Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Ways to beat the heat

5 Ways to Beat the Heat

So today's post topic, you're probably going to see the same answers over & over...

I mean, how many ways CAN you beat the heat? ... besides move to Australia... & well, that's just not in the budget... plus, I hate travel

so here's the way I beat the heat....

1. Be a Nudist...
Let me rephrase... only Ryan Gosling can be a nudist

Well, you don't have to take it that far, but shed the clothes. In the summer, I am all about shorts & tank tops.  keep my shoulders free from clothing.  Air out the arm pits.  Let the sweat fly....

2.  Ice Rags...

You'll have to same reaction to a iced rag

I learned this trick in Jazzercise when our class didn't have air.  They would take wash clothes, wet them, put them in baggies & then put in the freezer.  What you have is a fantastic piece of heaven to throw on your neck or your face or your chest to cool yourself down.
I've actually used this trick on photo sessions days that are extremely hot.  Keep a few in my bag for my client to keep the red-face away & for me & my assistant so we don't pass out while shooting. Never good.

3.  Sprinklers....

I'm red neck... I don't have a pool... so break out the sprinkler to water the lawn & pull up a lawn chair & let the watery goodness cool you down.

4.  Ice Ice Baby...

Had to throw in a Vanilla Ice pic... sorry...

Keep that water iced down.  Cold water is the best in cooling down.  I'll even freeze a water bottle the night before I go for a run because in my hand, in the heat, that baby melts in a millisecond.

5.  Stay inside!!!!

Duh! ... but if it gets too hot, my butt will be on the treadmill with a fan blowing in my face.  I ain't no fool.  I'm not one of those who brag about running in 110 degree temps with 200% humidity... you go you if you're doing that... me?  I'll stick inside.  Got nothing to prove.


  1. I can't stop laughing at that poor little girl's reaction! LOL! She did not see that coming.

    I'm with you on staying inside. No heat stroke for me please!

  2. I don't mind the heat too much but I can't bear to be on a treadmill unless I absolutely have to.#FridayFive
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

    1. I actually hated my treadmill before I got my tablet. Now I can get lost in some movie & not mind it so much :)

  3. I'm probably one of the few that doesn't mind the heat. I actually savor it because i'll be the first one to complain about snow and ice!

  4. I am dying with the Ryan Gosling picture...SO funny!

  5. Stay inside is mine. That's pretty much my rule most of the year, since it's either unbearably hot or unbearably cold here in Nashville!

    1. My step daughter lives in Nashville... love it there! Great vegetarian restaurants everywhere :)

  6. I like the idea of going nudist. Guys have it some much easier! They can run without a top!


  7. Love these! We just had redneck sprinkler fun last Friday!

  8. great list -- that gif with the little girl is hilarious! thanks for linking up :)

  9. LOL, love your list you had me laughing! I love Ryan too:)

  10. BAHAHAHAHA I love this list!! You crack me up!


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