Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Journal: Time to get things in check & get real

So yeah, some of you here may not know, I've been blogging for years... years...

Yes, this blog is fairly new.  But if you see the links above under the pictures, you'll see other things you can click & go to - one being my other blog that I've blogged at since 2007.  Told you - years...

I started this blog right here because I wanted a place where I can focus more on my running, health issues, body issues ... all the things I've struggled with my whole life.  & yes, I'll post some of these things on my other blog, but that has been a place where I blog about life in general - not just one focused area.  And believe me, I can talk each & every day solely about fitness/health/running things - which is why I created this blog.

I'm finding myself starting to do regular 'blog' things over here as well.  Trying to be entertaining, trying to build up some numbers, trying to focus on things other then just what I needed this blog to be
... a place for me to be me... in this struggle I always deal with.

The cool thing, I've already met some amazing blog buddies here who are focused on their health, their running, their struggles, their injuries.  That's who I wanted to find through this blog...

But last night, I sat in my room frustrated at my body, once again, & the way it feels & the issues I have with my weight... & I wanted to vent out... & that's when I remembered why I created this blog.

Why am I saying all this?  Because some days, this place may not be 'entertaining' - but you'll find a real person, with real struggles, looking for a place to let it all go & looking for some voices of encouragement.

I hope you'll stick with me in that...

I think I'll title these sort of 'vent' posts & things I need to get off my chest as "Dear Journal:  (Whatever is happening)" ... like today's title post... then you know it's all about to go down.  Real feelings - real emotions.  Take warning!

& my hope is that maybe someone else who is struggling is looking for something other then entertainment, but someone with similar issues & then we can help each along....

I know I'm not alone in the things I'm going through - have been going through - will always go through...

& believe me, I'll still have 'entertaining' days ... maybe not TRYING to be entertaining, but my life in general can be entertaining :) ... at least I think so... so yeah, I'll still do my Ups & Down & my confessions  - those are still initially health focused to me... with a dash of life thrown in :)

anyways - feel free to just stay here & cheer me on, give some encouragement... feel free to visit my other blog where you'll see more sides of me...

I'm always PRESSING ON!!!!



  1. I noticed that you had two blogs, and WOW. I can barely keep up with one blog let alone two of them. How do you find the time to do it? I don't think anyone would mind if you bring a little bit of your real life to this blog.

  2. I am quite impressed that you keep up with two blogs, you go girl! I will always stick with you, you aren't just a blogger I follow, but a friend!

    1. Ahh - thanks lady! I feel the same about you! ... I was actually going to message you today if I hadn't heard from you. You were MIA.. I worry :)

  3. omg that 'feces just became realistic' made me giggle. you do whatever you need to do with this blog girly, we'll all still be here ;) hugs!

  4. Laughter, tears & struggles...we gotcha girl!

  5. Keep pressing on. One foot in front of the other. I love LOVE Mandisa's song "OVercomer" when it comes to my fitness and weightloss goals. Even when the road/race gets hard... keep moving forward. :)


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