Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mark it Off... & jumping back into half marathon training? again?

So I totally didn't put the Mark it Off post for April...

I'm a little forgetful sometimes... Or I just had a lot to say in May & that post just kept getting pushed to the side.

& then, as time does, it flies... & we're done with May as well & we're into June.


I'm already having Christmas anxiety thinking of all the shopping we need to do.... I get that way about Christmas.

So here for your viewing pleasure - not ONE... but TWO Mark it off pics...

At least I'm looking consistent...

I should have Sunday marked off but do you know I have not done the T25 stretch video yet... not ever... & its the easiest thing.  25 minutes of stretching & getting the body longer & more flexible?  & I just haven't done it.  I only have less then 4 weeks left in the 60 days of T25... I need to try it... maybe that will be my goal for this Sunday.

Someone - send me a tweet or message & tell me, "DO THE STRETCH DVD" on Sunday :)

I can't believe I'm on the back side of T25.  I'll miss it... but then see other blog buddies who do it every day, ALONG with some sort of running or biking.  Right now, that blows my mind because I'm a sweaty exhausted mess after just these 25 minutes.  (T25 aint no joke)...

BUT, I think next week, I'm going to challenge myself.

I'm thinking I'm doing a half marathon in October called the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon...

Its Louisville... we love our Bourbon... except I've never tasted bourbon in my life.    Bygones.

Buffy Yuck

or I'm going to do the Women's Series Race in Nashville... that is if I can talk the hubs in traveling for a race.  He's not all gun-ho for that idea. 

Either way - I want to do a fall half marathon.

In my last Women's Running magazine (fav magazine ever) - they had a Couch to Half Marathon plan.  It goes over 20 weeks.  & I should start that training on Monday if I want to stick with it.

So I'm nervous.  Can I do this training AND finish up the T25 for the last few weeks?

& am I ready for the training of a half marathon again?

People don't understand the time it takes to get in a training program... its a serious time sucker... but its worth it... I know that...

But I'm heading into some busy photo schedules too...

Nothing is more important then health though - right?

So here we go again... apparently...

I do miss running... anxious to see if the T25 will make a difference in my training.

& maybe I'll be cool & awesome like some of you bloggers who do BOTH every day.

Supernatural Gif

oh... the dream....

& I'll secretly freak out to think that 20 weeks, we'll be at the end of October... closer to Christmas...


  1. lol i have never had bourbon - ok maybe a taste and i spat it out - but im thinking of doing the same half marathon! we can say hi! its on my friend's birthday and im not going to sign up until im positive i'm actually going to train properly (not like the ky derby half that i failed miserably).

  2. Awesome calendars for your mark-it-off's! Lots of working out done over the last couple months :0)

    I say go for the 20 week training schedule for the half. Even if you have to skip a run every once in a while you are still trying and getting your running in to keep you accountable on the other days and you'll be prepared for the race!

    1. Yeah - I kind of like the 20 weeks just for that reason... 20 weeks is a LONG time so if I have to miss something, its not like there's not a lot of time to train some more :)

  3. Good luck with your training! I bet you can do both as long as you continue to listen to your body and back off if needed if your body says rest:) But I half think the two should help produce some even better results...

  4. You can doooo it! You will, however, really need to stop skipping Sundays. ;) I see some sore but happy muscles in your T25- half marathon future!!!

  5. You should totally do it!! I think if it's something you want, you'll find the time and honestly, training becomes so addictive and it's such good "me" time. Plus that sounds like a fun half marathon :)

    1. I do like a good schedule to keep me on track too... it does become addicting to me

  6. Go for it! You can do it!! (In my best Adam Sandler voice).

  7. The name of that half marathon sounds great. ( i've never had bourbon either).
    I can't even think about 20 weeks from now! This year is going WAY too fast!

  8. I think I'm going to do the Urban Bourban too! The Nashville womens half is awesome. I've done it the last 2 years, but can't this year. I've always wanted to try T25!


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