Monday, November 10, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at how a weekend goes

DOWN // Our heat is broke... I think we've had issues with our heat every year since we moved into this house 13 years ago

UP // I got to spend Friday night reading. I rarely get to do that.

DOWN // I did it while keeping the dogs company while the heat repair man was at our house.  Try & read with 3 dogs wanting you to pet them & play with them.

UP // I finally downloaded Mindy Kaling book... I am always a little late when it comes to reading books.

UP // Down comforters when the heat is out

DOWN // Hubs had to work. It's a double down because first he has to work & its Saturday - that shouldn't be allowed.  2nd, when he works, I can't sleep in. It's just too much going on with the dogs freaking out that he's leaving, so an early morning.   I only get 2 chances a week to sleep in.  When you miss Saturday, 50% is already messed up.

UP // She Reads Truth is finally on Android

DOWN // My stomach has been a mess lately.  I'm wondering if it's a gluten thing. I just started eating bagels & I'm thinking that's when my issues started.

UP // I'm in love with Bailey's mudslide chocolate creamer. I wanted 2 cups of coffee - its that good.

DOWN // if I had 2 cups of coffee - my heart would literally explode.

if it makes me this happy, maybe I should go for it

UP // I knitted all morning... I mean ALL MORNING.

DOWN // Had a knit fail...

UP //... but I 'frogged' it & made it into a beautiful headband I'm mailing to a blog buddy.

UP // the weather cooperated with me for my final photo sessions of the year.

UP/DOWN // It's always bitter sweet when its the last session of the year, but I purposefully don't schedule anything after a few weeks into November so I can enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas without having to worry about editing & appointments & weather & just all the photography stuff.

Me at the end of photo season

UP // I got my first red cup from Starbucks after my session.  Chai Tea, I love you.

UP // Also earned my free reward for my next drink.  Gotta save it up for a venti. Or trenta.

UP// Got to see my husband for about an hour...

DOWN//... & then had to leave him again...

UP// .... to meet my family & go see the Wizard of Oz at a school play.

UP // I love my one twin niece loves me...

DOWN //... & makes me sad the other twin does everything she can to avoid me #opposites

DOWN // My back was doing great. Didn't even bother me one bit during the 2 sessions I had earlier... but those seats in that auditorium?  Give me strength Lord. I sat leaning up 90% of the play trying to get the pressure off of my back. I was in tears going to bed.

how I felt in the school chairs

UP // School plays are awesome in the cheesy-factor.  One time the wicked witch came across on a wire & they lost control... I snorted from laughing.  I apologize if her family was around me. It was pretty funny though.

UP // Knitted hats to cover hair I don't want to straighten.

UP // fingerless gloves when its chilly.

UP // back in youth group with kids I just think are great...

DOWN //.... except one kid who just really is a preteen boy. He doesn't care for me & he was alone with me in our group.  He just tries to push me to my limits.  I tried to be kind, give him chances but with only 5 minutes left in the class, I had to tell him to leave.... I left church a nervous wreck, shaking from rudeness... sad... 

UP/DOWN // we went & had lunch at a place that has TV's everywhere with every football game going. UP for Ricky & his fantasy football heart.. DOWN for me because its like eating by myself.

UP //  It was a beautiful Sunday... couldn't have been better.  Well, maybe if I wont the lottery, but that's another issue.

DOWN // The Walking Dead.  Anyone else watch it this week & just not care.  Though I did like the last 5 minutes with Eugene. ... & his Tennessee Topper - is that what he called his mullet?  I laughed.

DOWN // Our heat is still broke... & freezing temps are coming... great

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh I want to read that Mindy book so bad. and same with Tina Fey's book! I love both of them and they make me laugh so hard.

  2. Hope your heat gets fixed soon! I put the flannel sheets on the bed yesterday and added an extra blanket. My down comforter was already on :)

  3. Every time I read the word "Heat" I had to read it twice because my mind kept reading it as "HEART". So I guess it is a good thing that your "Heart" is not broken...haha. Although the weather has been beautiful here too, we put out down comforter on last week and it is like laying on a cloud! Glad that you will be able to have a peaceful Holiday season without having to worry about editing pictures! ~M

  4. you'll have to let us know how the Mindy book is! hope your heat gets fixed soon, and that kid from youth group sounds like a pain in the butt! i think you handled it well :)

  5. I brought home a pile of work over the weekend and did one tiny piece. Not so productive. How is the book?

  6. Tennessee Tophat!! hahaha Cracked me up!! Girl, I missed reading your blog last week! I have some catching up to do!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  7. I am with you on The Walking Dead, I really thought last night was a bit on the boring side! Which is a bummer because up until last night, I was thinking this to be the best season yet:) Of course maybe they'll redeem themselves next week:)
    Hope you get your heat back on soon!!! No fun expecially with the cooler temps coming! We haven't had to turn our heat on here yet, we drop to the 30's at night, but our days are still in the 50's, but I expect sometime in the next month:) I would imagine if the heat isn't on it can make for some cold days, probably great sleeping at night though, but cold days:(

  8. I hope that the young man in your youth group comes back with a better attitude next time. The testosterone...Jesus help him!

  9. I love how you do your recaps...I may or may not be stealing..I mean, borrowing it in the future...with your blessing of course :) Yay for knitting, reading, and chai teas! I enjoyed the Mindy book but I wouldn't say it's one I'd read again and I do love her as a comedian. You'll haveta let me know what ya think...Also now I really wanna try the Bailey's creamer. I've been using the peppermint chocolate truffle one from coffee mate


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