Thursday, November 6, 2014

Where's the weigh-in post?

I realize I was supposed to do my weigh in post yesterday...

& then stepped on the scale... the week after vacation... the week after being injured & not working out for almost 2 weeks...

Yeah... you could imagine ...

& I just sort of didn't care

My uncle just found out he has pancreatic cancer.  This is a man who is healthy & fit for a 63 yr old man.  He hikes to the top of the Smoky Mountains... he plays with his grandchildren... he's thin...

& then one day, BAM!  A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer...

& they went to do surgery yesterday to remove the tumor in his pancreas. & then opened him up & found it had spread to his liver... so they closed him back up.  & now they are putting time limits on his life & giving him options if chemo will help...

it's all surreal...
it's all numbing..
it all ticks me off

I hate cancer.

So really, I don't even care about my weight

Gain, loss... who cares..
I am healthy today...

even if my pants are a little tighter...

Sometimes life throws things at you that puts important things in perspective.

What that scale says doesn't matter.

It's waking up another day
enjoying another day
moving another day
living another day

Suck it scale...
suck it cancer...


All the gloom & sadness... I find that laughter is the best medicine... so I'm posting this to lighten things up... since my scale isn't lightening up... ba-da-dum...


  1. Oh, I am SO sorry about your uncle. :(

  2. sorry to hear about your uncle - praying for him! and yeah - cancer sucks.

  3. so sorry to hear about your uncle,

    years ago when I was a new nurse in the operating room I had a patient who was an open and shut case. I have never forgot him. He asked me if I was married and had kids. At first I thought he was hitting on me. I told him I had neither and was preparing for some kind of pickup line when he told me his diagnosis. He was young and had young kids. He told me to savor every second of life and embrace it. Meet it head on and don't forget to love yourself. I don't know if this story helps or not, but know that I am thinking of you and your uncle.

    1. Thank you so much... my uncle very much has that attitude of live for every day

  4. I hate to hear that about your uncle. Wow. You just never know.
    That video clip had me laughing! Oh, I can soooo relate to everything he's saying! Haha!


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