Monday, June 30, 2014

Ups & Downs .. lots of UPS this week :)

Where I look back over the weekend & see what was good ... what was bad...

DOWN // Went to Starbucks & wanted to try the new Blackberry Green Tea Lemonade.  Well, it said Blackberry MOJITO Green Tea Lemonade. Not sure if the mojito is what did it, but this was the worst drink I've ever had in my life.  It tasted like black licorice... & I actually like black licorice. But to drink it? No...  I had a sample of what I thought was this same thing the other day, but maybe it was just plain blackberry flavoring in tea? I don't know... I'm afraid to try again.

That was a waste of $4.01

UP // Wedding rehearsal to a wedding I was photographing on Friday.  The clouds were ominous (big word) & looked like it could burst any moment... but it didn't.  Even a lovely cool breeze... on a summer evening.  The temps even dropped to the 70's... look at that!

UP // Got to see the former Youth minister I worked with in church - he's in town & was officiating the wedding.  I hadn't seem him in a few years. Great to catch up.

UP // Weddings usually make me anxious where I can't sleep - I was out like a light on this one.  Exhaustion will do that to a person I guess.

UP // Woke up early & had plenty of time to relax & get ready for the wedding....

DOWN // .... & I still was freaking out & running late.  Why does that always happen?

DOWN // Rain... NO!!! It is an outdoor wedding & it was raining...

UP // Prayer warriors.  No joke, I started asking for prayer for the weather & not even playing around - I left the beauty shop to start pics of the groom & still raining... but when I pulled into his driveway, the sun came out & stayed out the ENTIRE DAY!  & people - it was a 60% chance of DOWN POURS!!!  & awful summer heat.  Nope - it was warm, but it was a beautiful day!  & the evening?  Cool & humidity free - it was perfection!  GO GOD!!!!

UP // Brides... so beautiful

UP // Fun bridal parties that are awesome & like to have fun.  Nothing worse then bridal parties that are so prim & proper & act like they don't want to be bothered.

UP // This groom... I love this kid.  I've known the bride & groom for years - watched them grow up - they were in my youth ministry class.  This guy is just the sweetest guy ever. I would want him to marry my daughter.  When he looks at his new wife, you can TELL he loves her.  Priceless.

UP // Groom's dad.  I saw where the Groom got it from.  This man was so attentive to his family, his wife, to what everyone needed.  Men need to realize the example they set for their sons.

oopsie... not all dads are perfect

UP // I actually got to have a few glasses of water & some bathroom breaks.  You may think that's weird, but honestly I have gone 12 hours on one cup of water & 1 bathroom break..... & on one cube of cheese.  It's crazy insane what my body feels like the next day being so dehydrated.  This one?  I was drinking away. Even had time for a plate of mac& cheese & a sugar cookie. SCORE!

UP // Beautiful pictures... my goal every time..

DOWN // my feet.  Not only were they disgusting, they hurt. I don't know what it is, its not so much my feet as my big toes.  They hurt so bad & not like an ache of being on your feet all day, but a pain like hot knives are inside stabbing away. 

How gross are my feet?!?! 
I do tend to take off my shoes a lot to relieve pressure on my toes.
Country girl, I am

UP // Got in about 7 miles walking all day long.  I'll take that.

UP // My bed after a 12.5 hour day on my feet...

UP // Our Grandbuddy made her debut at church for the first time at 2 weeks old... she was wearing the dress I got for her too.  Oh, my heart.

UP // found the cutest summer sweater at Target on clearance. Ricky even liked it - so I know it was a good find.

UP // took 2 of our fur babes on a car ride.  We still are trying to make Sydney's life so enjoyable for her.  Our old girl is loved...

UP // got all the pics uploaded (over 5 hours) & got started.  Already 90 pics edited.  Let the fun begin!

How was your weekend?


  1. You are So lucky to be a part of so many people's wedding day. I bet it is even more special when you actually know the couple!

  2. What a great post full of UP'S!! Love it! Your pups look so happy going for a car ride :0) They are just precious. Your granddaughter is adorable as well - she rocks that headband!

  3. Lots of great ups! My weekend was pretty quiet in comparison, just some housecleaning, running and lots of time with my kids!

  4. That sounds like such an awesome weekend! And I love the "I know a good day..." picture, so so cute.

  5. Glad your wedding day photo shoot went so well:) It really is amazing how much we walk for those things:)


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