Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fizzle at the finish....

OK... so I'm probably going to be a debbie downer today...

I'm just so frustrated - so aggravated - want to punch something or someone.


Where's my irritating co-workers when I need them?

I'm on the last week of T25... 10 weeks.  I've done every day (except Sundays which is stretching... & well, not really a workout).  Proud of myself getting through it all...

& here we are on the home stretch... & what happens?

I've done something to my knee. 

Well, not something.  It's not like its new. My knee ALWAYS has problems. I messed up my knees in martial arts when I was in elementary school.  Yes, I started martial arts at 7 years old - so by the time I was 11 years old, in 5th grade I had injuries from exercise.  I was on crutches & needed physical therapy for hamstring injuries ... it was quite dramatic.

So I'm used to knee pain... & I know it comes & goes.  Running hasn't helped the knees, but it doesn't really hurt it either. I mean, I hurt it doing T25 - low impact version for goodness sakes.

& I COULD press on & make it through this week, BUT I have a wedding Saturday - which means I have to stand on my feet - & my painful knee - for about 12 hours. Smiling the whole time.  Bending up & down.  Walking all day long from place to place, grabbing equipment, going to the bride & groom whenever they want me.  As of right now, I'm nervous - my knee hurts that bad. 

So my hubs & I decided I take off working out until after the wedding.

it's killing me... I feel like my body is getting fatter & lazier by the minute.

& then, I did the worse thing possible. Remember when I said I wouldn't weigh in until the end of T25. Well, I feel like this is the end anyways - because when I start working out again, I'm going to start my running program....

Got on the scale...


no, I didn't measure. I'll do that tomorrow.

I was too shocked to think about measuring. 

I am up.  Higher then ever. 

Dear God... WHY?!?!?!!?

10 weeks was useless?

Where's that co worker at?  I'm heading into their office now with my dukes up....


  1. O yikes! So sorry about the knee problem. And the weight gain, could it be stress related? Maybe you should weigh again in a few days. If all else, it might just be muscle that you have gained. You have been working out like crazy, so maybe you will be pleasantly surprised once you measure yourself! Either way ~Hugs~ to you!

  2. That sucks about your knee. Not fun at all especially when it limits you. Those bloody scales should be outlawed. Like the person above said, muscle weighs more than fat and as long as you feel better, stronger, and fitter after 10 weeks I'd say you're winning and it wasn't all for nothing. Be gentle on that coworker :)

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about the knee problem! Only because of what I am going through, I'd say stop doing anything that is hurting it right now, give it a little rest. Possibly that is all it needs!
    Hopefully the wedding won't bother it too much, but I know those are a lot of walking so hopefully you can do what you can to do as little as possible, maybe hire an assistant for the day:)
    A little over a month ago I stepped on the scale to realize I was heavier than I had ever been and I totally know the thoughts and feelings going through your head. But remember there are a lot of things with being a girl that can make that scale fluxuate up or down 5 pounds on any given day. So I'd say ignore the scale for now:) My fingers will be crossed that your knee problem is just short and temporary and a little rest will heal it up!

  4. Oh no!! I am so sorry :0( I say go office space on that scale and beat it with a baseball bat! I wish I could think of why your T25 isn't working like you want...it doesn't make sense.

    I hope your knee heals soon! *hugs*

  5. Sorry about your knee chickadee. I SO know what you mean about the weight gain. A couple years ago I did Chalene Extreme religiously for however many weeks it lasts (12, I think). At the end of it I hadn't lost weight or inches!! It was so aggravating. But my body has always been weird like that. Hopefully you lost inches at least!


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