Monday, June 16, 2014

Ups & Down

Where we look at the weekend & see how it went

DOWN// Do you know how hard it is to find a "Daddy to be" Father's Day card?  There was one slot in Target - which was sold out - & another lady came up to me & asked, "Do they have cards for daddy's to be?" - I pointed to the empty spot & told her that's exactly what I was looking for.  Seriously?  They have cards for step dad's of a cousin's aunt - but no Dad to be card?  Dumb.

UP// Got my weekend vegetable roll from the sushi bar at our local grocery.  This has become a Friday habit.

DOWN ... & UP//  I didn't get a Starbucks on Friday. That almost never happens.  BUT I did get a kombucha drink instead.  YUM!

DOWN// remember Friday when I said I wanted to sleep?  Nope, Harvey came running in & jumped on my bed...waking me up at 5:30

DOUBLE DOWN// When Harvey jumped on the bed, Bruno turned & growled at him (he didn't want to be woken up either) & Harvey ended up peeing... ON MY FREAKING HEAD!  Not even joking.  I was like, "What is running down my face"... THIS is exactly how you DONT want to start a day.

UP // Saturday morning's ... something so peaceful & enjoyable about them

My dogs on a Saturday morning give a UP for breakfast time

UP // It was GORGEOUS outside... I mean one of those days you want to bottle up.  I ended up doing my T25 outside in the fresh air.

UP // Ricky & I went to Sam's Club & they were giving free health screenings. We took advantage.  The tech told me that my cholesterol & blood pressure & glucose shows that I exercise a lot & my heart looks fantastic. 

DOWN// .... but then we looked at body fat percentage... let's just say I left a tad depressed on that side.

UP // books at Sam's Club... cheap... something I can't pass up... ever

UP // Parties & celebrations... we were going from one event to the other.  Thank goodness it was a beautiful day.

UP // I didn't taste one of these beautiful sugar cookies

DOWN // I did have 2 chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Pretzels are kinda healthy - right?  Maybe.

UP // BEST DAY EVER!! I got to be with my friends as they had a baby!!  Yes, I got to be in the room when that baby took her first breaths.  It was probably one of the most exciting & amazing things I got to be a part of.  I took pictures all day long & loved documenting the day for mom & dad.  I really would love to go into birth documentary photography.  How exciting that would be to capture for parents every day.

Pic from daddy's phone
I'm still editing pictures from the day
I'll share later :)

DOWN ... but so totally ok // I didn't get to see my dad on Father's Day because I was at the hospital from 7:30 am until 9 pm.  My dad totally understood & was OK with it.  I just hated I didn't get any pictures with my dad for Father's Day... that's OK - why I need to take more pictures of him EVERY day :)

How was your weekend?
I think mine won over everyone's... I got to see a baby take its first breaths


  1. Wow, that is amazing that you got to see a baby be born. Do people generally hire photographers to capture those first moments? Just curious.

  2. How awesome to be there for the birth of that sweet baby!

  3. Wow what a beautiful baby and yes, I'd say that wins! Your story about waking up to pee made me laugh but I do feel bad for you because that's a terrible way to start the day. I had a good weekend but I only wish it was one day longer for me to lounge around my house in my pjs :)

    1. Yep... more PJ days are needed in this world!!!

  4. Your dogs are so cute!! But no fun that one potty'd on your head lol. Not the best way to wake up!

    How cool that you were able to be in the room for a birth. I've never witnessed anything like that before, so I have no idea how I'd handle it. I have heard that birth photography is getting very popular, you should go for it!

    1. I will say, pee on your head is an excellent alarm clock - I've never woke up so fast in my life.

  5. Wow, that is amazing you were able to be in the room for the birth! I think it would have been great to have someone take pics with Ash was born (only of him, not me or the process!!) I don't remember much of the experience with all the drugs I was on (I had to have an emergency C-section), which makes me sad. Pics would have been really nice!

    1. I think the day gets away from everyone - drugs or no drugs... so glad to have the memories to give :)

  6. That is really awesome that you were able to take the photographs and document the birth, so neat!


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