILARIOUS!

    2. Haha I have not heard of that before but it sounds hilarious!

  7. I giggle at your GIFS. Where do you find them?


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