Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day

My National Running Day 2014 Badge
Joining Olive to Run  for a National Running Day link up :)

I love that running gets a 'holiday' ...

I just wish we got the day off... I'd trade in a day off to go running. 

I think most people who DONT run would even do that :)

Have you stopped by to make your own running badge?

Its hard to me to fill in the blank....

There's a lot of reasons why I run

I run....
for my health
because I like to eat
to clear my head
to talk to God
for stress relief
to sweat
to listen to my jams
for strength
to battle my 40's
to have time alone
to spend time with others
for sanity
because I love nature
to breath fresh air

... I could really go on & on & on...

I went this year with "To challenge myself" because it really is a challenge for me.

I'm not a natural runner.

I am heavy... always have been... probably always will be...

I never do get a natural breathing method down

I always am hurting something

I am slow & get slower....

But I still cross finish lines despite the challenges
... & I feel accomplishment through these challenges.

That's what its ALL about to me.

& yep - I'll be doing my T25 AND getting in a run tonight... even if its a small one....

must celebrate the holiday with my fellow runners.

Why do you run?


  1. You should join the RnR virtual run today! It's Free and you get some cool swag. ( I have details on our blog)

    I'm not heavy and I have experienced all the same struggles you have. Running is not easy. We just have to Press On!!!!

    1. Always pressing on! :) Headed to your blog right now to learn more about the viritual run!!!

  2. Happy National Running Day!! Love all your reasons to run :0)

  3. I didn't even know this holiday existed! How cool! Happy National Runner's Day. I like all of your reasons for running and I would have also said I wasn't a natural runner seven years ago, but as long as you push yourself across the finish line then you're a runner and a pretty amazing one at that

    1. Yep... crossing that finish line, whenever that is, makes me feel like a runner :)

  4. I am not really a natural runner either but I love it and for me that is enough :) Thanks for joining in!

  5. I love this post! Running is tough, but there are just so many reasons to love it too! I love that you use your running time to clear your head and talk to God!

  6. I run because it is the most efficient way to get fit, both mentally and physically. :-)

  7. this is such a fabulous post girly. i had no idea it was national running day. i felt so uncoordinated when i first started, its amazing how the more you do it, the better you get.


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