Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Size 4 is normal?

I didn't watch the Miss USA / Miss America pageant. I don't even know which one it was... let me look real quick.

OK... Miss USA....

I was too busy singing along with Neil Patrick Harris & watching my boyfriend Hugh Jackman on The Tony's.

But I keep seeing posts everywhere & on the news about Miss Indiana...

represent!! Holla!!!

First of all, I claim both Kentucky & Indiana as my home.  I grew up in Kentucky, lived there until 13 years ago & then moved to Indiana... BUT I live on the southern part of Indiana & they call that area, "Kentuckiana" for us locals because we deal in both places.  I actually work in Kentucky still... so I get to claim both of them as home.

Anyways... what is all the news about?

I keep seeing tweets of people saying they're so glad to see someone who isn't a bag of bones - looks like a 'real person'.

The news even says

Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl: 'I'm OK with 'normal''

& how it talks about how people are so glad to see a normal gal in the pageant.

But I read it & WHAT?

I found out she's 5'8 & a size 4...

hold up - a size 4....

I have a question... when did a size 4 become 'normal'?????

I am 5'8... the smallest I have ever been is a size 8... on my wedding day... thank you Lord for at least that.

But they're even making it sound like this young lady looks a little 'chubby' or has 'meat on her bones'.... & a size 4...

I just need to give up on life if a size 4 is normal...

that or just change my name to Jabba the Hut....

How this whole thing has made me feel


  1. My mom took my sister and I to the Miss America pagent back in 2001 or so. I haven't watched it on TV since then. Maybe I am jealous cus I am only 5, I think this lady looks great. Maybe they mean "normal" as in "normal" for their industry.

  2. I don't watch those shows and now that I have a daughter, double no way! Sure the women are beautiful and empowered whatever but they are not normal sized. Size 4 is tiny I can't imagine what the other women are!

    1. They showed a comparison of the other ladies next to her... it looks disgustingly sick! Someone needs to force feed these girls!

  3. I don't watch those shows, mainly because it saddens me that looks mean more these days than brains. I do think she looks healthy at her size, unlike some of the others you see on stages in bikinis, however, I do understand your point about size 4 being the "norm." In that industry, I think most of the women are far too skinny so I think those comments are mainly geared towards discussions around the industry, not the population in general.

    1. You're probably right, but the sad thing to me, we want Miss USA - the person who we say is 'beauty' in our country to be sticks? I'll cheer on Miss Fit USA for that :)

  4. I think when you have the spotlight on you constantly that the standards are pretty different and pressure to be stick thin is insane. Jennifer Lawrence is apparently considered "overweight" in the acting industry and that is BS in my humble opinion. Miss Indiana looks fantastic...muscle toning is a good thing!! We need more women like her to be role models to younger girls otherwise they are going to see the sticks and think they have to be like that which isn't necessarily healthy!

    1. Couldn't say it better!!!
      & yes - I would give anything to have either Miss Indiana OR Jennifer Lawrence's body!! :)

  5. I had a lot of "pageant" friends growing up. One thing I know about it, it's a different world. Although I do not think size 4 is normal, by any means. I do know SOME work very hard to get their bodies ready. I actually think much more highly about a "real" girl who has to eat right, and workout to have a great body vs. the ones that are just born skinny and can't gain weight.
    Now the skinny girls who go down runways who only eat a few carrots a day, now that is wrong, I would never want that life or body.
    The girl you pictured looks amazing, you can totally tell she works out hard, otherwise she'd never have that muscle structure. Based on her knee's and quads I'd even say she does some low mileage running:)
    Personally I think the media are some of the biggest bullies in the world! People wouldn't get these idea's in their heads that they had to be size 4 or smaller to be normal if some reporter didn't say it, and others kept pushing it.


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